Best scrabble games for Android

June 18, 2012
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Word games are some of the most addictive games you could play with your friends. Not only do they keep your mind sharp but also serve as a great way to expand your vocabulary.

You’ll be digging for words you’ve learned of a long time ago but never had the chance to use until your letter tiles drove you to desperation. Pick up words that your friends have in their own vocabulary to enrich your own.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best Scrabble apps for Android devices so you can keep adding new words to your vocabulary and you can keep the words you’ve already learned from gathering dust. You’ll be surprised at what you can dig up when you’re scrambling for those critical points to get ahead of everyone else.


SCRABBLE Free is the game’s official scrabble app for Android.  There’s no doubt that this app is the best if you want to play Scrabble on your Android with the authentic scrabble look and the original scrabble rules. The best thing about this game is that it’s a cross platform application, letting you play with more friends even if they’re on other platforms.

The app has several handy features, too. It has a built-in dictionary so that you and your friends will never have to argue if a certain word is really a word.

The Teacher Feature  of the app also allows newbies to quickly learn the game so they’ll be ready to play it after a few minutes. Tracking your stats for every game you play is also supported, allowing you to see your improvements in playing.

Additionally, the app lets you chat with your friends while playing the game and you can play up to 50 games at the same time.

Wordsmith Free

Another really addictive scrabble game for Android is Wordsmith Free. This app is also a cross-platform application, letting you play with iPad or iPhone users. The game rules are also similar to the original scrabble game where there are bonus squares and the player with the highest points at the end wins.

If you are a serious player who is really concerned about scoring, this app is perfect for you because it has a score preview indicator, letting you know what score you will get for a certain word you’re planning to throw into the fray.

The game can be played at a relatively slow pace or lightning fast and players can choose to have turn time limits for a really serious game. You can play with your friends, or if you have beaten all your friends, you can choose to play with random players to find a worthy opponent.

Playing multiple games at the same time is supported, letting you play 60 games at once. This game is a must-try if you are a Scrabble fanatic.

DroidWords Free

DroidWords Free is yet another scrabble app that is worth trying if Scrabble is really your thing. The rules of this game are still like the classic Scrabble game, but the app also features unique game modes and customizations.

For instance, the app has a Shake To Shuffle Letters feature, letting you generate possible words, especially handy when you have limited options. The app’s skins are also customizable, allowing you to change them based on your preference. You can also play a custom game where you can customize the modes of the game, as well as use customized dictionaries.

When playing the game, you can choose to play the Single Player Mode or the Multiplayer Modes – Blitz, BS, and Urban Slang. In case you know a friend whom you think would make a good scrabble opponent, you can invite him or her to play the game via the Invite Buddy feature of the app. Playing simultaneous games is also supported by the app, letting you play 25 games at the same time. The app also lets you chat with your opponents while you play.

Wordfeud FREE

If you want to play a more exciting type of scrabble game on your Android then you should try Wordfeud FREE. When you play this game you can choose to play the classic scrabble game or give it a bit of twist by changing where the bonus tiles are placed. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air if you’re starting to get board when the same old board.

You can choose to play the game with friends or with random scrabble players. Chatting with your opponents is also supported by the app; you can can applaud them for an excellent move or throw some sick burns to heat up the competition.

There are also push notifications to inform you every time your opponent has made a move. The app supports several language dictionaries such as English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. Be involved in a scrabble feud with this app.

Words With Friends Free

If you have played the graphic-rich games like Farmville, Frontierville and the like on Facebook, then you’d be glad to know that Zynga, the same developer of those games, also expanded to the Android market and Words With Friends Free is its entry for scrabble games. Just like most games by Zynga, this app has a very attractive and user-friendly interface which is very appealing to the eyes.

The game is played just like classic scrabble and you can play up to 20 games simultaneously. You can choose to play with your friends or find an opponent to match your own skill in playing.

Playing the game is also easy via easy drag-and-drop gestures to place the letter on the board. Chatting with friends and opponents is also supported by the app as well as notifications to tell you when it is already your turn.

WordWise Free

Another alternative scrabble game for Android is WordWise Free. This game game is also played like the classic scrabble but what makes it unique is that the bonus squares on the board are positioned differently. The game can also be played by both Android and iPhone users, allowing you to challenge your friends with non-Android devices. The app gives you the option to play with random players and other scrabble fanatics. If you have eyesight problems, the app allows you to zoom in on a letter via a simple double tap gesture on the board.

This is just a free limited version, however, which allows you to only play 3 games. When you upgrade to the pro version of the app, you can enjoy more features. You can play multiple games at the same time and you can check out the game statistics after every game. 

Angry Words (Apalabrados)

Angry Words (Apalabrados) is a scrabble game that you might also want to give a try. It’s played with the same set of rules as the classic scrabble but the bonus tiles are positioned in a different pattern on the board. The app has an intuitive and smart-looking interface which is very attractive and appealing.

Once you play the game, you can choose to play with random players, play with your friends, Facebook friends or play with your recent opponents one more time. There are also nice animations dedicated to let you know your opponent’s recent move.

The app also has multilanguage support allowing you to play the game in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Catalan.

Unfortunately, this game is not a cross-platform app which means you can not play with your non-Android friends, though it’s still a cool app to try.


Dropwords is another fun word-puzzle game for Android. It’s not quite a scrabble game but it’s more like the combination of scrabble and boggle. To play the game, you have to find as many words as you can before the time expires. The letters that you have used will disappear, so it’s very challenging when you start running out of vowels to form words.

When you play the game, you can choose among the six different game modes namely Normal, Hard, Lightning, Blocker, Relax and Untimed. So whether you are looking for something challenging or something that you can do to kill time, this app is perfect.

Scramble With Friends Free

This next game is played very differently from scrabble and is more like Boggle. Scramble With Friends Free is another game created by Zynga and it’s definitely fun and exciting to play.

All you have to do is to slide your fingers across letters to form a word. You need to form as many words as you can find to beat your opponent. What makes it even more exciting is that there are power ups which you can use to Freeze time, Inspire, and Scramble in order to gain an advantage.

When you play the game, you need to log in with your Facebook account so you can play with your Facebook friends. The app is also available for iOS so you can also play with your friends who are non-Android users.

It’s very easy to play and easier with the app’s home screen widget that will launch the game directly.


WordzUp! is another fun and educational word game if you haven’t gotten enough of word games. Aside from being a game, it’s also very informational and educational. In fact, it’s been named as the next word search engine in the book “Best Android Apps – The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders” by O’Reilly.

To play the game, you need to find as many words as you can among the letters provided. You have the option to rotate the board to find more hidden words and you can also choose how large you’d like the board to be. The bigger it is, the more challenging it becomes.

When the game ends, the app lets you see all the hidden words which you did not find. The app also lets you know the definition of interesting words that you find, adding them to your vocabulary every time you play the game.

Those are just some of the best scrabble and word games that you can find on Android. Some of your favorite apps might not be included on this app list, but you can tell us about them in a comment below.


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