September 4, 2009
HTC Hero for Sprint

HTC Hero for Sprint

Not big news here, really, but Best Buy announced today that it, too, will offer Sprint’s HTC Hero for sale come October 11.  The upside of buying from Best Buy, however, is that all of the rebates are instant, so the phone costs you US$179 up front and that’s it.  Sprint offers the same $150 worth of rebates to get to the end $179 price, but $100 of that rebate is in the form of a mail-in rebate.

So buy from Best Buy and you won’t have to deal with the stupid mail-in rebate, you’ll just get the end price up front, like it should be.

Best Buy will also offer free in-store setup help, so that you can get the phone all configured for your email addresses and Bluetooth headsets, and they’ll even help with transferring over your contacts.

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