Are you looking for a few good apps to accompany you on your travels? We’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for an app that can make booking a hotel easy or save you money on cheaper gas prices, we’ve got it. In a rush? Jump straight to the video, otherwise, stick with us as we go through the 10 best travel apps for Android!



First up on our list is a very capable app called When you travel, chances are, you plan on staying in a hotel. The app can help you find good hotels around your destination, and it does a pretty decent job, too. The app has a handful of features to, well, help you find a good hotel.

You can search for hotels by your current location or your future destination. Probably one of the most helpful feature in this app is the ability to sort through hotels by star ratings, customer reviews, and, of course, price. During our testing, we were able to find some decent travel deals through the app, but there wasn’t anything overly special.

The main appeal of this app is that it’s solid and it gets the job done, while looking stylish. Can’t ask for more than that!

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#09 iNextBus


Next up is a helpful app called iNextBus for those who, well, use the bus as their main form of transportation. The app provides a bus schedule in a number of cities, and while it will prove to be helpful for those who live in these cities, it can also be very useful for travelers who are in a large city, but aren’t sure where they’re going.

It’s yet another app that’s simple to get a grasp on. Simply click the prompts where you want to go, and you can see where the nearest buses are. Upon opening the app, iNextBus will automatically show you your current location, but you can search for other routes, as well.

The only downside to this app is that there isn’t a whole lot of routes available, but as the developers work to continue improving the app, we’re sure additional routes will come eventually.

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#08 Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search


Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search is probably one of the most useful travel apps on our list. The app has a cute chipmunk mascot, but it’s main feature is helping you easily find flights and hotels. It does this by comparing rates of various websites, and then it shows you the results.

You can use the first part to find a flight on the date you need. Then, once you do that, you can simply jump to the other side to browse hotels. There are a variety of sort terms, and prices were relatively decent. All in all, it’s a nice, helpful app.

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#07 Hotel Tonight


Number seven on our list is yet another hotel app called Hotel Tonight, an app #HOLOYOLO fans will gawk over, as it was designed with the Android design standard in mind. Design quirks aside, this is a fairly decent hotel app…if it works in your city.

Hotel Tonight let’s you search Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio, but not Columbus, Ohio. That said, it really doesn’t support a whole lot of cities yet, but if you happen to travel to a support city, this is a truly enjoyable app to use. Yo u can use the Hotel Tonight app to book hotels on a day’s notice, and it even has fun facts about each hotel.

All in all, it’s a decent app, but we just wish it had a broader audience.

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#06 Agoda


Next is Agoda, a popular hotel booking app. It’s a solid tool, and it’s extremely helpful if you’re out traveling and need a place to stay. While other apps only search metropolitan areas, Agoda can search by landmarks and suburbs, not just cities.

The interface is reasonably easy to use. You can search the city or area you want to book a hotel with, and then you can define how many are in your party, how rooms you need, and how many nights. It even lets you search by smoking and non-smoking, Wi-Fi, and pool access.

Probably the most convenient feature is that it lets you do all of this within the app, instead of giving you a number to call.

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#05 Kayak


Kayak is an awesome little app, mainly because it can do so much stuff. You can book flights, hotel rooms, and even rental cars! You can check out flight price trends, plan an entire trip all at once, and even get airline fees for bagging. You can convert currency, too.

We can’t really understand why this isn’t rated higher. After all, there isn’t much this app can’t do. It has a good user interface, and it’s pretty easy to use, as well. It even comes with a packing list just so you don’t forget some of the things you need to take on your trip. What else could you ask for?

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#04 Taxibeat


Number four on our list is Taxibeat, an app that will help you hail a taxi. The premise of the app is realy coo. Instead of hailing a stranger, you can hail a cab that’s been reviewed by a number of other Taxibeat users. So really, you know what you’re getting into.

The only downside to Taxibeat is that it is region specific. It’s only available in a handful of areas, such as Paris, Rio de Jinero, and a few other locales. So people in the U.S. can’t use this particular app just yet. Despite that inconvenience, people who have tried the app really enjoy it, and it’s highly recommended if you’re going to a support city!

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#03 TripAdvisor


First up in our top three is TripAdvisor. If Kayak had everything necessary to plan a trip, TripAdvisor takes care of everything once you get there. It lists hotels in the area, restaurants, activities, entertainment, and nightlife listings for things to do while you’re in town.

Like most of the apps on this list, TripAdvisor’s interface is nearly idiot proof. In other words, finding what you want is quick and easy. Not only is this good for travelers, but it’s also good for locals, as you can explore new places around your area. You can even add new places to the app for other tourists to check out when they pass through. It really is a cool app.

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Next up is This fairly decent and solid app, like a few of the apps on this list, helps you find and book hotels. Like Kayak, it’s one of the few on the list that lets you book hotels inside the app. One of the huge benefits to this app is that it has a large selection of hotels and competitive rates!

The interface is very convenient, allowing you to swipe between pages. There’s nothing that helps this app really stand out, but it’s a very solid and quality app.

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#01 GasBuddy


Going on a road trip? GasBuddy is an app dedicated to the driver, making those tiresome road trips just a bit easier. It does this by displaying gas prices for just about everywhere you could ever need or want to go.

GasBuddy is a simple app — launch it, create an account, find gas stations based on your GPS location or search by zip code, and you’re ready to find cheap gas! This particular app is handy for planning pit stops on road trips or even locals who want to find the best gas prices. It’s saved me quite a bit of money in the past, and it should do the same for you!

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Travel Apps Wrap up

If you take a look at our leaderboard (image above) you can see how these travel apps stack up against one another. We wanted to do more than just show you a list of repetitive hotel apps, so we made sure to include apps that could be useful for all types of travelers and tourists out there.

There’s plenty of other travel apps out there, but these happen to be, what we think, are the best ones. If you’ve got a travelling-based app that you couldn’t live without, be sure to tell everyone about it in the comments below!

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