Best Buy HTC One pre-order open; AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile models in stock

by: Chris SmithApril 7, 2013


The HTC One is now available for pre-order form Best Buy as well, with the retailer listing all three U.S. version for the handset, AT&T’s, Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s.

Best Buy only seems to have the Glacial Silver 32GB version of the handset in stock at this time, priced at $199.99 with new contracts for AT&T and Sprint and at $249.99 with new T-Mobile two-year agreements.

While the AT&T and Sprint offers aren’t surprising, considering that the two carriers sell the 32GB HTC One for the same price in their respective online stores when purchased with new two-year contracts, the T-Mobile version is definitely a lot more expensive than you’d expect.

Only a few weeks ago, T-Mobile unveiled its “uncarrier” plans that ditch the mandatory two-year agreement in favor of no-contract offers. At the same time, the carrier wants to keep prices for high-end devices low by letting users pay for the device of their choice in monthly installments. A different kind of “contract” if you will, but one that Best Buy isn’t offering.


The HTC One on T-Mobile should cost $99 without a contract but with a number of installments, but Best Buy’s offer doesn’t reflect that. Instead, buying a T-Mobile HTC One from Best Buy means you’ll have to pay $249.99 upfront and agree to a new two-year contract with the carrier.

At the same time, we’ll point out that Best Buy does list a special HTC One page on its website, from which buyers can choose their HTC One carrier (image above). However, the T-Mobile link isn’t activated at this time, so you’ll have to manually search for the T-Mobile HTC One to pre-order it.


The unlocked HTC One will cost you $699.99 no matter what carrier you choose. As for shipping, Best Buy will release the HTC One on April 19, again, no matter what offer you choose.

  • T-Mobile does not offer two year contracts anymore. If you sign up with T-Mobile now, you sign up for a month to month, no contract unlimited plan with data if you want. Best Buy has the information wrong…

  • Chris Hall

    HTC still fighting to stay alive launching the HTC One part 3. HTC One x One S One V One X + One XV One SV this is getting ridiculous. No longer quietly brilliant.

    • Amine Elouakil

      Can you please the Samsung Galaxy Phones that were released last year? thank you.

  • Jack

    the tmobile link was activated and all of them sold out in the first 50 min from the HTC Website before yesterday. so you have to wait for tmobile website to put it up