Bing client coming to Android within weeks

by: James TromansJuly 14, 2010
Bing client for Android

Bing client for Android

Microsoft’s market share of the search traffic is around 12%. “”None of us are confused: We’re a very low-share player … We’ve barely got into double digits and it’s a long road.” To help make the trip easier for Bill and friends, Microsoft are set to release their very own and also their very first full-featured Bing search client for Android. The time-frame is around six weeks. This Android application was put in context to the iPhone to avoid any favouritism, whereby this application will match the search capabilities of what iOS users can find from Microsoft.

This new version of the Bing client will extend the basic version already available. This basic version mainly focuses on mapping tasks. Since Microsoft released Bing, their market share has gone up 4%, almost doubling their previous amount. Microsoft hope that this more complete Android client release will help continue to bump those numbers.

[Source: PCWorld]