Part of the magic of Android is that it is an open experience that caters to all kinds. To name just a few types of users: we have casual users, first-time smartphone owners and hardcore power users. For the latter, there are plenty of ways to take your Android experience up a notch, including getting involved in the ROM/modding scene or just testing out the latest and greatest features for your favorite apps via beta testing programs.

When it comes to beta testing, there are a ton of apps out there that have beta programs that are open to just about anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, finding all the information you need to sign up isn’t always easy, but that’s where the list below comes in handy.

The list was originally published on Google+ and put together by Aygul Zagidullina, the community manager of Ufa Google Technology User Group. As you can see, many popular apps are on the list including Chrome, Facebook, Twitter and even Nova Launcher.

Here’s the full list of apps that are offering beta programs:

Now keep in mind that beta programs come and go. While all of these appear to be active and open, there are no guarantees that they will stay open long-term. Any other great Android app beta programs you’re aware of that aren’t covered on the list? Shout them out in the comments below!

Andrew Grush
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  • Douglas Anderson

    Great work being done by Adnan Begovic creating a floating browser (Hover Browser) for all versions of Android 1.6 and up!

  • Jonaskroneberg

    check out the multimessenger Disa! Right now it works with whatsapp and sms, but a facebook plugin will be released soon.

    Check it out, great app and great community(:

  • Douglas Anderson

    Great work by Adnan Begovic beta testing for a floating browser (for Android 1.6 and up) called Hover Browser.

  • MasterMuffin

    If there’s a beta version of something, I immediately choose the beta. Who cares about stuff not working or crashes when THERE’S A BIGGER NUMBER!? :)

    • Hothfox

      I have a select handful of beta apps so I can get the new features and don’t have to wait months for it to be released as stable.

    • Jayfeather787

      With the exception of IOS, where the only thing that changes is OS version number.
      If anyone takes offense to that, and says “Oh!, IOS 7 was a major change…”, it was just a joke. And if you agree, then it wasn’t a joke.

    • 伟荣 肖

      When you have something matters.

  • Nobody mentioned XDA? I’ve seen a lot of “Willing to beta, PM me!” posts on new app threads.

    • JosephHindy

      Those are very erratic and the app quality varies widely.

  • FacebookIsShady


    Read why on my forum:

    • Hothfox

      Those permissions are all easily explained by the fact that Facebook uses them for it’s Chat service (which has been doing SMS for a while). Additionally, it lets you add events to your calendar. Why don’t you do some of your own research before you freak out over permissions. Everyone likes to decry apps for permissions without understanding why they’re there. I don’t like Facebook for other reasons though.

      • FacebookIsShady

        Oh, I’m not stupid. I do know that these permissions have a “reason” for being there. But why was Ray Wells BANNED from the group when he asks about the permissions and then tells them what he thinks? If he were wrong, they could have offered an explanation. But NO, he was banned and ALL his activity was removed.
        That, is shady as fuck.

        • Hothfox

          The fact that your user name is FacebookIsShady tells me you’re biased and spiteful. I don’t use Facebook on my phones for other reasons, so I’m not exactly a fangirl trying to defend their honor.

          I also don’t know or give a flying fart who Ray Wells is. All I can see is that they have specific permissions for their apps and logical reasons for them.

          • iCanNameMyselfAnything

            My username is FacebookIsShady is because I’m a guest and can name myself anything.

            1) I used to use Facebook on my Tablet, but not anymore due to Ray Wells incident. And the fact that it uses 50-80MB of RAM by simply just having it installed.
            2) I’m not being biased, I’m just looking at some shady information I’ve found. You can’t read a book by it’s cover! Once I start seeing Facebook giving a shite about their users, I’d be more positive about them. Negative in, Negative out. Positive in, positive out. :P
            3) I’m not “out to get” Facebook. I use it every single day on the web (and who knows what else they’re harvesting from that).
            4) I do know these permissions have legitimate reasons, but as Ray Wells stated, everything worked just fine with the app being forced unable to use certain permissions.
            5) Facebook is an alright corporation, but they’re going downhill. Despite the thousands and thousands of complaints I see on every update (especially the Timeline and Facebook Home things), I have never even seen ONE post from them saying it was a mistake or they’re reverting back. They KNOW they’re the most popular service, and they KNOW you won’t be going anywhere else.

            Anyways, I’m done coming back to this page and trying to explain to one person my view on Facebook.

            Everyone has their own thoughts, and they’re entitled to them. Have a great 2014! :D

    • FacebookIsNotShady

      you suck

  • Kyle

    For any Glass Explorers out there, here’s a shameless plug for my app created at Ball State University – The Traveler for Glass. More info and a link to join the beta community are available here: I’m currently going through the Glassware review process with the Glass Team, so hopefully this will become more widely available in the future. Additional info on the project can be found on the G+ page:

  • DrewNusser

    I know this is an incredibly shameless plug (sorry, everyone), but I’m actually looking for more beta testers for my game, No Girls Allowed. There are a few open issues left to sort out, but I’m hoping for a production release in the next few weeks. If anyone is interested, here’s my community:

  • Jayfeather787

    Nova launcher!!!

  • Christian

    Beta Test: SmartNavi – step based and GPS independent navigation app

    Be smart and save up to 80% energy compared to normal GPS navigation!

    Become a beta tester:

  • alina thomas

    Most of the app have beta programs all of the branded name
    comes under which use beta programs and personally my first choice is also beta
    .I recommend beta version of any program.

  • aConverter

    aConverter App Alpha Testing

    We welcome alpha testers.

  • Polarfox

    Polarfox for Android lets you post images to multiple social networks and blogs at once! (+ Instagram, Google+, Pinterest via Share Menu)
    Join to download the beta:

  • Ban Julian
  • Hans-Martin Goebel

    Now available at Google play a program for
    learning flashcards and vocabulary. Now with Top1000 French and Spanish
    in the KAR directory (flashcards).

  • Shivam Golani (Gaming Master)

    I want to test Android authority beta appp..