Best Valentine’s Day Android apps of 2014

February 14, 2014
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Valentine’s Day is upon us. People who are in relationships prepare to go out and spend extra money and have a romantic evening with their significant other. People who are alone are looking at awesome Netflix movies to watch to ignore all the people who are in relationships. If you’re preparing to go out on Valentine’s Day to have a romantic evening, we’d like to help out with this list of Valentine’s Day Android apps to help move things along.

1 800 flowers android apps1-800-FLOWERS – Flowers, gifts

[Price: Free]
When it comes to Valentine’s Day, gifting things is rather easy. Cards, flowers, and chocolate are the norm. While cards and chocolate are easy to find everywhere, it’s sometimes difficult to find a good place to get a good batch of flowers. So 1-800-Flowers is a good place to start if you’re looking Get it on Google Playto send your sweetheart flowers for Valentine’s Day. They also offer a range of other gift ideas (which includes chocolate). It’s free and you can never order too many flowers.
1 800 flowers android apps

coupons android appsCoupons & Weekly Ads – Shopular

[Price: Free]
As always, gifts on Valentine’s Day is kind of par for the course and a good way to get good deals on stuff is through a coupon app like this one. Shopular is a well-known brand for coupons and it’s also shown up on our Christmas app Get it on Google Playlist, Black Friday app list, and pretty much every other holiday where gift buying is a thing. It’s a good way to find good deals for your significant other and it’s free!
coupons android apps

groupon android appsGroupon

[Price: Free]
If one is good, two must be better and Groupon is the second coupon app on our list. If Shopular just isn’t doing it for you, it’s always worth giving this one a try. Like Shopular, Groupon is a known name in the coupon apps biz and we’ve featured this app on prior articles. It’s a good place to find coupons for cool stuff your Valentine Get it on Google Playmay enjoy for cheaper. It also helps you find things online or things close to you so you’re running around trying to find that last second gift, this app could be helpful.
groupon android apps

iheartradio android appsiHeartRadio

[Price: Free]
It has been said that music is what emotions sound like and on Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of emotions flying around. Whether you need something upbeat and fun or something slow and romantic, iHeartRadio has stations ready for Get it on Google PlayValentine’s Day. To add to the harmonious feelings, the icon is even a big, giant heart. It couldn’t be more perfect so if you’re looking for some good music, give it a shot.
iheartradio android apps

kama sutra android appsKamasutra Sex Positions Guide

[Price: Free / $2.99]
Unless I missed something, I’m relatively certain people still have sex on Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the few days a year that all but guarantees the act be done so why not make it interesting? As you can imagine, this app gives you a number of fun Get it on Google Playpositions to try out. The free version comes with 30, the paid comes with more, and both have a progress meter so you can keep track of what you’ve tried and what you haven’t.
kama sutra android apps

love quotes android appsLove Quotes

[Price: Free]
Let’s face, some people simply aren’t good with words. One usually needs to look no further than most internet forums to know that there are people who can talk and people who cannot. For those who cannot, Love Quotes is there to find you the right things to say in the right moments. It’s true this app is geared toward those of the female persuasion but even Get it on Google Playmales can find some truly cheesy and awesome things to say with this app. It’s free and it does what it says it does. If the cat frequently has your tongue, give this app a try.
love quotes android apps

tripadvisor android appsTripAdvisor Hotels Flights

[Price: Free]
Going on dates, finding food, and doing romantic things can be tough to do. Some people don’t mind going to the old restaurant they go to every year but others like to try new things. TripAdvisor is usually for people who are traveling but it’s a unique way to find stuff in your home city too. It’s not just Get it on Google Playfor restaurants either. You can find entertainment, fun spots, and potentially new places around you that can work as a fun date. Plus, it’s nice to have around if you ever travel.
tripadvisor android apps

fun facts android appsValentine’s Day Fun Facts

[Price: Free]
The app name says it all. Some people like knowing those little fun facts that are fun to post on social networks or say to their friends at parties or other friendly events. After all, we all know one of those people who likes to post those fun facts about Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, and all the other holidays. Why not Get it on Google PlayValentine’s Day too? It has about 40 fun facts so obviously this isn’t one of those apps you’ll keep forever but it is fun to learn a few quick things and share it with your friends.
valentines day fun facts android apps

valentines day lw android appsValentine’s Day LW

[Price: $0.99]
If you want your phone to look a little more flashy for Valentine’s Day, live wallpapers are always a good option and Valentine’s Day LW is one of the best. It features nice, dark backgrounds with some interesting graphics. It’s not minimal but it certainly doesn’t have that unorganized mess that many holiday-themed apps seem to have. It looks good, the heart in the middle is customizable, and it’s cheap. Get it on Google Play
valentines day lw android apps

valentines day live wallpaper android appsValentine’s Day Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free / $0.99]
If you do want something that’s a little more colorful and cluttered, Valentine’s Day Live Wallpaper is a good option. On top of being festively colorful, the heart is customizable by adding photos of your significant other or your family. This is a fun way to customize your device for V-Day if you’re into that sort of thing and Get it on Google Playit’s always nice seeing that person that makes you smile whenever you turn the phone on during a holiday. There is a free and paid option, so you can try it before you buy it.
valentines day live wallpaper android apps

Wrap up

Some people are born romantics who have no problems taking holidays like this and making the most of them. However, some of us are quite bad at it so hopefully these applications help out. There are thousands of Valentine’s Day themed apps and thousands more that aren’t themed but can still be useful. So if there’s a fun, useful, or otherwise relevant app that’s really good and you think it should’ve been included here, let us know in the comments. Stay safe and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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