I don’t know how to break this to you, but you’re frustrated. If you’re reading this, and you use iOS or Android, you’re just plain frustrated. If you don’t think you are, it’s only because you haven’t realized it yet. Take a minute for that to sink in. It’s a lot, I know.

If you doubt that you are, please don’t. It is the gospel according to Microsoft, and therefore true. In an interview recently, Bill Gates had the following to say about us:

[quote qtext=”But a lot of those users are frustrated, they can’t type, they can’t create documents, they don’t have Office there, so we’re providing them with the benefits of something they’ve seen and made that a big category, but without giving up what they expect in a PC.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

That’s right. The slowly decaying PC market is just fine. In fact, we just want it in tablet form! That’s so comforting to hear. I was worried for a minute. Or was I?

If that doesn’t convince you as to how frustrated you are, there was also this:

[quote qtext=”Windows 8 is revolutionary in that it takes the benefits of a tablet and the benefits of a PC, and it’s able to support both of those – so if you have Surface, Surface Pro, you’ve got that portability of a tablet but the richness of a PC in terms of the keyboard, Microsoft Office of a PC.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Who knew?! We love Office, and we need it on the tablet. That’s refreshing to hear. I was wondering why I have been so frustrated lately. I create and edit in Google Drive, and it suits me just fine. Still, I can’t shake those feelings of angst. I so longingly wondered what was making me sob gently at night.

At first, I wondered if it was because my devices were affordable. Maybe being able to afford things like rent and dinner were making me sad. Then, I thought maybe it was because I had too many good apps on my devices. There is so much variety, I just get overwhelmed. I need limitations, I guess.

After thinking about it for a little while, I began to wonder if it was because I hated the look of Android. I’m like anyone else, I get tired of seeing the same screen all the time. I can move stuff around, and change the background image… but is that enough? Then I remembered I could root the device and flash a new ROM, even a theme. That made me feel a little bit better.

I thought about Bill’s comment about typing, too. He’s right, you know? Typing on a virtual keyboard is tough sometimes. I guess I could download a different keyboard, or maybe buy a Bluetooth keyboard. That wouldn’t really — no, it’s exactly the same as a Surface tablet.

Wait a minute, here. Something is wrong. I love Android! I don’t miss Windows or Office at all! In fact, I’m happy to have shed it. There is nothing about a PC I miss on my Nexus 7, either. I can create documents just fine on Drive, or even via other apps.

microsoft Credit: Voxpelli/Flickr

Even if I did need better editing abilities, I could get a Chromebook. They’re really similar to the Surface tablet in terms of size, and still a fraction of the cost. There is also the very real possibility that Google will release a Chrome tablet soon… and that we’ll see Microsoft Office for Android very soon.

Microsoft has some good business software, but there are a lot of businesses switching to Google for their enterprise solutions. Schools are also getting into Chromebooks. Those are two institutions that really need computers, so how can they switch? Don’t they miss the PC? Clearly, they don’t.

After all that, I have to say that Bill gates is right. I am frustrated. With Microsoft.

Overpriced hardware, a clunky OS, and slanderous marketing do not earn my loyalty or respect. Rather, they cause me to doubt your products. When Steve Jobs told users they were holding their device wrong, it not only called into question his temporary sanity, but the phone itself. Was it poorly designed? Not really, but once you start taking shots, rules of engagement come into play.

Microsoft has some real potential to make room for itself, but not like this. These statements are, perhaps, the boldest and most plain example of Microsoft’s delusion that we’ll all come back to them. We won’t.


  • Dan

    I’ve got an Asus Transformer, and with an Asus keyboard dock, it works seamlessly/perfectly. It feels just like a laptop. I can use Google Docs, Polaris office, and DroidEdit with ease.

    On my PC, I haven’t relied on Microsoft office for the better part of the last 6+ years due to Open Office and Google Docs.

    Yes, obviously I am bias to Android, since it’s what I’ve been using for a phone and a tablet over the last 2.5 years. HOWEVER! I’ve been using Windows since Windows 3.0, I love Windows, as a desktop OS.

    I’ll stick to using Android for consumer tasks (browsing the web, light workload tasks via DroidText, and data access), and Windows for production (web design, full script tests, etc)

    • Jaime Larios

      Bill Gates said that about ipad users. This so called reporter is misleading readers.

    • vampyren

      Same here, i like windows on desktop pc but Android all the way for mobile (and some iOS). WP is just somewhere in between and i dont see myself switching anytime soon. I just cant see the reason. I dont miss Office either, i use LibreOffice on PC and Pages on Mac.

  • Ayman Kouzayha

    Oh no we are frustrated, Bill, save US

    • Nicktrance

      Yeah modern UI is quite frustrating… and this is coming from someone who prefers using a desktop PC over any mobile device/console when I can…

  • flamencoguy

    640K oughta be enough for anyone! Bill you have made you mark already, time for you to move on. Look after your fortune and leave the thinking to the younger generation.

  • Andrzej R. Janus

    Yes, Android is frustrating sometimes. But I prefer to be frustrated at occasional lag or freeze than a complete lack of features.

    Also, what frustrates me the most is actually Windows 8, that’s why I’m switching to Mac this week.

    Mac OS X + Android. A perfect match.

  • Greg Cardall

    It always seems that companies that have slipped down the ladder a few rungs always get some Exec in their company to come out and say B.S. like this – like Blackberry roughly a month or so back. I gotz some advice for ya’llz: IMPROVE YOUR CRAP!!!! :)

    • ChromeDroid

      I know right, Give it a few months and Tim Cook will give out some bs as well…oh wait he already does that ;)

      • Lowry Brooks

        Tims BS<Bills BS

  • Cedric Wehrum

    The only system I was ever frustrated with was Windows.
    So I switched to Ubuntu.

  • Filip Justin

    Honestly, there is just one thing that makes me frustrated about Android, the tendency to get rid of Flash for browsers.. Samsung and LG are the only companies that have kept it. Honestly, I would love a Surface Pro, but I can’t get one in my country(Romania) and even if I could buy one, the battery life is poor. The thing is, you can’t replace the firepower of an Ultrabook and honestly, I almost came close to buying a Samsung Series 9 instead of opting to wait for the 64GB version of the S4.

    • Ivan Myring

      HTC still has flash

  • Jaime Larios

    He said it JUST FOR IPAD USERS! He was talking about ipad users. This is journalist sensationalism. Please report facts and do not try to get clicks by misleading readers.

    • kascollet

      Mighty Bill said :
      “With Windows 8, Microsoft is trying to gain market share in what has been dominated by the iPad-type device. But a lot those users are frustrated. They can’t type. They can’t create documents,”

      iPad-like means “all tablets that are not Microsoft’s”, be they Blackberry, iOS or Android.

      • Jaime Larios

        I don’t recall reading “ipad-like”. From what I have read he simply said ipad. Also on Android you can create documents. But you are right I should calm down… I just feel frustrated because Android authority used to be a great site.

        • kascollet

          And you think you can’t “create documents” on an iPad ?
          More apps are available and more keyboards too. Apple’s word processor (Pages) is the most sold paid app on their store. Google Drives also works flawlessly.
          I think maaany people create documents on their iPads.

          Android Authority is right and they understood quite well Bill Gates intentions in my opinion. All tablets on the market today (non MS) work the same way, and the iPad was the first, that’s why he said “iPad-type”.

          Just because you hate/despise/don’t wanna know about Apple doesn’t imply every Android website to be blindfolded.

  • VicMatson

    Nate, he, and I mean the big HE, is right! You have settled for a half baked OS and don’t even know it. Everything you do is a workaround of sorts, that has varying degrees of usefulness. Google is an advert company and always will be, and they are careful about they put development dollars.

    Bill, is my check in the mail?

    • Ivan Myring

      I was gonna rage at you but i reread and it turns out i missed the last line

  • John Longson

    I am frustrated by any tablet that doesn’t let me write every word in a single gesture. Swype, Swiftkey, Touchpal etc all make my writing easy; slow keyboards in iOS and Windows tablets frustrate me to no end.

    The more I have to tap, and backspace, and tap again (in Windows), the more angry at my keyboard I get. I literally get agitated by non-gliding and BAD keyboards now, the king of which is made by Microsoft (which supports zero gestures).

  • The news has been twisted just to start a flame….why it’s so hard to find a professional android portal?

    • Mike Bastable

      Agreed this site used to be great

    • Ivan Myring

      Nice first name!
      Also, try android Police.

    • Jaime Larios

      Yes, try Android Police

  • Peter Blanco

    Actually, I’m quite happy with Android. BUT I like WP as well. There can be both.

    • Ivan Myring

      What about android with Launcher8

      • Peter Blanco

        I’ve tried it, it’s good but not quite the same!

      • Arsenal™

        well launcher 8 is nothing compared to other launchers

        then again, its just a matter of liking

  • Peter French

    I’m amazed by how many people seem to have more insight and understanding of the market than old Bill… come on guys, have any of you changed the world with your creation…

  • Go home Bill, you’re drunk!

  • No One

    I have windows on my PC and my laptop, why the hell I want it on my phone or tablet for? Also, after having the WP8 on my laptop for over 10 months now, I hate it.

    Ppl have been complaint about iOS is boring with icons, WP8 is even worst. live tiles are sux, no wallpaper is even worst.

    • jimmyz

      Nice grammar

  • JGaLaXY

    Windows 8 is FRUSTRATING lol, like for the first time in my life, i’m considering buying a MAC, Android can be frustrating too, but they need to fix Windows 8…

  • MasterMuffin

    Admit it, you were a little frustrated when you wrote this article :P

    • gear of lol

      both Bill Gates and Nate must be frustrated right now, lol :D

  • Alu Zeros

    Lmao, I’m more frustrated with sh*(&(&!y Microsoft windows 8, office, and their cloud services. Microsoft office in the cloud sucks on the enterprise level. The navigation for windows, office, and their cloud services is absolutely horrible and inefficient. They need new designers, and learn how to create more effective gesture controls and also a revamped touch desktop UI for windows 8. Sorry Billy, I rather use Mac OS X + Ubuntu + SUSE then Windows 8, Android + IOS over windows mobile, and I rather use regular office on a desktop and have my balls cut off then use office outlook webmail or any of microsoft’s cloud services.

  • Nacos

    Nice article, Nate…I absolutely enjoy your sarcasm.

  • Wole

    Bill is right, i need window 8 tablet but i’ll still keep my galaxy tab 10.1 anyway

  • Joey92

    If this clueless fool called Bill Gates can become the richest man in the world there is hope for all of us.

  • Sorry but office is the best at everything. It is the most matured, and easy to use, and feature packed. Modern looking too for the most part. Keynote is awful and difficult to use, looks bad. Open office is ok, still not as good. Both aren’t user friendly

  • sergioosh

    Unfortunately Excel is (as of now) irreplaceable when it comes to spreadsheets if whatever you do goes beyond simple tables with math and basic logical functions. If you never used and/or never had to use macros, you don’t know the true power of the dark si… I mean MS Excel. The rest of office suite is replaceable (at least to the extent I use it).

    • APai

      but does the macro function work on the microsoft tablet and phones as well ? I’d surely like to know, I don’t use macros so i am really clueless about the same

  • dev0

    to Bill, or Microsoft,

    I’m frustrated with your WP platform because it didn’t support OpenGL ES at all.
    DirectX is nice but maintaining code that support both OpenGL and DirectX are FRUSTRATING.

    Why can’t you support OpenGL ES just like -ALL- other mobile platform out there ?

    game developer.

    • APai

      absolutely! thanks for bringing up the point! that is their vendor lock in strategy, they did that on windows with .NET and directX. their monopoly abuse is legendary. the last thing we need is another closed platform in the mobile space.

  • I use Libre Office on my PC right now. It’s not as polished as Microsoft Office but it gets the job done. I use Kingsoft Office on my phone and it’s pretty good. Maybe Corel can release their Word Perfect Suite for Android.

  • David Bailey

    Sorry to say it bill but i have become more mobile since android. Microsoft sat around on the belief that mobile was going as far as laptops sorry to tell you but android pushed the mobile market forward like the Microsoft did with the PC. It doesn’t help that Microsoft has become a company full of salespeople. you want to WOW us again Microsoft go back to the basics and wow us with inventive ideas like android is doing NOT sales. the true user doesn’t to be sold to but wants something that works and does what it promises..

  • vchamp2k

    If Bill gates is frustrated on me since I am walking on my legs for the past 30+ years, then I will definitely call him lame. That is the preferred way for me.. The way people driving automobile in the past 20+ years has not changed (certainly the technology is changing).. My point is there are certain things we repeat doing in a particular fashion, because there is no alternate for those things…. People eat by spoon or by fork , but they need a hand. You cannot get frustrated on anyone who is eating on the right hand always. I don’t care about what Bill gates has commented…. I love Android phones, but when it comes to tablet, IMHO still iPad is the best. period. Android is evolving, I can clearly see that, but one product (ie ipad) from one company cannnot be competed by Samsung, Sony, Asus, Acer, Lenovo put together. It clearly states that he is obviously jealous and frustrated on the poor performance of Win8 OS & Win 8 smartphones….

    When something is affordable, people do not question…
    When the prices are exaggerated for its value, then people would expect too many things.. Why a smartphone is costing 710$ (650$+tax) (atleast during its launch), when my monthly food bill is not that much????

    When the farmers become smart at one point in time in future (it will happen), a single burger will cost 650$, a shirt will cost 650$ and the dumb phone or dumb tablet or PC will cost 25$.. After all people need food and cloth to survive….. Already housing is becoming expensive & water is becoming scarce.

    No one questions Apple, how did they encash 125 billion$ overnight.

  • Luca

    Haven’t used any Microsoft apps in years now. I use Apple made apps like Pages and Numbers, which work way better for me, and Google Drive, which provides nice and simple sharing between me and people I know.

    Microsoft isn’t as useful anymore, we just don’t need a lot of stuff we used to need from them.

    • APai

      yeah, microsoft isnt useful for a lot of average people, who really need lightweight computing, surfing/ browsing, minimal office, some image editing, etc.

  • Ian

    Bill you are dreaming, perhaps something to do with the legalisation of marajuana.
    Office is something I am frustrated with, it has so much promise, however the code is so flakey and slow, that I regularly get crashes when I push it.

    Time to get that code sorted properly and port it to all platforms.

    Windows 8, fine in desktop mode on my PCs (some of the bugs in Windows 7 are fixed and 8 is more stable) except no frigging Start button and a a really clunky UI, In Windows 8 mode on a PC? I do not think so, not yet, not even on a smart phone, it is behind iOS which in turn is behind Android by quite a long way, more like a toy for beginners, EXTREMELY frustrating if you want to do any work.

  • Kapil

    Surface Pro is a great product and a marvel of engineering. It cannot be compared to any iPad or Android tablet as it has far more functions and aims to replace your PC but when choosing b/w surface RT or any other android tablet, I will go for android. Surface RT is great and nice but poor apps makes it a unworthy option for now.

    • APai

      what marvel ? what did they do that’s so special ?

      • Kapil

        They made a touch cover with a trackpad supporting multitasking gestures yet so thin that it can act as cover too.
        Surface pro has so less space to dispense heat but still the heat is released through edges and you can hardly hear the fan running when playing heavy games.
        It is highly portable yet powerful unlike MacBooks where you have to choose either portability or power.

        And yes, everyone here please give bill gates some respect.

        • APai

          again. why is that an engineering marvel ?

  • Allen Themba

    From my perpestive, Bill Gates is right for the normal person kn the street like. I have no idea about rooting, beta, cloud updates, etc. Tabs or iPads at first i thot they were cool, but as time went on, i discover i have two gadgets that i have to constantly use. Facebook on tablets is plain rubbish, you can update anything at a click of a button. Tablet Keyboard is is designed for rocket scientists. Bill Gates must buy out google, maybe the average man on the street, who forms the majority, will benefit…

    • APai

      “Bill Gates must buy out google”

      thanks for the laugh :)

  • Jeriel

    I need rehab, really…

  • TrixzD

    Windows 8 may be good on a tablet (I dont know I haven’t used a windows tablet) But on a PC/laptop it is just god damn awful IMO. I much prefer the look of my Android home screen any day over windows 8.

  • APai

    we might be frustrated, but he sounds desperate!!!

  • what a nice article you have put. and well done with sarcasm.

  • Sudeepto Dutta

    Windows 8 is revolutionary … haha … cracked me up :D

    Awesome article full of puns.. If only I had a + 1 bar…

    I respect Bill Gates for what he has given us … but seriously these words are total BS …

    We android guys are frustrated , can’t type , we need office , PC … what the… !!

    BTW +1 from me sir :)

  • LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL stick too the humanitarian bill ,we love you for this ,

  • blarelli

    To be fair, if I were to buy a tablet computer, it would be running windows. As for a phone, not so much.

  • fadilkarim

    LOL I love the sarcasm. I should forward this to Microsoft:p

  • t


  • Leonardo Rojas

    Somewhere I read Bill Gates is partner of the GMO company; MONSANTO, the darkest and most hated of the companies. Don’t you know about it? Just google MONSANTO.
    You’ll find out about how un-healthy is the food you eat everyday in the US and most parts of the world, too.

    That’s why I don’t support Microsoft. BIll Gates is an unscrupulous man. The owners of Google must (probably) be involved in some things like him, who knows. These multibillion dollar companies are not to rely on.

    – L.