Best “Siri-Like” Apps for Android Devices (The Best of Paid and Free)

by: Matthew SabatiniNovember 26, 2011
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If you have not noticed, Apple’s personal assistant Siri, has basically become one of the coolest things to do on a smartphone. So where does that leave all of us Android people? Perhaps a little bit jealous. Although Google’s voice search commands were created first, “You Don’t Have To Be First, You Just Have To Be The Best”. Since we know that you are not switching to an iPhone just for Siri, we have a great list of apps that will “assist” you on your Android device thanks to InfoWorld.

EVA Intern

EVA Intern is a very nice “Siri” alternative for Android users. Some of the main features are shake to activate, expense reports, flashlight, making calls, sending texts, social posting, and much more. The only drawbacks of EVA is that it will run you $8.99 after the trial ends, and it is not completely integrated into the operating system. Otherwise, for $8.99, this is a very good option.



Iris is Siri spelled backwards and was created in just 8 hours. In addition to being completely free from the Android Market, they have been pushing out updates ever since Apple released Siri and now, their application offers:

  • Call someone
  • Text someone
  • Search something (on the web)
  • Lookup for a contact


Iris (alpha)

There you have it, two of the best personal assistants from the Android Market. Although they cannot stand up to Siri being integrated into iOS, EVA and EVAN are very good applications. In addition, you can try them free for 28 days before having to pay $8.99. After the trial ends, even if you don’t feel the need to pay for a personal assistant, Iris is completely free and “makes your phone talk on topics ranging from Einstein to Mozart.”

Do you think voice actions are here to stay, or are they just more of a novelty?

  • Fun for a day…

  • Anonymous

    What about Speaktoit and Skyvi.
    Having said that I still prefer Vlingo. May not talk back at you random stuff but after the initial spark is gone you want it to work and Vlingo does without fail.

    • i like speaktoit, you can create your own avatar and the voices are much better, even better than siri voice. I think speaktoit has some great options of becoming the best.

  • This turns out to him, the latest feature of the iPhone Siri

  • Someone

    Voice actions by pannous?

    I also don’t know why “being integrated into the OS matters for Android. Ghoul has specifically said that they developed Android so that even they do not gave any special treatment. ,i.e any app they make can be duplicated by anyone else.

  • therealjorge

    First of all, there are so many more options for Siri alternatives than just those two. Second, the best and most comprehensive option is Speaktoit Assistant. It ACTUALLY does everything Siri does, and works shockingly well. Eva/Evan rarely ever does the job properly, and Iris is far too basic for its popularity. The fact that Iris IS so popular is probably a sign that it will end up getting the most support, but Speaktoit already does what people are “jealous” of Siri doing.

    • Pokessuck

      Except siri does it better

    • Samantha

      Speaktoit is crap compared to Siri – It can not set locations like home, work, etc. I want to set appt in my calendar and it can not do that. It is really worthless.

      • anonymous

        Yes it can. I have been doing that stuff with for a really long time.

    • Actually, AVX/EVA/EVAN does a TON, especially with the new integration with Tasker, the functions now are virtually limitless! AND, it works by voice even from your purse, with the screen in sleep other app can beat that! COMPLETELY and truly hands-off app.

  • Mte4506

    Jeannie by Pannous… I sat side by side with a friend who has Siri on Iphone… this did everythinbg his did and some things his would not… still a little glichy but then so is siri

  • Y100dollarbills

    I have speaktoit….. and my best friend has SIRI. Here’s the truth! SpeakToIt works, sort of. She’s slow and a little bit mentally challenged. She’s less convenient than Siri, less capable, less comprehending, less accurate, less useful, less polished, less classy, less human.

  • I have used Siri and its seriously good, other app which are listed here are just voice enabled apps in which i dont c anything special, but i have tried out a free app by which is pretty good bcoz it was generating very relevant recommendations unlike these apps listed here which just Google’s everything :/ only Top 3-9 results rae shown of which we can ask opinion from our friends and Talk of the town (Yelp,Amazon,Urban spoon etc)we can share opinion on FB,Twitter, yahoo and i fogot we can also get coupons a productivity app i can compare it with siri its definitely better than these apps listed here.

    • Angadha

      myBantu ( is much better alternative for Siri on android. I love it.

  • I agree with Akshay, becoz i have used many Siri like apps not not 1 single app meets Siri standard on Android, only myBantu ( look spretty good with its ability to give relevant recommendations, Social intelligence aspect makes myBantu recommendations more relevant even than Siri. becoz Siri does not perform great with Shopping !

  • Taylor Jason04

    myBantu does a great a job, when compared to these chat bots…

  • I am a big fan of Android phones, but i was sad that there is no proper
    Siri alternative for Android which made me to do some research on Siri
    like apps on Android and Surprisingly most of the apps which claims them
    selves as Siri alternatives works as Chatbots only one app i.e myBantu
    impressed me, because it had additional features than Siri ( Features
    include Shopping, Dining, Movie, Local search). X- fator of myBantu is
    that its recommendations were fetched based on its Active relevance
    technology which includes Social intelligence and AI making the
    recommendations more relevant and personalized than Siri ! and Best part
    is that its Free lol :)