Best simulation games for Android

August 16, 2012
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    Simulation games are games that replicate various functions or activities one can do in real life. If in one way or another, you can’t perform a certain activity in actuality, simulation games have you covered.

    The Google Play Store hosts numerous simulation games in different categories like flight simulation, life simulation, business simulation, city-building games, war simulation, and a lot more. One perfect example of a simulation game that took the world by storm is EA Games’ The Sims. The game was very popular due to its similarity to what people do in real life.

    Today, we have listed some of the best simulation games you can play on your Android device. These games are also highly addictive. Once you play them, you’ll keep coming back to check if you’ve accomplished the tasks you were given. Check out our list and see if any of these best simulation games for Android interests you.

    The Sims Free Play

    You can now play the most popular life simulation game using your Android device. The Sims Free Play brings you the same gaming experience as Sims 2 and 3. Building houses, families, and relationships are just some of the things you can do in this simulation game.

    If you have played or are still playing any of the PC versions of The Sims, you can still do the same routines and tasks in the mobile version of the game, except that this app requires an Internet connection to let you play. You can create up to 16 customized Sims. Customize your Sim’s look, from its hairstyle to the shoes it is wearing. Pets are also present in this version of The Sims where you can care for your pet and it directs you to places where you can find buried items.

    Designing your home is also made better with this version of the popular simulation game because there are items that are added almost everyday. Knock yourself out with the number items you can purchase and put in your home. You can still grow a garden outside your house and sell your produce for extra simoleons. Accomplishing goals will still add to your lifestyle points which you can spend on awesome items for your home. When you level up, you get to unlock hip items and you can purchase them using your lifestyle points.


    This is one simulation game both guys and girls will probably like. Who wouldn’t when in this game, you get to be a contract killer, hunting down your targets and taking them down with just one accurate and precise shot.

    CONTRACT KILLER is a mission-based simulation game where you are given situations to either take a person down or blow up an establishment or a gas station. You have 20 weapons to choose from — handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and a lot more. You can also use a tranquilizer gun if you need to capture your target alive.

    Once you are given a mission, you have to locate your target, zoom in to position them in your crosshairs, and pull the trigger. If you successfully pull off a head shot, you’ll earn more than doing normal body shots. Aside from cash, you also get to earn XP or experience points to help your character become a better and more lethal contract killer.

    Apart from the great gameplay, this simulation game also boasts equally great-looking graphics. Get CONTRACT KILLER for free from the Google Play Store today and earn lots of cash and experience for taking down those criminals.

    Ice Age Village

    I personally love the Ice Age installments and the characters, Scrat in particular. If you have watched the movies and you are getting really excited for the newest one to be shown, playing the Ice Age Village game will surely do for now.

    Ice Age Village allows you to create a village of animals with the help of Sid, Manny, Diego, Eli, Peaches, and the possums, Crash and Eddie. You start off with placing an animal in your village. You have to look for a companion for that animal to start making babies for them. Every time you create a family, complete with the parents and the offspring, you are rewarded coins and acorns which you can use for purchasing items.

    Ice Age Village has lots of mini-games you can play. One of which is Kung Fu Scrat where you help this furry little rascal do kung fu moves on gnarly piranhas for trying to steal his acorn. Make sure you don’t hit any of the puffer fish, hitting one will take one life from the three lives you are given. Aside from the mini-games, you get to feed and collect coins from the animals in your village, a sure return for all the coins and acorns you’ve spent on building the village.

    Invite your friends to play Ice Age Village and you can visit their villages. Ice Age Village is a really fun simulation game where you can assume the position of a village chief.

    Paradise Island

    After going back to the Ice Age, let us now bask under the sun in this simulation game, Paradise Island. If you’re all for anything that has sun and sand, you might want to consider playing this game.

    Paradise Island lets you be the boss of a sunny little island where you can practically build an empire. Your goal is to turn this island into the most popular and most visited island for tourists. Build establishments that will provide you with profits and expand your area to allow more buildings to be erected.

    A lot of facilities, decorations, and buildings like casinos and bars are available for you to use in the game. You get to know the feeling of running a resort and being a tycoon, as well. Tend to your customers to assure that they get the best from your island. Even when you close your game, your island will still continue to operate.

    What’s more, you get to play this game without annoying ads popping out of nowhere. Pure fun without obtrusive popups is a plus for this game since it is ad-free. Download Paradise Island now and turn a once uninhabited island to the world’s most visited and frequented tourist destination.

    Smurfs’ Village

    Fans of the Smurfs cartoon series will really love this game app. The Smurfs’ Village is a simulation game app where you help the smurfs create a new village after the wicked Gargamel found their original village and scattered them around the forest.

    With Papa Smurf’s guidance, you get to aid the smurfs in building a new village for them to live in. You start with one mushroom house but you’ll eventually build more as you progress in the game. You don’t only build mushroom houses; you can also build bridges, gardens, paths, and a lot more.

    You can also play mini-games like Greedy Smurf’s Baking Game and Papa Smurf’s Potion Mixing Game where you are awarded coins every time you come out victorious. Try to accomplish tasks given out by any of the smurfs and you’ll earn XP or Smurfberries, berries that help speed up the growth of the crops you’ve planted and the construction of buildings in your village.

    Smurfs’ Village doesn’t require an Internet connection for you to be able to play it. You can play the game even when you are offline. Check on your village’s progress even when you are in a remote area.

    Tiny Farm

    Ever dreamed of having your own farm with various types of farm animals? Now you won’t be limited to just dreaming. With Tiny Farm, you’ll master taming and tending to various kinds of animals.

    Tiny Farm is a simulation game app that shows you how it is to take care of farm animals. You don’t just look at the animals graze around your farm. You have to constantly feed them when they are hungry, show them love by grooming them, and breeding them with another animal to produce other animals that will fill up your farm.

    The animals in this game also make sounds. The sheep go “baa,” the cows go “moo,” and the ducks go “quack.’ You are not limited to tending animals only. Plants can also be placed around the garden and will also need much attention from you. To make everything more exciting, go on a mission to to find legendary species of animals with the help of a ranger.

    Collecting various types of common and rare animals will award you handsomely. The rewards you gain can be used to purchase items you can use in your farm.

    With Tiny Farm, you can also connect your friends who also have farms. You can visit each other’s farms or you can go on missions together. Tiny Farm will certainly get you hooked for long periods. Get it today and shower your animals with their much needed TLC.

    Virtual City Playground

    Some of us have hopes and dreams of owning a big multinational corporation or a chain of hotels and restaurants. Although it may take really long for us to achieve those dreams, we should not be discouraged, especially when there’s a game where we can practice our management skills.

    Virtual City Playground is basically your city. You control everything that’s in it, may it be households or industrial buildings. Play mayor-slash-president of your own city. You have the freedom to choose what to build in a particular area, what services and establishments to include in your city, and what public events you think will make the citizens happy.

    You can produce goods and services in this game and deliver them to the shopping malls you have built, too. Setting up a mass-transit system in your city will definitely make your citizens happier and your city more livable. The game gives you over 200 optional quests to accomplish and 95 achievements to earn for tasks you’ve completed. Your most ambitious dreams will seem real with Virtual City Playground. Get it from the Google Play Store for free.


    Gone are the days of watching celebrities live the life of fame and glam. You can experience how it is to be a celebrity with STARDOM: THE A-LIST game app. This simulation game lets you live the life of a celebrity, starting from scratch.

    Make your way up the celebrity A-List by auditioning to soap operas, commercials, films, and even plays. Every task you do requires the use of energy, so be careful what you spend your energy on. You get to date fellow celebrities of the same level or if you get lucky, you can date A-List celebs even if you are still a starting actor.

    Every TV commercial, movie, or play you star in awards you XP and pulls you up the list of the most popular celebs. One thing you’ll love in this game is the customization of your character’s look, from the skin color to the accessories. Once you reach a certain level, you will unlock other cities where you’ll be able to bag more opportunities.

    STARDOM: THE A-LIST is one game you should have on your Android device if you have dreams of being a celebrity but are hindered because of various reasons. Live the life of a celebrity and experience the world of fame and glam.

    Fashion Icon

    The world of fashion is not all glitter and gold. One has to go through a lot before she/he can call herself/himself a certified fashion icon. And, with Fashion Icon, you’ll get to experience how it is to go from being a no one to a well-known fashion guru among other fashion magnates.

    Fashion Icon lets you control a young woman who has thrown herself onto the world of style and fashion. Guide her as she embarks on a journey where she does numerous jobs to make money for purchasing clothes. This simulation game app has stunningly beautiful graphics, especially the details on the clothes. You’ll appreciate this game because of how the clothes’ styles are detailed and polished, making it as stylish as it may be if it were real.

    You get to battle other girls in this game, just to prove to the world that you have more style and swag. When you beat girls in parties or on the streets, you go up a level higher to becoming the most popular, most stylish woman in the game. Aside from battling girls, you also get to date guys from different industries, may it be from the movie, fashion, sports, or media industry. Style up and attempt to attract a guy with soaring-high manliness and if you are successful, you’ll be dating one of the hottest guys in town, adding up to your glam and style.

    My Clinic

    To wrap up our list is a medical simulation game, My Clinic. My Clinic starts off with a small, modest clinic which you will be upgrading through the course of the game. The game’s goal is to be of service to various patients with different rare and comical illnesses.

    You can purchase equipment for your clinic to help you tend to your patients better. Other doctors can be hired especially when you have a lot of patients flocking to your clinic. Medical interns are also available — extra help around the clinic for times when there are too many patients for all the doctors to manage. You can constantly upgrade the equipment and facilities your clinic has, ensuring quality service to your growing number of patients.

    As your small clinic receives well-deserved prestige, the patients’ illnesses will also become more complex. To ensure that these patients are treated and are relieved of their sickness, hiring the best doctors and purchasing the most modern and powerful equipment will surely help you keep it all together.

    My Clinic can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Download this game and let the development and the success of the clinic lie in your hands.

    We just have listed some of the best simulation games you can find on the Google Play Store. There are a lot of simulation games you can play, depending on what you really like. Maybe from the list we’ve just presented, you may be able to download one or two that best fit your preferences. Which of the listed games have you played or planning to download? Any of the games from the list you like so far? Let us know your thoughts through commenting below, or vote in our poll.

    Do these simulation games for Android stimulate you? Which two do you think give the most stimulation for the simulation?

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        Basketball Dynasty Manager 13 is awesome. Wish there was a comparable hockey and baseball game as well.

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