Best Buy Samsung stores will be available in time for Galaxy S4

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 28, 2013

Best Buy Samsung

Long gone are the days when only Apple would get special sections of stores to demo its products, and a serious clue is the fact that Best Buy Samsung stores will be established by the time the Galaxy S4 makes its way into the retailer’s stocks.

The battle between the two giants isn’t taking place only on the market share field; even retail space is something to be contested between them. Samsung is making a huge step, because Best Buy locations will also have Samsung stores, along with the Apple stores it already has, as has found out.

The move will happen in a first batch of high-traffic Best Buy locations by the time the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available, and the same source says that two aisles in the mobile departments will be cleared to make room for the new, Samsung-branded stores; also, employees who will work there will go through special trainings.

Of course, not only the S4 will be demoed in said store areas – all important Samsung tablets and smartphones will be available there, and, while this only happens for a number of high-traffic stores, the same source says that all Best Buy locations will end up having a Best Buy Samsung store later this year.

What do you think about this idea?