The Best Screen Protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S4

by: Brad WardJuly 19, 2013

Galaxy s4 protectors all

The Samsung Galaxy S4 costs a pretty penny, especially when you purchase it outright. On Amazon, it can be found unlocked for anywhere between $619USD and $700USD. That’s a lot of money to lose if you drop your new device and shatter or badly scratch the display, and that’s why you should always protect your investment. How do you protect it? By using protective cases and durable screen protectors, of course!

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We’ve already covered some best cases for the Galaxy S4, and now we’re going to look at some awesome screen protectors that’ll keep your new device scratch free! In a rush? Jump straight to the video, otherwise, stick with us as we take a closer at the best screen protectors for the Galaxy S4!

galaxy s4 spigen steinhill

First up is the Spigen Steinheil Ultra Crystal screen protector. This comes with an array items to successfully apply the screen protector on your device. In fact, if you mess up the application process or it’s time for a replacement, a second screen protector is bundled in the package.

The first step to installing the screen protector is to thoroughly clean the Galaxy S4’s screen with the included cloth. You don’t want pieces of lint and dust on the inside of your screen protector. There’s also dust removal stickers you can use the ensure that there won’t be any air bubbles or anything of the sort.

Finally, take the screen protector and remove the plastic cover, revealing the adhesive side of the screen protector. Carefully place it on your device, and smooth out any air bubbles that surface; you can usually get most of them out with your finger, but you can also use the included squeegee to gently work them out. After that, your Galaxy S4 is ready to go!

There are four different models — the Ultra Oliophobic, Ultra Crystal, Ultra Fine, and Ultra Optics. The Ultra Crystal is very true to its name, though it does catch the glare of the sun. Regardless, it’s a great screen protector, and it’s optimal for all of your media consumption! You can get the Ultra Crystal model from MobileFun for a mere $14.


The Screenwear screen protector comes with a cloth, squeegee, and a single screen protector. Just like we did with the Spigen, you want to clean up your device with the cloth as much as possible. After that, remove the plastic from the screen protector, revealing the adhesive side, and using the home button. carefully align the protector with your Galaxy S4. As usual, use the squeegee to carefully rid of any air bubble that surface.

Overall, the Screenwear screen protector looks excellent on the Galaxy S4, and it provides a crystal clear viewing experience. It offers some great protection, and it’s pretty thick in the hands, so it shouldn’t be easy to puncture this one.


Next is the Casemate HD screen protector. Much like the others, it comes with a cleaning card, a cleaning cloth, and a single screen protector. As we did with the others, use the cleaning cloth to remove all of the dust, lint, and smudges on your smartphone. Like always, remove the top piece of plastic to reveal the adhesive side. Then, using the home button, align the screen protector with your handset, and carefully apply it. If you have any air bubbles surface, use the cleaning card to remove them.

This is an anti-glare screen protector, so it does protect against the glare you would normally get from the sun when outside. Overall, it looks really great when installed, and it really prevents any sort of glare really well, making media consumption fairly nice when out and about.

You can pick up the Casemate from MobileFun for $15.49.


Next up is our Muvit screen protectors — one is glossy and one has a matte finish. We have our usual installation procedure here, including the cleaning of the screen with the supplied cloth. Now, we’re going to go ahead and install the matte screen protector, and like most in our lineup, just remove the plastic, revealing the adhesive side of the protector.

As usual, carefully align the protector with the home button, and then simply apply it. Use your finger and installation card to remove the uninvited air bubbles. The Muvit matte screen protector looks awesome on the Galaxy S4, and to be honest, it looks nicer than the Casemate HD. It stops the glare nicely, and it doesn’t have a pixelated display when using the Muvit protectors. Overall, it’s a really nice experience.

These are available from MobileFun for $12.99.


Last up is the Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector. I opted to not use the full coverage, as I just wanted to focus on screen protection in this video. Now, this is a wet application screen protector, so unlike the others, you should power off your device before applying it.

As usual, clean off your device with supplied cleaning cloth. Next, you’re going to want to spray the application fluid on your hand just so you don’t get any smudges or finger oils on the InvisibleShield. Peal off the plastic from the InvisibleShield, revealing the adhesive side, and spray the application fluid right on that adhesive side. Never spray it directly on your smartphone.

Finally, line the protector up with the home button, and carefully apply it on the Galaxy S4. Use the squeegee to work out the application fluid towards the sides of the device. You’re going to want to clean up the liquid with the cleaning cloth, as you don’t want it getting on your handset.

In my opinion, out of all the screen protectors, the InvisibleShield offers the most protector. After all, it is a military grade screen protector, and them materials are used to coat helicopter wings. That should be a testament to its durability.

Overall, the InvisibleShield is very nice, though it doesn’t have any anti-glare properties. Regardless, you can pick it up from MobileFun for $18.99, which is a great price for this particular screen protector.

And that’s it folks. While screen protectors aren’t a requirement, they do ensure the protection of your screen. After all, you don’t want any bad scratches on there, and it’d be a tragedy if you dropped your device and your screen shattered. Screen protectors don’t stop complete shattering, but they can prevent a lot of that extra damage, allowing you to continue using your device without harming yourself.

We’d like to give a huge shout out to Mobilefun for providing us with all of these screen protectors. You can find their full list of Galaxy S4 protectors here. Check ’em out!

  • Deo Reyes

    I use the Oliophobic and it’s great for anti glare.

    You guys forgot the tempered glass screen protector! My friend uses that for his S4. It adds a little weight but if you really dont want a single scratch on the display, that may be for you.

  • 84guy

    Fosmon screen protectors, hard to scratch and cheap on ebay, trust me, been using them since my evo 4g lte and have yet to see scratches, love them

  • PuzzledObserver

    May be off topic, for those who are familiar with mate AND glossy, what do you prefer? Thanks in advance for your opinion.

    • icyrock1

      You mean for a computer screen?

      I like Matte better (has better visibility in the light, more accurate colors, etc), but that’s just a personal preference.

  • bob

    Screen protector is installed in the factory, nothing else is necessary.

    • blanco112

      yeah, my understanding is this gorilla glass three is practically unscratchable. Sure, you can drop and crack the phone, but a screen protector can’t stop that from happening. I personally feel I invested a lot in a phone with a great screen to enjoy everything I can out of it.

      • Sand will most definitely scratch the hell out of a Gorilla Glass 3 phone. I look at it the other way, if I spent so much money on a phone why not retain it’s resale value by purchasing a cheap, clear screen protector that is pretty much invisible to avoid micro scratches on the actual glass. That’s just my opinion though!

  • CharlieC

    How about Ghost Armor? That’s what I have on my S4. Every recent phone I’ve had I had Ghost Armor put on it.

    • Victor V.

      is a screen protector even nesssacry?. I had an old atrix 4g sitting around that I attempted to scratch a few days ago. I used a screw driver and couldnt get any scratches. I even stabbed it as hard as i could, and the screen did not even crack. it was easier to damage the plastic on the back and sides than the screen to be honest.

      • I like the looks of my s3 without screen protector.

      • Tamás Juhász

        Metal is softer than glass so it can’t really scratch it. Try it with sand paper.

  • wpw

    Xtreme guard ebay. Used on 3 phones now, wet application. Tough as and half the price of others.


    Im using Tech Armor ultra clear HD screen protector for my Galaxy S4.

  • Ryan

    Personally I have a Mime tempered glass screen protector (with a Spigen Neo Hybrid case), and I couldn’t be happier. I was going to go with a Spigen glass protector, but the customer service of Mime (read some posts over on XDA devs) was amazing. The personalized note, candy (hey who doesn’t like free candy?!), and half off on a new one if I break it sold me instantly. It is a really great protector and looks awesome with the aluminum button.

    To those asking if a protector is even needed I say yes, but not a film one. The only thing I see a wet film protector (I use xtreme guard on my Nexus 7 as its not as resistant to scratches as the S4s screen) protecting you against is if you have some sand in your pocket or if you put a device in your pocket with something unfriendly. IE You carry tools on you while working and get forgetful in the middle of work and put it in a pocket with a tool.

    However a glass protector is going to be your only second line of defense against a face drop. Which as you may have experienced is what generally does a phone in. I was skeptical about dropping $30 on a screen protector for my S4, but the testimonies of it saving ones phone on top of how it feels as great as the screen beneath it while resisting finger prints better is worth it. When I pull my phone out of my pocket it looks as if it is fresh out of the box. I love my Nexus 7, but it looks like smudge city compared to how sexy my S4 looks everyday.

  • maxito

    forget about this if u plan to use the c-pen. Screen films reduce the sensibility enough to make the c pen almost useless.

  • EaglePro Sean

    Just try EaglePro screen protectors. You
    will not be disappointed.

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