8 best new Android apps released in June 2014

by: Joe HindyJune 30, 2014

It’s the end of June and that means it’s time to round up the best Android apps from June 2014. It was a busy month with Google I/O 2014, the World Cup, the Stanley Cup Finals, and a bunch of other events. However, some developers still managed to get some big releases out there into the wild so here they are!

Angry Birds Epic Android appsAngry Birds Epic

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
First up this month is Angry Birds epic. Yes I know it’s an Angry Birds game and many of you are tired of Rovio’s cash cow. However, the game has actually garnered very favorable reviews so far even from people I know who generally dislike Rovio, in app purchases, and Angry Birds. It’s an RPG that’s free to play with in app purchases that do fall into the realm of reasonable. If you’re an RPG fan, why not check it out?
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Boom Beach Android appsBoom Beach

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Boom Beach is a strategy game from Supercell who you may know as the developers of Clash of Clans. Boom Beach utilizes a lot of the same elements of Clash of Clans but features a longer campaign, different battle tactics, and a more modern approach in terms of armaments and troops. It’s also free and it was a hit game on iOS.
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CM Theme Showcase Android appsCyanogenMod Theme Showcase

[Price: Free]
Unfortunately our next item is only for phones that run CyanogenMod 11 which are pretty much you root users out there and those rocking the OnePlus One. It’s CyanogenMod’s Theme Showcase app and what it does is allow you to mix and match various theme elements to create a more personalized experience. It’s really fun to use and once there are more themes made for it, those rocking CM will have some truly awesome choices in terms of UI theming.
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CyanogenMod Theme Showcase Android apps

Email Android appsEmail

[Price: Free]
Next up is the official Google Email app. This was released so that Google can update the app without administering system updates and it’s always a good decision to do that. Unfortunately you have to have a phone running stock Android such as a Nexus device or a Google Play Experience device but other than that it’s free to download whenever you want it.
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Email Android apps

Google Slides Android appsGoogle Slides

[Price: Free]
Google Slides was released right after Google I/O and with that completes the trio that makes up the Google office suite. If you’re an avid user of Google Drive you’ll need to get this to view and edit presentations along with Google Docs and Google Sheets for documents and spreadsheets respectively. It’s free, it looks really good, and if you use Drive you’ll probably need it eventually anyway.
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Google Slides android apps

Life Time Alarm Clock Android appsLife Time Alarm Clock

[Price: Free]
Life Time Alarm Clock is another application that was released and much like Timely, it’s a unique look at the alarm clock. It has a pretty fun design and it looks nice and it also has features like battery life saving, wake challenges to make sure you’re up, and more features you’d expect out of an alarm clock. It’s pretty nice and if you’re tired of your current alarm, give this one a shot. It’s free.
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Terrain Home Android appsTerrain Home: Sidebar & Search

[Price: Free]
Next up is Terrain Home and Samsung actually had a small hand in the making of this launcher. It’s in beta right now for those in the United States only but it has the potential to be a pretty fun launcher. It focuses on contextual content and simplification. It may take a few updates to work out some of the bugs but most people believe it has a lot of potential. It’s also free!
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Yahoo Aviate Launcher iconYahoo Aviate Launcher

[Price: Free]
Last up this month is Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher. It’s been around for a while but it’s officially left beta and you don’t need an invite code anymore to use it. A lot of people like this launcher for its simplicity and the official release also included a few new features for things like contacts, calendar, and alarm. It’s free and it’s pretty nice. Check it out!
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Wrap up

If we missed a glorious application released in June of 2014 and you want to tell us about it, leave us a comment and tell us more!

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    When did Google release a slides app :-O Anyway, good list.

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  • Nathan Sassaman

    I downloaded the Google Email apk in my G2 and all it is really a consolidated version of Gmail.

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