Best Android Apps for Streaming TV & Movies

by: PushkarApril 9, 2011

The one reason that Android is gaining so much popularity around the world is because of the incredible diversity of applications it offers. The Android market is full of apps capable of doing amazing things. TV/Video streaming apps are always hot favorites, for who doesn’t love watching a bit of media on the move? Everyone loves to watch videos and their favorite TV series while on the go. We here at Android Authority have brought you an awesome list of some of the best TV/video streaming apps available at the Android market now! Check it out below.

Giant Bomb Beta


Giant Bomb has an impressive database of gaming news, commentary, reviews and videos. Giant Bomb has become a highly sought after app in the Android Market, firstly because of its huge database and secondly because it is a free app. The app is free and there is no paid version.

Download Giant Bomb Beta here

VLC Stream and Convert


While it may be one of the most difficult apps to set up, it’s well worth it. It’s a great app for every fan of the versatile VLC media player as the app gives the same power to your phone. Even better, it’s free, with a few nags/limits to encourage an upgrade to the paid version. While some will have instant success in creating a connection, others may be fiddling with router ports to great dismay. It is definitely worth the pain, trust us.

It is a free app in the market

Youtube Mobile

It is amazing to see how one app manages videos from the world’s most popular video service. You will get better results by letting your browser handle the links. Your videos will stream in Flash-free WebM/HTML5 format, and you’ll sometimes have your pick of higher-quality streams. Compared to the memory size, battery use, and load time of Flash, it’s a pretty nice alternative. If your YouTube links are automatically loading in the YouTube app, head to your Settings, into Applications, then click the YouTube app and press the “Clear Defaults” button.

It’s also a free app in the market, download it here.

An app developed by CBS Interactive, the app allows you to watch television on your Android phone. You can see episodes of your favorite programs for free. There are plenty of TV channels you can choose from, some of which include CBS, CNET, Showtime, CBS News and many more. An incredible app which allows you to watch your favorite episodes when you don’t have a TV near you.

It’s a free app in the market. Download it here.

TV Show Stream


Finally, you can watch full TV Shows directly on your Android device, including full episodes using a  full-screen video player, with a lot of them being in HD.

The application scours the internet for hundreds of TV-shows episode links capable of being played on your Android phone. The search results are shown in an easy to understand format, and sure, it’s 5 bucks, but it’s well worth it in our opinion. It should be known that there is debate regarding the legality of this particular app, so just so you know, you can’t expect it to work forever.

I think this app is perfect for anyone and can be used just about anywhere. Just remember, this app does require streaming videos over the Internet, and it’s quite data intensive at that – so if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you may want to access some nearby WiFi. Also, keep a charger nearby–this application can, and definitely will, drain your battery.

Download it here

Mother TED


Everybody loves watching inspirational TED videos. Now watch these awesome videos on your Android phone by loading this application. Watch the latest TED videos based on Themes, Talks and Tags.. The best part is, you don’t have to pay anything. Enjoy TED videos without paying anything.

It’s a free app in the market, and you can download it here.

So that’s some of the best streaming apps for Android currently available. Any we missed? Any that you love especially?

  • pgreenhouse

    are there ANY android based apps that will link with so as to watch court tv live as on “true tv” – a satellite station? been searching for days to no avail..thanx in advance

    • Robert

      Yes, you can use Flash TV. It support 300+ stations to stream live and cnn live is one of them I believe.

      • Andrewz

        Can you name the application ?

    • John

      You can try this one:
      Last time I opened it from my phone they had over 30 countries and over 700 channels, most of them are working and CNN is working as well.

  • Josh


  • jv

    does any app support streaming espn and tenspotrts??

  • Nickyvig1186

    Is there any app that allows you to download newer movie that are still in the theater to your adroid device? In the same effect that UnlimitedVideos works on the iPhone from Cydia.. Thanks I appreciate the help.

  • Webbadboy2

    Is there any app for android 2.2 or up which able to add every new TV address without any limit

  • Anonymous

    Always I read here about Unique android apps, all apps are most valuable, must have android apps, Thanks mate

  • Van Dossier

    Crackle has lots of shows and movies…and it’s free.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a an app for eu tv links

  • satish

    Sir i Have lg p350 adroid 2.2, youtube is not play properly plz tell me what i do.

  • JuliusCaesar

    hello many thanks for this article. It’s a shame that the vlc streamiing app doesn’t work on ldpi devices such as the x10 mini and other vlc clients aren’t free.

  • Vishal

    Nice Applications…..

  • Robert


    try new SMS application Better SMS Pro.

    It is so simple and fast, i love it!

  • Anonymous

    the Crackle app streams movies for free. The IMDb app has tons of movie trailers that stream right to your phone. Also there’s Netflix and Hulu Plus if you have a subscription to those services..

  • Cvillaf1

    Best Spanish streming and download app you can find at just go to more apps and then TV

  • Rsha2002k

    i have galaxy note gt n7000 and i tried a lot and lot watching mobile tv as provided by my network in uae but its nt been played it opens media application and takes some time and gives reply as UNABLE TO PLAY VIDEO
    so what myt be the reason and to play this what to do
    even for this am not getting configuration as i get message from my network tht your mobile dont have any settings and when i connected to the customer service to sort this problem they give only one reply if your handset is capable of 3G and REAL PLAYER then you will be able to watch but i cant
    do you have any solution for this please do reply me

  • Mark Richardson

    Checkout this app to watch the latest YouTube videos:

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  • Enybox

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  • T Fernandes

    Is there an app I need for my polaroid Android tablet to watch videos I took via my samsung digital camera?

  • stiri9
  • Little Darryl

    how could you leave jetflicks out of this list?

  • movie girl

    Now I know I can watch tv without waking up the family during night

  • Johnny

    I’m using ArkMC
    I allows to subscribe for YouTube channels and stream HD movies to DLNA TV

  • frustrated

    The Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 is not a phone and seems to have a HUGE gap with being able to stream TV? Flash does’t work on it and videos continuously fail to start. What am I missing with setup?

  • deanta

    does anyone know why i cant sream live sports to my galaxys11 mini ,it work once now it wont thanks