10 best alternatives to FaceTime on Android

by: Joe HindyFebruary 24, 2016

best alternatives to FaceTime on Android
One of the more difficult tasks when moving from iOS to Android is finding a replacement for the ubiquitous FaceTime. What makes it tough is that FaceTime is, admittedly, a solid video chatting application and everyone on iOS uses the service. There are a ton of video chatting apps on Android but only a few of them come close (or even surpass) FaceTime in the video chat space. Here is our list of the best alternatives to FaceTime on Android.

Glide best alternatives for FaceTime for AndroidGlide

[Price: Free]
First on our list is an application called Glide. This one is a bit different from most video apps. This is technically a video messaging service where you record video messages and send them to people. The person you’re messaging can watch you record the message live but this isn’t so much of a live video chatting app as it is a video messaging app with some live chatting features. Either way, it works rather well.

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hangouts best alternatives for FaceTime for AndroidGoogle Hangouts

[Price: Free]
Google Hangouts is likely the recommendation you’ll get when asked about a good alternative to FaceTime. Hangouts is a messaging application that supports messaging, voice calls, and video calls. You can do text chats with up to 100 people and video chat with up to ten people at the same time. It also comes with video filters, stickers, emoji, and plenty of other features under the hood. Your Android device may have this pre-installed so it’s a good first step.

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icq best alternatives for FaceTime for AndroidICQ

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
One of the lesser known alternatives is an application called ICQ. This app gives you free video calls and it works rather well with limited stutters and issues. It supports group chatting, HD video chat, messaging, and calling features similar to Google Hangouts. It’s also cross-platform which is something we always like to see in a messaging application. It has a few issues here and there but it is an all-around good experience.

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Line best alternatives to FaceTime on AndroidLINE

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
LINE is another popular messaging service used by people all around the world. This one features free voice and video calls to your contacts and that feature works about as well as you can expect. It does focus more on the messaging part of things and there you can get stickers and various other features to make your texting experience better. Overall, it’s a good app to try out and it’s also cross-platform!

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Line best alternatives to FaceTime on Android

oovoo best alternatives for FaceTime for AndroidooVoo

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Oovoo is yet another combination service that combines texting, voice calls, and video calls all in one application. It’s intensely popular with almost a million reviews and over 50 million downloads worldwide. This one features free video calls with up to 12 participants and includes built-in functionality to detect changes in connection speeds to help avoid dropped calls. It works exceptionally well and is a real contender to an app like FaceTime.

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oovoo best alternatives for FaceTime for Android

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Skype best alternatives to FaceTime on AndroidSkype

[Price: Free]
Everybody knows about Skype. It’s a heavy hitter in computer video chatting and it’s also on mobile devices. On top of cross-platform support, Skype is renown for its stability, popularity, and its many features. You can also text and voice your Skype contacts entirely free with an option to buy minutes to call actual phone numbers. There are some issues here and there that Skype is working out, but overall it’s a positive experience and you can video chat with up to 10 people.

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tango best alternatives for FaceTime for AndroidTango

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Tango is one of the oldest video chat apps on the Android platform and has had a lot of time to improve and expand over the years. It’s a full-fledged chat application that features text chats, free video calls, and free voice calls. There is even a discover feature if you want to meet new people with similar interests. It’s a powerful video application and was one of the first really good FaceTime alternatives.

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viber best alternatives to FacetimeViber

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Viber is another application that’s been around for a long, long time. It initially started out as a calling application but has since graduated to a messaging client and a place where you can make free video calls. The app boasts over 600 million users worldwide which is among the most of any messaging application or video chat app. There is also a social feature that lets you check the latest happenings in the world. It even has Android Wear support!

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viber viber best alternatives to Facetime

wechat best alternatives for FaceTime for AndroidWeChat

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
WeChat has one of the larger install bases on Android with well over 100 million installs to date. This popular application has the whole package with messaging, video chats, and voice calls. They’re all free of charge as well. Some of the unique features include group chats with up to 500 people, stickers, free video calls anywhere in the world (as long as you have data), and much more. It also works cross-platform so your friends with an iPhone can still video message you.

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zangi best alternatives for FaceTime for AndroidZangi

[Price: Free]
Last and certainly not least on our list is Zangi. This is a newer and lesser known option so it may not have as many users as many of these other options. It boasts the ability to have video calls over low-data networks including 2G and Edge which is a boon for people stuck in areas with weaker signals. It includes some decent security features as well. It’s meant for low-end devices which is great if you don’t have the latest flagship phone.

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  • Paulo Fidalgo
    • Hotbod Handsomeface

      What about it?

      • Paulo Fidalgo

        True privacy: end to end encryption protocol that provides privacy for every message every time.

        It’s also the one used by Edward Snowden!

        • JosephHindy

          It’s also not a video chat application which would make it inappropriate for this list bud, sorry.

  • Badelhas

    Is there some Android App that let´s you connect to some one who has an iPhone and only uses Facetime?

    • Richard Flapper

      Unfortunately no. Such a shame Apple doesn’t release FaceTime for other OS’es or at the very least allows access to its infrastructure from other clients. Would be a very welcome feature if I could get rid of Skype altogether.

      • Sumitro Bhaumik

        It’s like an “XBOX exclusive”

      • Modman

        Why? Get rid of face time and apple.
        You must want to live in a walled garden.Skype has been universal for years and way more useful than face time.

        • Richard Flapper

          Ugh, *that* argument again. I really don’t care about “walled gardens”. I care about a working product. And from experience I know FaceTime is lightyears ahead of Skype in terms of video quality and stability. The only thing lacking in FaceTime is video conference calls.

          • JosephHindy

            Hangouts is fairly easy to use and includes group video chat.

          • mrjayviper

            Video quality isn’t as good as face time though. At least from my experience

          • JosephHindy

            works perfectly fine for many people.

        • Scr-U-gle

          …and continually needs to be reconfigured, only really works if you pay, and has terrible quality.

          Many people buy iPhone and iPads for family because of FaceTime, they are called ‘your boss’.

  • I use Viber and i feel very satisfied with this app.

    • Cynthia Dorsey


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      • Hotbod Handsomeface

        You can make more than that Cynthia, just open your legs to me. Damm bish you fine!

  • Modman

    Face time lacks features that Skype and tango have. I really could care less about it.All it is another video chat app and nothing more. I really have to wonder why android authority is hiring ifans? I can’t stand apple and its overpriced products. This article doesn’t belong here. Why is android authority bothering to mention proprietary apple software? The only reason I even know face time exists is because stupid ifans keep mentioning it. Skype is universal. People use all types of devices in my world and that is why face time lacks features and is useless and irrelevant to me.

    • BP

      FaceTime really is better than all of these options, that’s why “ifans keep mentioning it”. AA should mention it because if we all stuck our head in the sand like you do we’d just be settling. Why not examine the places where apple excels and demand the best from android. But no, you barely know FaceTime exists, so that certainly makes you and authority to proclaim Apple’s products overpriced…

  • Anothermuse

    That article was about as enlightening as googling video chat for android. Facetime is mentioned because it’s native for iPhones obviously and its very good, for Apple users. Hangouts SHOULD be a good competitor but in my experience with a Moto X 2014 and my girlfriends Nexus 5, it’s just weak in mobile. Skype offers a much smoother experience. iPhone users very regularly use Facetime because it’s easy and native, but Android is missing a similar experience basically because people are lazy and everyone you video chat with needs the same program.

    This article could be useful if it had any real feedback, it just doesn’t

    • JosephHindy

      Given that the point of this article is to help people searching for “video chat apps for Android” and “FaceTime alternatives for Android”, I’d say the article is doing exactly what it was intended to do. This isn’t for people in-the-know. It’s for people who have no idea.

      Hangouts, by the way, is essentially native on all Google-approved devices. Likely for the very reason you just described. It’s quite easy to get into a call with someone on it.

  • Eddie Hicks

    ICQ is an old school Windows program that goes back probably 20 years. In those to video chat you needed a PC and separate camera. Brings back a lot of memories.

    • Jason Wilson

      lol I thought I recognized it. Made me feel old.

    • DynamikD

      You just took me back to my college days.

    • mjed mazga

      I haven’t used ICQ in years, but I still remember my UIN.

      • chris harrington

        Haha. Was about to say the same thing

  • Modman

    An it illiterate boss. This country is straight up lazy. That is why apple is still in business.
    Blind. Leading the blind. Even if I have a computer illiterate boss who throws away money on apple. Real network engineers use android.

    • Hotbod Handsomeface

      Preach on, Preacherman!

  • Modman

    My mcsa and 15 years in the it business make me an authority. Go back to your icult! Apple is a fraud and its over priced. Only a moron like you would choice Fischer price apple devices over android ones. I just love it I am an it professional and dipshit ifans are telling me what is better. That’s like telling a doctor you know better than him and candy is good for your health. Total ignorance and disrespect.

    • Hotbod Handsomeface

      I agree, but I’m still going to eat the candy.

  • Modman

    Apple excels in brainwashing suckers like you.
    Just because you are not smart enough to figure out how to use skype properly doesn’t make it a bad product. If you did you wouldn’t be praising face time. User incompetence isn’t Skype or microsofts fault its yours.

    • Hotbod Handsomeface

      True dat.

    • Sherpa

      What you fail to understand is that when you buy an Apple device (iOS or OSX), Facetime is already built-in and it is already tied to your phone number. This allows Apple users to use Facetime without any additional download or effort. Yes, there are other options out there such as Skype, but, then you have to make sure the other person has Skype as well in order to make communication happen. It isn’t that Facetime is any better than other options, it’s just that it’s built-in and takes no effort.

      • JosephHindy

        While you do have a point with the whole “ease of use” thing, you are objectively wrong about the second part.

        Facetime isn’t ubiquitous either and suffers from exactly the same pitfalls as Skype, Hangouts, etc in that both users have to be using Facetime, just like both users to have to be using Skype.

        Therefore, the same amount of effort applies either way, it’s just hidden by Apple by having it built into the OS (the same argument could be made with Hangouts, btw, which is built into Android and is linked to the same Google account you use in the Play Store). The big thing is that Facetime isn’t cross platform, so while Skype does have more effort involved, you can Skype with someone on Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and I think even some Linux distros these days.

        Facetime only works with iPhone.

        Winner = everything except Facetime.

        • Sherpa

          I don’t understand what you mean by “Facetime isn’t ubiquitous either and suffers from exactly the same pitfalls as Skype, Hangouts, etc in that both users have to be using Facetime, just like both users to have to be using Skype.”

          Facetime is activated and tied to your phone number automatically as soon as you activate an iPhone. No extra download is necessary. This then technically means that all iPhone users have Facetime activated (unless they manually choose to deactivate it later).

          • JosephHindy

            Yeah, but not everyone had an iPhone. No other platform aside from iOS supports it. That means you can’t FaceTime with just anybody. It has to be someone else that uses an iOS device. You can’t use FaceTime to video call Hangouts users, or Skype users, or people who use feature phones. FaceTime doesn’t work everywhere with everything which means it’s fundamentally no different than Hangouts or Skype.

            Every Android user has Hangouts, it’s tied to your Google account (which you need to use the Play Store), and everyone with Windows 10 has a Skype account (it’s tied to your Microsoft account).

            There is no difference between the three, except that Hangouts and Skype can be used on practically all devices whereas FaceTime cannot.

          • Sherpa

            You are correct. I was only thinking of iOS users.

      • Markoff

        so you mean it’s same as Hangouts?

  • Hunter Kraemer

    I think facebook is the best option simply bc everyone already has it unlike these options.

    • Hotbod Handsomeface

      Psh, I don’t have Facebook.

      • Hunter Kraemer

        Well let me rephrase that, Facebook has a MUCH larger user base than any other option including FaceTime which makes it better imo.

        • Hotbod Handsomeface

          Upvote for the correction. And for agreement. Everything is better than facetime.

        • JosephHindy

          Does Facebook have video chat? I know they have voice calls and messenger, but if they have video chat, I was unaware of it and you’re right, should be on this list.

  • Modman

    I don’t buy apple devices period. When you buy an android device hangouts is included by default and its better than face time in my opinion. Also even though you have install them every single app mentioned is better than face time. Most are universal unlike facetime which lives in apples walled garden. Apple devices ar e 1. Overpriced 2. Overrated 3.very limited.

    Buy you wouldn’t know that if you haven’t tried android equivalents that are just as good.
    Its been getting my nerves lately the lies spread about android tablets. Don’t believe what year hear in the media try an android tablet for yourself. If you haven’t and insist on iPad you really don’t know the extent you are being ripped off.

    • Sherpa

      Really? My Note 4 didn’t come with Hangout pre-downloaded.

  • Modman

    This is also totally useless if most of my friends are using android. Why the apple loyalty? I would never buy a ford over a Toyota if I knew the Toyota would last longer got better mileage etc. I live in the us but I still consider apple products american garbage. Its a crutch for people who don’t want to learn new technology.
    Hangouts is tied to my gmail address and phone number. Just face it android is better.

  • Modman

    To each his own my friend.
    When I can get a nexus or Samsung phone or tablet for half the price or less with same functionality. I have better things to spend my money on than apple. A months rent a new car.my brother in law found a stinkpad in the street. Luckily it wasn’t locked. He reformatted it resold it. Then bought the old version of note 10 at the time and had like 300 bucks left over. It seems like people who buy apple don’t like to tinker and like the limitations. No point let me buy from ford and be a true patriot, when the imported cars are better. What’s the point?
    Its a free country. I’ll just never understand why?

  • Modman

    No god for bid it would hurt your isheep brain to install it yourself. I can digitally sign pdfs on my note 8. Ipad needs a 99 dollar add on pen just to do the same thing. People like you make tech support reps lives miserable

  • Modman

    Spoken like a true isheep. Everything from apple is premium. metal vs microfiber body.
    Bullcrap Hangouts Skype and Tango are ten times better than facetime.
    Apple is freaking god to you. bow down and worship them. Ive never had any issues with any of these apps on any of my devices.But if my brain was as small as yours maybe I would, so I forgive you. If apple sold you feces for a thousand dollars just admit you would buy it.I dropped a note 8 down 6 flights of stairs. not one scratch but microfiber is cheap.

  • Acaa Aca

    BBM? i know i know it is not popular. =)

    but it seems to work fine.

  • Wardroid

    i did the switch a couple of weeks ago (iPhone5s to Note 5)… decided to try a few facetime alternatives:
    skype – too slow
    facebook – dialing takes foreeeeever
    hangouts – laughed at the pixelated video
    (for some reason, facetime has a higher resolution video with a consistently good framerate)

    if you make nightly facetime sessions you will be dissapointed by these alternatives.
    (note: your experience may vary from mine, i live in a 3rd-world-god-forsaken-1mbps-POS country)

    facetime was one of the reasons i kept my old phone instead of giving it away.

    i should try viber to see if its any better tonight…

    • mrjayviper

      I have an 6s+ and a G3 and facetime is consistently gives much better video quality than hangouts/skype. I’ve used the latter apps on both the 6s+ and G3.

  • Jason Wilson

    WhatsApp will introduce video chatting soon and leave all other programs in the dust.

  • Very Nice article, but you don’t need alternatives to facetime on android. I download this apk from here: http://facetimeforandroidapk.com/

  • Craig Nelson

    I think Hangouts is a great alternative. problem is getting people to use it. All my iPhone friends use facetime to video chatting but mention Hangouts and its some hesitation.

  • Antoine Georges

    How can you forget Facebook messenger? It is one of the most popular messaging app and it is pretty likely both your Android and iOS friends have it

  • deltatux

    What about Wire? Never heard of Zangi but does sound promising. Wire was created by the original guys who made Skype and is very beautiful app and works great.

  • HotelQuebec

    Who cares about facetime. Much prefer free unlimited SMS and calls with Hangouts to and from any mobile or landline.

  • Tom Z

    If apple would just release facetime for Android and Windows, all these issues with video chatting with apple users would be solved.

  • Chris Bendixen


  • Markoff

    avoid WeChat, it’s controlled by Chinese government so don’t be surprised if your messages containing political stuff won’t be delivered and all your communication recorded for Chinese

    there is reason why nobody outside China and few other poor Asian countries use this crap and also only reason why it’s so popular in China it’s because pretty much all competition is blocked from market by government trying to protect their spying horse

  • TheOracle

    Nowhere is it mentioned that Hangouts allows you to receive phone calls and sms on your Google Voice number for free worldwide (no roaming) on both wifi and mobile data. Also all calls and sms to the US and Canada are free along with a free integrated voicemail service. Plus very cheap international calling. Google Voice is my primary mobile number in the US and works like a charm in foreign countries. The video chat is a bonus but Hangouts is far more powerful and practical than Crapple’s FaceTime plus it’s cross platform.