Here are the videos you don’t want to miss this week – March 5, 2016

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 5, 2016


MWC 2016 is now officially over, and we’ve just wrapped up our coverage from the trade show.

This week we managed to bring you more coverage on the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and LG G5, as well as a few hands-on videos with LG’s latest mid-range smartphones. Moving on from MWC, Lanh brought us a detailed video showing us the ins and outs of Samsung Pay, and Krystal published her full review of the Samsung Galaxy A5. There’s a lot to talk about here, so let’s get right to it — here are the Android-related videos you don’t want to miss this week.

Best of MWC 2016

We certainly saw a ton of great products at MWC this year — the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, LG G5, Xiaomi Mi 5, Sony’s new flagship line and much more. Be sure to check out our video overview and full post to see what made our best of MWC 2016 list!

More on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Nexus 6P quick look

The Nexus 6P has been considered one of the best Android phones available since its launch, but now there’s a new kid in town. Which is the one to buy — the new Samsung Galaxy S7 or Google’s Nexus 6P? We take a quick look to help answer that question.

Samsung Galaxy S7,  S7 Edge and LG G5 in 20 seconds

We’ve already gone hands-on with the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and LG G5 in detail, but we thought we’d give some other folks a shot to explain what they think.

MWC 2016 vlogs and interviews

MWC 2016 vlog day 2: press events with friends

ARM interview at MWC 2016: top trends shaping the mobile industry

Darcy talks with ARM’s Ian Fergusson and James Bruce about mobile industry trends and the latest processors built on ARM technology at MWC!

Everything you need to know about Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system that works just about anywhere… but what is it, and how do you use it? Lanh goes hands-on and walks us through everything we need to know about Samsung’s new mobile payment method.

Samsung Galaxy A5 review

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is almost identical to the Galaxy S6, but with mid-range specifications. What sets it apart from the rest, and is it worth your money? Find out everything you need to know in Krystal’s Galaxy A5 review!

Hands-on with LG’s latest mid-rangers

LG Stylus 2 hands-on

LG X Cam and X Screen hands-on

The G5 wasn't the only smartphone LG showed off at MWC. New to the company's mid-range line of smartphones are the LG Stylus 2, X Cam and X Screen. Join us as we go hands-on with these new devices!

  • Daggett Beaver

    Nexus 6P vs. Galaxy S7 is like comparing dog poop to a porterhouse steak.

    • Ricky Boy

      fucking idiot why compare a 2015 phone to a 2016 phone im sure the next nexus will take the win.

      • Major Sceptic

        I wouldn’t like to bet on that mate.

    • sari siyam

      what bases can you suggest that your analogy is true and factual?

    • khalidalomary

      I’ll take the dog poop anyday. Nexus 6p is an amazing phone with no lagwiz. The Nexus 6p is one hell of a phone: great battery, great camera, amazing display, and most importantly vanila (no lag) android

      • johnadams123

        As an owner of a 6P there is, at times, some lag.

        • khalidalomary

          i own one and dont experience any lag so idk what ur doing with it

    • AndroidMan

      Which one are you referring to as the porterhouse?

  • Anat Shay

    A good solution for the missing IR blaster in the Note 5, S7 and iPhones:


    Please please check it out.

    • Joseph Savion