BGR: HTC competitor to the Galaxy Note, multiple Droid RAZR models coming this fall at Verizon

by: Mike AndriciApril 26, 2012
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verizon smartphones 2012
It’s surprising how little we know about the upcoming flagship smartphones from Verizon, while all other three major carriers get close to actually releasing their first flagship devices of 2012. Sprint recently got the Galaxy Nexus and will soon release the HTC EVO 4G, AT&T will get the HTC One XL, while T-Mobile scored the One S. But don’t you guys worry, as according to Johnatan Geller, the founder of, the fall 2012 line-up of Verizon smartphones will be absolutely impressive.

Geller first mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will reach Verizon over the summer, which falls perfectly in line with our expectations. Last year, Verizon have passed on the Galaxy S2 in return for a time-limited exclusivity on the Galaxy Nexus. If BGR’s sources turn out to be valid, the Galaxy S3 will face some very tough competition starting fall. These sources claim that Verizon will launch more than one Motorola RAZR model over the following months (one of them likely being the RAZR HD / Droid Fighter), as well as a HTC competitor to the Galaxy Note.

While there are no specs mentioned for the Motorola smartphones, Geller claims that the HTC phablet will sport a 5-inch 1080p (non-Pentile) display, a quad core Qualcomm S4 Krait CPU, along with an Adreno 320 GPU, HTC Sense 5, and a stylus. Burn!

Apple’s response to the Verizon Android army of 2012 will be the iPhone 5, rumored to come with a complete redesign – I guess you can’t release three smartphone generations in a row with the exact same design ;) – and expected to arrive this fall.

It looks like 2012 will be as least as exciting as the last one when it comes to high-end smartphones. Do you guys think Verizon will be the leader of the pack this year? Let us know what you guys think in the comment section below!

  • Amine Elouakil

    HTC…..5″….1080p…….Quadcore Qualcomm S4 and Adreno 320,…… Stylus….

    OVERKILL! but I believe that’s how things would move to by holidays season but still amazing!

    As for Sense 5 just meh, maybe we will see some new innovations in terms of functionalities but the thing is Jellybean would be out at the same time so I guess it will bring it own share of innovation, it might like the Galaxy Note be released with ICS, if it is released by holidays season

  • olbp

    Verizon and leader don’t belong in the same sentence. And HTC will have their note competitor just about the time the Galaxy Note 2 arrives. Good for competition.

  • Edward Smith

    olbp: Accept that the Samsung Note 2 will be far beyond HTC Varant by the time it comes out.

  • I’m tired of hearing about these “redesigned” Apple iPhones that always only come with a few updates and the world goes crazy! Its annoying at best. At this point in the phone game its all about the bigger and more dense, HD screens so until a REAL iPhone comes out with a screen bigger than my thumb, I don’t want to hear it. Im excited about the prospects of that 5″ HTC model, but at this point, Apple at least did prove with iPad 3 that its time ALL devices break the Full HD barrier! And for anyone thinking QuadCore is unnecessary in a phone have never heard of WebTop or Ubuntu for Android. These phones will need laptop and desktop quality specs with the inclusion of full desktop OS’s built into their underlying ROM or app space. That’s the future of mobile phones!

    • Guest123456

      It’s not like Apple invented the first smart phone, or the first touch screen device. Besides, once they release a device (if it’s really that good), an Android phone or tablet will be announced and released within 3 months that tops whatever Apple brings to the table and then it takes them another year to release something else.

      • THANK YOU!!! I didn’t want to go there, but I’m glad someone else understands how behind Apple usually is in the whole “innovation” department! A lot of times they get more credit than what is ever due to them! They didn’t even create the first portable digital music device, but let them tell it, they revolutionized the whole music industry! SMH!

  • Steffielea

    Why isn’t there more news about the HTC phablet?? Has anyone else read anything different?? I really want the Samsung Galaxy Note but I can’t lose my unlimited data on Verizon.

  • Jazzmanneobop

    Really stupid move by Verizon. Why can’t they get their act together? Last to the smartphone (I have an original HTC Incredible that chew through battery life – even their large profile heavy duty battery only gets 1 hour of operating time), now I’m being asked to wait another 4-5 months for a phablet, and then this phablet won’t be the Samsung Galaxy Note, a phone that has been on ATT for four months now, but instead, a smaller phone made by HTC – maker of the phone I hate (I mean the phone can’t even sync properly with Outlook). Verizon – what, two years before it finally rolled out the I-Phone. Now passing by the Samsung Galazy Note (it’s so bad 5 million sold already) for the unknown and low battery life HTC. Whoopee. Verizon phones suck.

  • Mheez

    Verizon + ATT = No Unlimited Data
    <GO AWAY!

  • RandyinWV

    I just got a new TracFone for $9. Guess what? It makes pretty good phone calls. Yeah, I know that it uses ATT towers (see below) but nobody calls me anyway so what the heck.

    I do not like Verizon because their phones are not very good and the new plan sucks.
    I do not like ATT because their network sucks.
    I do not like Sprint because they sneak a lot of extra fees in when you sign up.
    I do not like TMobile because they do not have service in my area.
    I do not like nTelos because they lie about saving money ($30 more for me)

    If everyone would just disconnect for a couple months we could force the carriers into more consumer-friendly business practices.

  • Evo 4G King

    The HTC phablet will be a great contender for the galaxy note 2, but, the note is on round 2, HTC will have to pull out all the stops to beat it. O have the Evo 4g lte, and I’ll say the things beat everything I’ve thrown at it, even swam in the river with it by accident, for 20 minutes, then it wad frozen, by a freezer mishap, dropped out of out business bucket truck 25′ off the ground, and she’s still ticking like a charm. but 5′ is over kill I agree, and 1080 display is pointless, because the ppsi will be about that of a 4.7 inch devise, so those who bye it are probably old iPhone owners lol