13 Best college apps for Android

by: Joe HindyJune 6, 2015

best college apps
There are a lot of app lists that try to tell college students what they need. Unfortunately, almost none of it is based around education. Usually it’s recommending that people join Twitter or download Spotify. Let’s face it, that’s not going to help and these days, kids already know the social media and music streaming stuff they need to know. Here are a list of college apps for Android that might actually help you learn some things.

Andie graph best college appsAndie Graph

[Price: Free]
First up is Andie Graph and this is one seriously underrated calculator app. Using this, your graphing calculator, and these instructions, you can have a completely functional graphing calculator on your phone or tablet to take with you anywhere. That’s one less piece of equipment to carry around and fewer batteries to buy. This is a lifesaver for math students.
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Andie graph best college apps

CamScanner icon best college appsCamScanner

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
CamScanner is more of a productivity tool but it can come in handy for almost any college student. Using this, you can scan various documents (lecture notes, registration forms, study guides, homework) and save them to your device for later use. The tech behind it is solid and it’s very simple to use overall. There is even built-in functionality for sharing and for faxing, in the unlikely event that you need to fax something.
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Evernote best college appsEvernote

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Evernote is pretty much ubiquitous with greatness on Android. It’s a full-featured note taking application that lets you create notes, notebooks (a way to organize notes), and it even has some collaborative features for those group projects. You can embed audio recordings which is great for recording lectures in class and you can also embed photos when needed. It’s powerful, it’s free to use, and it’s compatible with literally any computer so you can easily transfer information easily.
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Google Drive best free Android tablet appsGoogle Drive

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Google Drive is a cloud storage and office suite tool that gives you all kinds of stuff. On top of 15GB of free cloud storage (perfect for uploading and sharing stuff between classmates), there is also built-in support for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on both the web and your smartphone. It features live collaboration so you can work with people on stuff in real time. It’s a must have for students. If you so choose, you can also purchase more storage for very reasonable rates.
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lecturenotes best Android apps for stylus users and S Pen usersLectureNotes

[Price: Free / $3.99]
After including Evernote, OneDrive, and Google Drive, we thought adding LectureNotes would be a bit redundant but the people have spoken and we have listened. LectureNotes is a note taking application built specifically for those who have phones or tablets with a stylus. It packs a lot of features into the mix and is regarded as the best handwriting, note-taking apps available. It’s worth a shot.
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onedrive best college appsMicrosoft OneDrive and Office

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
If Google Drive isn’t your speed, Microsoft has dramatically improved their mobile options over the last couple of years. You can now get Microsoft OneDrive along with Microsoft Office for mobile. It lacks the collaboration features but it’s compatible with Microsoft Office on computers which makes it a great tool to sync everything and keep your formatting. The mobile app for Microsoft Office isn’t as good as the tablet version, but the whole suite works very well and makes a great alternative to Google Drive for Microsoft fans.
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realcalc best college appsRealCalc Plus

[Price: Free / $3.49]
RealCalc is another calculator tool. This one is a scientific calculator and it works well for those who don’t need something as powerful as Andie Graph. It’s cheap, effective, and has all the basic functions and abilities to get you through most math classes. The interface is a little busy and not good looking but once you learn your way around, it’s really quite efficient. There’s a free version to try out and a paid version if you want to go all in.
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realcalc pro best college apps

todoist best college appsTodoist

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Todoist is a to-do list app that helps you stay organized. It features a very simple, day-based interface so you can wake up, check it, and see what you need to do that day. This is great for keeping assignments in order and you can tag tasks so you know exactly what it’s for. There is also a desktop application so you can sync your tasks between platforms. It’s simple, effective, and it works.
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Udemy best college appsUdemy

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Udemy wants to be a university-replacement app but it’s still a valuable resource for college students. It has classes that you can take to freshen up on topics or learn new ones. In college, you may need a little extra help learning some concepts in some areas and Udemy is perfect for that sort of learning. The classes can get a bit expensive but there are plenty of cheaper and free ones to choose from. It’s worth a shot if you need a little supplemental learning.
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Wikipedia best college apps for androidWikipedia

[Price: Free]
Most colleges frown upon Wikipedia thanks to its crowd sourced knowledge base. However, This is an invaluable tool to help students get started on a project. For instance, if you’re researching the Civil War, you can find the basics on Wikipedia and it’ll help give you an idea of where to go from there. The mobile site is actually better than any app available right now so we recommend using a browser to check that out. If you need to look at Android browsers, here are our picks for the best browsers on Android.
wikipedia best android college apps

audio recorder best voice recorders for AndroidVoice recorder apps

[Price: Varies]
Voice recorder apps are very useful for college students. Using them, you can record class lectures and listen to them later for reference. This is great for people who aren’t very good at taking notes quickly and need something to listen to later to refresh them on the topics of that class. There are a variety of voice recorder apps for Android and one may already be on your phone. Click here for a list of our picks for the best voice recorder apps.
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best voice recorders for Android

Wolfram Alpha best college appsWolfram Alpha

[Price: $2.99]
Wolfram Alpha is a very powerful application and it’s capable of answering questions even Google might have problems with sometimes. Using the app you can look up a wide range of academic knowledge, including statistics, math, physics, astronomy, engineering, Earth science, and many other topics. It’ll even help you solve math problems and show you how to work out the answer for yourself. It’s a life saver and $2.99 you won’t regret spending.
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WolframAlpha best college apps

YouTube best college appsYouTube

[Price: Free]
It’s true that we use YouTube predominately for listening to music, watching people do stupid things, and looking up reviews on stuff. However, underneath the entertainment is a wealth of knowledge. There are literally hundreds of thousands of videos that show you how to do various things, how to solve various problems, what things are, how they work, what they do, and all kinds of other knowledge. Just last week, I used a YouTube video to tear down my 4 year old laptop then used another one to help me remove the dashboard from my car. If you need help with it, chances are YouTube has a video on it or something close to help you out.
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Wrap up

If we missed any great college apps for Android, let us know in the comments! Thanks to the huge variety of subjects, any recommendations will be welcome as we probably missed a few. If you want to keep up on the latest Android apps and games news, don’t forget to check out our newsletter!

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  • Josias Kiemtore

    Good one Jo! Nice apps right there

  • Jayfeather787

    I think the cyanogenmod calculator is excellent. Also, glad to see Google Drive on that list.

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Google Drive (desktop) is the best for teamwork assignments. One time my team and I finished a 14+ page assignment in one night. Everybody was cramming notes in it; so fast… it was like playing Halo the homework version.

  • Really nice round up Joe! I miss the College days, but the game of life is proving to be more interesting :)

  • I’m in college and I can’t state how much of a great help Google Drive is. Also a fan of RealCalc though I can’t understand the ludicrous pricing. It is a good app but $3.49 is too much. It’s the price of a half-decent calculator in Nairobi.

  • Riki Sutton

    I may not have completed university without the help of Wolfram Alpha. It is an essential tool for any maths or science student. Well worth the $2.99 you pay for it!

  • Dan

    Google Drive and Evernote?

    I disagree, and would recommend Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Keep instead!

    Formatting screws up when editing a Microsoft Office file (like Word or Excel) in Google Docs… and Google Keep is simply, hassle free compared to Evernote.

    More reasons and recommendations here: http://amigotips.wordpress.com/2014/06/22/proven-apps-for-students-productivity-and-learning/

    • Luka Mlinar

      What’s your argument against Google Drive?

      • elvajbmha

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        • Gee

          Well, you sure swayed me. Forget Google Drive, I’ll use Black White Hub for my cloud storage needs from now on.

          • Nicci

            Great comment! ~~~<3

  • supremekizzle

    Um, you can’t really have a ‘best apps for college’ list and forget about Lecture Notes. That app was quintessential for me last semester…

  • Albin

    Three calculators might be fine for math / sci students, but others might be able to buy, carry and read most of their course texts on a Kindle app in sync with any PC.

    I’d agree with comment below, that students should use the same Office software used by the school: if that’s GDocs that’s fine, but if it’s Microsoft Office don’t frart around with alternatives that will foul up file formats.

  • popcornlover

    You forgot medscape for medical students

  • Discover Knowledge flow education apps…


  • VersedNJ

    Evernote? Nothing more then unremovable bloatware.

  • J_Pod

    No LectureNotes?

  • Purnendu Podder

    Its a good informative article but I feel there were few apps left out which are worth mentioning. Here is the list-
    1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    2. Feedly
    3. Any.do
    4. Unit Converter by Phisphil
    5. LastPass(Premium)- I guess college is the time when students register themselves on various sites and often forget passwords. Thus a strong password manager like LastPass deserves a special mention.

  • Lilith_Black

    Seriously? After criticising how others recommend Twitter, you went on to recommend YouTube. Talk about irony…

  • Ben

    Chrome just got an update fyi

  • Captain Obvious

    Here are a couple that could help:

    EasyBib – bibliography management
    Quizlet – Flashcards and Learning tests

  • James

    Cool to see the picture of Lund university library here on the top of article!

  • risky wahyu nugroho

    This app is very helpful for a college like me.

    informasi android

    • Caden

      It’s always great to get input from established colleges on what apps work best for their students, thank you talking building for your input and communication.

  • mac

    Khan Academy app (there are a few)

  • pheymanss

    Wolfram alpha is by far the best investment I’ve done for my education.

  • Amshu Patel

    Uniq Mobile Finder is a great application for getting your lost or stolen mobile phone. I got my lost phone and I just loved it, it worked like a magic for me for getting back my phone when I lost it. I challenge this is going to be one of the best app in 2015. Must use app, Highly recommended!

  • dmn
  • Miya Thomas

    Nice Blog,Some android apps are
    5. TribeSports

    Best Android

  • Namita Soni

    I want to share college to parent communication app, no doubt college gives how to live life, but parents must aware all things about their college kid activity during college time.

    • LunarD3ATH

      Pick up a phone and call your child. They’re not babies if they’re off to college, you don’t need… whatever the hell that is.