The best cases for the HTC One! (video)

by: ClaytonJune 22, 2013

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So you got a new HTC One? Congrats! It’s a nice piece of hardware, and you certainly wouldn’t want it to get broken. So we’ve put together an awesome lineup of cases for you that are both stylish and protective!

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If you’re in a rush, you can jump straight to the video, otherwise, stick with us as we take a look into some of the best cases for the HTC One!

Speck Candyshell Grip

htc one speck2

First up is the Speck Candyshell Grip. It has raised rubber edges on the front, which provides a nice grip for the front of the screen. Looking at the back, there’s four sections that provide maximum grip in the palm of your hand.

htc one speck

What makes this case even more handy is the raised rubberized buttons over the volume rocker. It makes it easy to control the already hard to press volume buttons. Aside from that, there’s a few nice cut outs for the camera, power, microUSB port, headphone jack, and etc.

All in all, the Speck Candyshell Grip is a very stylish and useful case. It comes in four different colors, and it’s priced at $34.95.

Speck Candyshell


The next case in our lineup is the Speck Candyshell. Unlike the Speck Candyshell Grip, this particular case doesn’t have any rubberized edges for maximum grip. The Speck Candyshell has a very nice glossy finish, and it protects your HTC One very well.

I’ve used the case for about a day and the case has been able to sustain quite a few big scratches on the glossy finish. Suffice to say, it’s a very protective case. Much like the Speck Candyshell Grip, it has raised rubberized volume buttons to control the volume rocker. Furthermore, it has the standard cutouts to access the power button and all the rest of the ports, except for the headphone jack, which is a tad bit of a disappointment.

speck candyshell

When it comes down to it, the Speck Candyshell is a great protective case. It just doesn’t have that nice added grip like the Speck Candyshell Grip has. The Speck Canyshell comes in three different high gloss finishes, and it runs for $34.95.

Casemate Tough Case


The Casemate Tough Case is very strong — it has dual layer protection, meaning it has a hard shell back and a soft, rubberized interior. It’ll keep your HTC One nice and safe from any slips and falls. The hard shell back features a nice texture, and the rubber interior is very malleable.

The Casemate Tough Case is very nice to use because not only is the back hard and protective, but it’s also soft and comfortable in the hand. Like the Speck Candyshell cases, it has the rubberized button for the volume rocker and your standard cutouts.


This particular case runs for $31.95, and comes in any color you want — as long as it’s black.

HTC Hardshell with cover

The HTC Hardshell with cover is probably my favorite case out of the entire lineup, and there’s a good reason for that. It features some really awesome material, has a great color scheme, and comes with a media stand to make media consumption easy. The media stand is made out of a nice red velvet, and it flips downwards to set your HTC One up to view media.


It also features the dual speaker experience of the HTC One with Beats Audio. It features two speaker cutouts at the top and bottom, as well as a cutout for the LED, but there isn’t any protection on the sides, though there is rubberized corners on the case in case of dropping accidents. There isn’t a raised rubberized volume rocker button either.


Aside from that, it provides access to all of the buttons on the HTC One to enhance your media experience. All in all, it’s a great case for media consumption. It’s available for a mere $22.99.

HTC Hardshell

The HTC Hardshell is yet another official HTC product. This is the Hardshell case with smart protection. It’s an awesome case, but it doesn’t facilitate the use of a full body protector, such as my Zagg InvisibleShield. Nonetheless, this is a really good case.


It provides grills at the top bottom so you have access to those gorgeous top and bottom front facing speakers. It also feels great in the hand, however, the volume rocker is flesh with the body, which makes them kind of hard to press down on. It still feels great in the hand, though.


You have your standard cutouts throughout the device — microUSB, mic, camera, etc. It’s made out of a hard shell material, so your HTC One is going to be protected from any falls. When it comes down to it, it’s an all around great case that strives to keep your device as thin as possible, while offering maximum protection. It runs for $22.99.

Trident Aegis

The Triden Aegis is a tough, stylish case. It features dual layer protection — the interior is a soft, silicone material, and the exterior is a poly carbonate material, which makes for a really good hard shell case. Looking around the back, we have that stylish Trident logo.


On the sides and corners is a soft rubber that protects against shock and impact. There’s also a nice rubber bezel around the edge, along with dust protection for the charger and headphone slots. It’s not a hassle to open those slots up for use, but it does secure tightly to prevent dust from getting in.


Like a lot of these cases, there are raised rubber buttons to easily access the volume rocker. All in all, the Trident Aegis is a great case, and it’s available in three colors for $29.99.

Otterbox Commuter

Our second to last case is the Otterbox Commuter, which you’ve probably heard about before. Like a few of these cases, the Commuter for the HTC One features dual layer protection in the form of a soft, rubber interior, and a hard shell exterior.


On the back, you have your hard exterior, and the Otterbox branding at the bottom. All four corners are rubberized to prevent damage when the device falls on hard surfaces. Furthermore, the Commuter has a nice, deep bezel, and the volume keys are very easy to access. Then you have your standard cutouts for the camera, LED, and etc. Similar to the Trident Aegis, there’s dust protection for the charger and headphone jack.


Thanks to the deep bezel, it’ll protect against any screen damage, too. Not to mention that the Commuter comes with a screen protector. When it comes down to it, the Commuter is a good, protective case. It comes in five colors and will cost you $34.95.

Otterbox Defender


I saved the Otterbox Defender for last, because it offers the most protection out of our this entire lineup, hands down. Looking around the back, you have the standard Otterbox branding on the third layer of protection. It has a nice, deep dish around the camera, so if the device falls, the camera will remain intact.

Much like the Commuter series, you have your dust protection on the charger and headphone ports. They open very easily, and shut just as well. There’s also a nice deep dish around the screen, which should minimize any damage from falling on any sort of hard surface.


The volume rocker is easy to control with the hard buttons, and the power button has a very nice cutout, so it’s safe from any damage. Overall, it’s a great case for the HTC One, and the added belt clip makes it worth the $49.95. It also comes in five different colors.


Final thoughts

These are, hands down, some of the best cases for the HTC One. There’s a lot more out there, but this lineup offers some of the most stylish and protective cases out there. Of course, not everyone is going to like every case on this list.

Some cases, such as the Otterbox Defender, may prove to be too bulky for some. On the other hand, the Speck Candyshell may just be too thin for someone. When it comes down to it, there’s a case for all tastes on this list, as long as you have an HTC One.

If there’s a particular case that you like or dislike, feel free to tell everyone about it in the comments below!

  • AndyCappLives

    Kinda makes all the premium feel, aluminum is like gold, noise moot, huh?

    • wpw

      You are 100% correct.
      If HTC (or any other) were to release a phone looking like these images they wouldn’t sell many.

    • nebsif

      But build quality!! Aluminium!!!! extra speaker!!! glued unibody!! huge bezel!!!

      Srsly it looks like a piece of crap in a case, if u went with One instead of GS4, at least be proud of it and keep it naked. :/

      • Guest

        i would agree, phone aside, the cases presented here are absolutely horrendous.

      • simpleas

        i would agree, phone aside, the cases presented here are absolutely horrendous. This is the cleanest case for the still best phone in the world. Note 2

  • Dave Grant

    I have the poetic atmosphere. Really stylish, doesn’t hide all the aluminum, and it’s performed marvelously on 3 bad drops so far.

    • Ignacio Martin


  • fuzzy baize

    $5 dollar one off amazon – sold

  • AndroidShiz

    These are nice. Especially the 1st Speck. I’ve found a few non-name brands (eBay and Amazon), that’ve turned out to be inexpensive gems that surprisingly hold their own even against the well known brands.

  • bob

    It comes with a nice aluminium case straight out of the box

  • John

    With those it looks worse than the galaxy s4.

  • jefreu

    Lol whats the use of having aluminum phone if your going to hide it on a thick rubber case. Admit it guys aluminum fons are scratch dent prone.. tsk tsk

  • Samsung Fanboy

    I have the HTC Hardshell with cover. its a nice case but the lid doesn’t close all the way and there is no lip to protect the screen if its dropped–even with the cover closed.

    I do like how it doesn’t add extra bulk to the phone and it not too ugly.

  • Jessica

    Otterbox commuter all day for my phone. Love it

  • Jack

    HTC ONE Iron Man Edition.

    • Adam Eldin

      Shut up and take my money!

    • No One

      Awesome concept

  • Bryan

    How about the UNiversal Armor Gear?

  • Sam

    I highly recommend UAG cases!!! A tough case with style, not like other cases, it just to sample and HUG!!

    Especially otterbox…

    Go check it out ppl

  • thereasoner

    Incipio Pro Shine. Awesome hard shell case with a soft shock absorbing inner and a metal finish on the outer shell. It offers great protection, fit and finish are flawless and not too bulky as it slides in and out of pocket with ease. I chose this case because a phone this beautiful deserves are great looking case and this one allows me to keep the metal theme/look to this phone. The metal finish looks premium but is a darker shade than the phone it’s self, more of a stainless steel look than the lighter aluminum case of the phone. You can get it with a black or gray inner, chose gray if you want it to blend with the outer shell, black if you like the contrasting look.
    So far this case has stood up well, no scratches or dings on it. It was going for $35 when i bought it, not a bad price for a premium looking case that give both drop and scratch protection. I highly recomend this case, if you get it you won’t regret it!

  • Khmalah Degeddingseze

    The Body Glove Dropsuit case is perfect for the One. Its provides great protection without adding bulk.