The best task manager for Android apps
Task managers used to be a really big deal. Back in the days of FroYo and Gingerbread there weren’t a lot of ways to deal with applications and if you opened one, it remained open to sap what precious RAM was available on phones back then. Since Ice Cream Sandwich and the inclusion of the stock Android task manager, the task manager apps ecosystem has kinda fallen into the background. That said, there are still a lot of people who prefer using third party task managers so we’ve put together a list of the task manager apps for Android.

best task manager for androidAndroid Task Manager Pro

[Price: $4.70]
First on our list is also one of the most expensive on our list with Android Task Manager Pro. To its credit it does have a lot of features including a real-time process list, application management, backup capabilities including external APK file installation, CPU usage monitoring, and a lot more. It’s a solid option that does things other than task management which is always a plus. If you don’t mind the higher than average price tag, this is a pretty decent app.

android task manager pro best android task manager for android

best task manage for android rechildAdvanced Task Killer – ReChild

[Price: Free]
ReChild really hit a home run with their Advanced Task Killer. It’s garnered over 50 million downloads and was one of the top apps back in the day when task killers were actually necessary. They’ve continued to update the app to this day and it’s still quite useful if you need a task manager. It does the standard task management things and also has extra stuff like an ignore list for apps you never want to kill and various levels of task killing. It’s free and it’s a solid option that’s helped millions of people already.

best task manage for android rechild

best task manager for Android infolifeAdvanced Task Manager – INFOLIFE LLC

[Price: Free]
As is the case with task managers, this app has a very similar name to the last one. It’s called Advanced Task Manager and like the last Advanced Task Manager, this one also manages tasks. The feature set is a little more simplistic but it should be good for people who want something a little lighter. It kills tasks and manages apps like you’d expect. There are also some unique features like killing GPS. It does what you need it to do in a simple manner and it’s also free. Free is always good.

best task manager for Android infolife

es task manager best task manager for androidES Task Manager

[Price: Free]
If you’re a fan of ES File Explorer and you want a task manager, you can get one from the same people. It’s one of the better designed apps on the list and matches the aesthetic of ES File Explorer so people who enjoyed the file manager will probably enjoy the look of the task manager. Unlike many of these, the feature list is ridiculously long and includes all the standard features of a task management app along with pretty much everything in ES File Explorer because it’s integrated into that as well. It’s a solid app, it’s free, and definitely worth looking into.

es task manager best task manager for android

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GO cleaner best task manager for androidGO Cleaner & Task Manager

[Price: Free]
Much like ES File Manager having its own task manager, so too does GO Launcher. With GO Cleaner & Task Manager you can get an app from a trusted developer so you know for sure that it’s competently done. Like the launcher, the task manager is very popular, sporting a reported 40 million downloads to date. It features a slick interface, all the standard features, and a myriad of features that also help clean your phone up. This includes getting rid of folders that uninstalled apps left behind, clearing your cache, deleting browsing data, and others. It’s great for people who want a task manager that also does something else that’s useful and it’s free to boot!

GO cleaner best task manager for android

GO cleaner best task manager for androidSystemPanelLite Task Manager

[Price: Free / $2.99]
SystemPanelLite is one of the better looking apps on this list. It features a colorful design that outputs a lot of information in a small space. Using this you can do all the standard stuff like kill apps and manage tasks but you can also do things like view a variety of system stats. If you get the full version, it comes with more app management features and long-term app resource monitoring to see what is using up the most battery and RAM.

GO cleaner best task manager for android

GO cleaner best task manager for androidTask Manager – Balu

[Price: Free]
As we mentioned earlier, a lot of apps in this category have similar names. With that in mind, here is the second app on the list called Task Manager and this one is done by Balu. Much like the last one, this Task Manager omits the bells and whistles in favor of a streamlined experience. It kills tasks with a few extra features like set a time every day when the app clears out the processes and the cache along with some others. It’s highly rated so people that have tried it have liked it so far. It’s definitely worth a look if you need something simple.

GO cleaner best task manager for android

GO cleaner best task manager for androidWatchdog Task Manager

[Price: $3.49]
Watchdog is the last item on our list and it boasts a unique offering. It doesn’t just kill your tasks all at once which actually goes against how Android works (it is a multitasking OS, after all). Instead what it does is monitor your opened apps and when one goes out of control, it sends you a notification so you can kill just that one app. That means this isn’t a task killer in the traditional sense like the ones above, but rather an app that keeps on eye on things for you and only prompts you to kill apps when they’re taking up too many resources. If you get the paid version, you also get a blacklist feature. The blacklist feature allows you to assign a CPU threshold to consistently misbehaving apps so they stop taking up so much of your CPU when you’re not using it. This is a phenomenal app and does a lot to augment the Android experience rather than kill it.

GO cleaner best task manager for android

Stock Android Task Killer (Recent Apps)

[Price: Free]
Since Android 4.0, Android has had a built in task manager. Also known as Recent Apps, it allows you to view all apps that are open and close the ones you don’t need anymore. This has been proven a safe and effective way to end tasks without using a task killer as it doesn’t cause force closes or other potential issues that task managers can cause. It should also be noted that OEMs like HTC, Samsung, etc have added to this feature in their respective OEM skins with a native task manager –the Samsung Touchwiz task manager is shown below– which makes downloading more apps a little redundant. Of course, third party is still a reasonable way to go if you so choose, but if your phone is rocking anything from 4.0 or higher, you already have one of these task managers built in, albeit a rudimentary one.
GO cleaner best task manager for android

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  • Omg no.

  • Corey Watford

    I cringe inside everytime I see a Task manager, esp in the hands of people who dont understand them to begin with.

  • guy with guts

    Its sad and uninspiring to see popular apps still following ugly gingerbread guidelines.

    • JosephHindy

      I agree. It’s even worse when the apps work really well but the interface is ugly so it’s a major turn off.

  • Desi WN
    • John Garlits

      Clean Master is a good one. I got it mainly for it’s ability to clear junk files, but the ram boosting ability is handy as well every now and then. It also has a mode that let’s you launch games in “boosted” mode, which I think is just a clearing a ram when launching the game. Not sure if it maintains that or just just does a task kill at launch. Killed apps can often just restart soon after. Incidentally, I do that a lot for Iron Man 3, which I assume you must bet a fan of as well? ;)

      • Desi WN

        Yup I’m a fan of clean master I use on all my devices. With the new holo-ish UI makes it look even better and cleaner, furthermore the app is updated quite frequently and their community on G+ is really good they listen to the fans.

  • Albin

    Thanks, I still need one of these. Very smart of ES to integrate it with the file explorer under a single icon, very efficiently coded. The only thing missing is an app2sd notification.

    I was able to uninstall All-in-One Toolbox (which deserves mention), but add a tiny app2sd. (CleanMaster has bloated itself beyond my phone’s storage limits.)

  • Sharath

    I use the widget from Cleanmaster app.

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    I really do not need a task manager. And also, in the picture at the top, HTC Sensation!!!! That’s my baby!

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    So there are people using Task Managers?

  • Dadr

    You better go for Clean master ( , and Beesy for irl task management ( ) (not sure if they have an android version)

  • Fyou CCtimes

    I use task manager in windows all the time, what makes anyone think android is so much more sophisticated in handling memory? Fact is, my HTC Amaze 4G lags not necessarily because there isn’t enough ram available (always around 200MB available) but because I find that some of the apps bundled with the phone and some I’ve installed are taxing the phone in the background at the wrong times and basically making the phone lag/freeze up while I’m conducting work with OTHER applications. I’ve had this problem on desktop computers, I don’t see how it could be any different on the phone. Experience indicates that having a task manager is invaluable.

  • mega

    Free is not always good. Free often means the app dev is selling your data to advertising companys. Or worse. Yes, Edward Snowden is a world heroe

  • Hmida TroisMille

    I think this benchmark doesn’t focus on the real efficiency of these apps.
    For example, there’s a ton of cache processes and services that are displayed in the stock android app manager, but I only see a few of them in ES task manager !
    Is there a task manager as reliable as the stock app, and which allows to kill-all-at-once ?

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    My son put my tablet ( Acer Android ) onto Facebook. How do I get rid of it? Can anyone help me?