The Best VoIP and SIP apps for Android!

by: Brad WardMay 28, 2013

best voip sip appsThere are a lot of people who use VoIP’s and SIP’s as alternatives to a carrier’s offering. A lot of time you’ll find that the rates are cheaper, and sometimes even free of charge. That said, we went into the depths of the Play Store in search for some of the best VoIP and SIP apps available, and now we’re back to share the results of that with you! As usual, if you’d prefer the video, just head to the bottom of the article.

Kakao Talk


Considering its popularity, you may have heard of Kakao Talk before. This VoIP app allows you to make calls and send text messages over a network free of charge. As per the norm, you’re going to need to sign up for an account to use the service, which means your friends will have to do the same.

Making calls and sending text messages isn’t the only thing Kakao Talk can do. You can change themes, play games, see notices, and even check out the item store. Most of these features costs money, which isn’t much of a problem. After all, the app has to support itself in some way! Besides, who doesn’t like a little customization?

Aside from that, the interface is very user friendly, and no one should have any woes when navigating around the app.

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You might be surprised by Tango. It’s main focus isn’t actually VoIP or SIP, as it markets itself as a social network. Regardless, you can still make free calls and texts. It also has support for picture and video messages, which makes it stand out from the rest of these apps. You can expect Tango to have the utmost quality as well. It’s won a number of awards, and the app itself boasts of having “great quality” over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connections.

Like the majority of the apps on this list, Tango is very easy to use. Account creation is simple and navigating around the app feels very natural. Unfortunately you can only communicate with people who have a Tango account, so convincing your friends to get on board might be difficult.

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Viber is yet another VoIP that allows for free calling over a network. Free calling isn’t all it can do though. You can also send messages, stickers, emoticons, and other in-app features. Like the previous apps on this list, your friends are going to need a Viber account for calls and messages to even work.

It’s also very easy to navigate around Viber and is just generally easy to use. The only negative to this app is that you need to set up your account before using SMS. It’ll be a tad annoying if you don’t have text messaging set up on your device, as you’ll have to find another way to active Viber.

Aside from that, Viber is a very exceptional app that has been met with a lot of reception in the Play Store. At the very least, it’s worth a shot.

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VoX is one of the more simple solutions for your VoIP and SIP needs. It’s quite a simple app too. You can make calls from your VoX account, which you have to pay for. VoX keeps an extensive rate list for a variety of countries.

Besides that, you have the dialer as the main interface, and the menu button can be used to navigate around the rest of the app. In addition to making calls, there’s SMS support. Of course, by sending SMS messages minutes will be deducted from your account, which means less calling time.

Given the app’s simplicity, it takes a minute to get used to. All in all, it’s a pretty nice app with limited functionality.

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Last up on our list is WiCall. Similar to VoX, this app is a dialer interface. Unfortunately it can’t send text messages, which means this app is strictly for calling. Like VoX, WiCall is a paid service, so you’re going to need to add money to your account to make phone calls. That balance is deducted when you make calls.

WiCall is very lacking in features, which means it’s quite simple and easy to learn. All you’re going to have to figure out is how to add money to your account. After that, you can simply use the dialer to call people with your WiCall number.

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voip sip leaderboard

If you take a look at our leaderboard (image above) you can see how these apps compete with each other. As usual, we don’t rank these apps ourselves, as this is how you, the people, rated the apps on the Google Play Store. So there’s no bias on our part.

When you get to the core of it all, finding a VoIP or SIP app is all about what you’re looking to get out of it. That said, we may have missed some really good VoIP and SIP apps out there, which means we have a few honorary mentions. These include GrooVeIP, Google Voice, Skype, and MobileVoIP.

If you have a favorite, be sure to let everyone know about it in the comments below!

  • sumyunguy1234


  • Felix Göhringer

    Does any of these apps actually support real SIP accounts?

  • no skype?

  • Pradeep Viswanathan R

    VOX Mobile app seems to be a direct rip off from CSipSimple –

  • PuzzledObserver

    These are not pure VoIP app. Because you cannot use them to call a person who just has a regular phone line. These apps are Skype like, in the sense that they require the remote party having the same app installed.

    Pure VoIP calls is different. It requires a VoIP account, and you can use it to call any real phone line. VoIP can offer service that these app cannot. For example: call back. Let’s say, you have a phone plan with limited outgoing minutes but unlimited incoming. You can then use your VoIP line to call the number and relay the call to your cell phone as an incoming call. VoIP also has DISA feature which allow you to call make a local to your VoIP line as an access number and then dial out to long distance or international call. VoIP is a little more complex and more powerful than these apps.

    For those who know VoIP, I have tested severals real VoIP app, the best is Linphone (100% free)

    • MM

      VoX Mobile VoIP Pay&Go Plan allows you to call Anywhere in the world. Landline and Mobile + Offers Free Video Chat.

  • bob

    groove ip free wifi calls to any phone. paid uses your phones data connection

  • FrillArtist

    What about Talkatone, Groove IP, SIP Droid and Vonage???

  • JS

    Like many other commenters, it seems you’ve somewhat missed the point of a SIP client. I came to this post because I already have a SIP account that I’m happy with (sipgate), and want an app on my phone that can use it properly.

    So far, I use CSIPSimple, but I’ll take a look through the comments as they seem more accurate to the headline than the article itself is!

  • Chris R

    You guys need to add Scopia to that list, Scopia is one of the biggest true SIP apps for business, tons of people use it.
    Scopia is powerd by BroadConnect Telecom and owned by Avaya.

  • Matthew

    I’ve used BroadSoft MobileLink with great success. As others have observed, you need a VoIP account (mine is with but with it you can call back, allowing you to initiate calls on your android via your cellular network, but using your business line profile. You can access all of your directories, call history, etc. from the MobileLink app on your android, but the real advantage is the fixed mobile convergence.

  • Matthew

    As for a true VoIP client, I like BroadSoft UC One as well. This is an actual soft-phone that can initiate calls over wifi, as opposed to the one I previously mentioned that is more of a controller.

  • Steve

    What about Fongo? It by far out ranks all the above apps…

  • Justin Gregory

    My favorite, MizuDroid is missing from this list:
    After using many SIP softphones I stopped with this. It also has built-in voip tunneling.

  • android guy

    Hi, I use the Orbtalk Softphone and I think it’s excellent! You can transfer, record and participate in conference calls. You can get it on the Play Store:

  • George

    There are hundreds of VoiP apps out there but to me the most valuable are those that provides you in one way or another FREE access to the regular telephone network and non of the ones that I have reviewed were mentioned in this article. IMHO.


  • davidson333

    I use Smartgroshen app,
    simple, good quality of voice and sync with your phone contacts. Get 0.5 euro
    at start.

  • shadhna

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  • Ocram Netleh

    The best VoIP App for Android and IOS on the market is with huge difference “Bria”. It´s not for free, but it is worth every single cent. Never miss a call again!