Leaving aside all the Galaxy S3 madness for a while, let’s see what the Canadian owners of Samsung’s ex-flagship, the Galaxy S2, can look forward to these days.

Canadian users have been waiting for quite a while for an upgrade that was initially scheduled for April. Fortunately, Bell has finally started to make its customers happy. The Android 4.0 update should have started hitting your handhelds yesterday, so by now, you might find a very pleasant surprise waiting for you on the S2.

The upgrade is brought to you over-the-air, so you shouldn’t panic if there’s no change on your device’s software at the break of dawn. Instead, you should check for a better network connection, reboot your phone for a couple of times or check out your settings menu for yourselves. If this doesn’t help either, don’t forget that patience is a virtue – give Bell an additional couple of hours to have everything in place!

I don’t want to bore you with all the update’s details and the entire list of new features you will enjoy on your Galaxy S2, but I will tell you this. If you had a good time with your handheld before and though that the browsing, multimedia, and gaming experience were cool and nice, you should get ready for something truly spectacular!

Unfortunately, while Bell customers might already be jumping up and down with excitement as they discover a new tasty software world, Galaxy S2 users on other Canadian carriers don’t have much to be happy for. Telus, Rogers, and SaskTel all have Samsung’s 2011 flagship phone on sale, but neither of the three have managed to update the device to ICS or even announce an exact upgrade date.

Has Bell Canada finally delivered on its promise? Has the Galaxy S2 been refreshed with the latest Android OS version on your phone? Hit us with a comment and let us know!

  • PEI_Matt

    Updated yesterday. Lots of cool new features – especially like the data monitoring. Haven’t found anything mind blowing out of it though…

    • Adam

      Hey, I live in PEI also. How did you get the update? I have tried Kies and it failed repeatedly. I can not seem to get it OTA.

      • Chubbs2994

        I checked via kies and phone and there is nothing 1 day after as well.

        • Tarak1002

          same with me.. did you tried before to install android 4 which is unofficial version..

          • Adam

            I didn’t. Kies shows an available update, but when I try to get it it fails.

  • Tarak1002

    i didnt get update since..

    • Brian_r

      If you go to Bell’s support website, they have instructions on how to upgrade to 4.0. In a nutshell it says to hook up your phone to your computer and KIES will do the work for you. I have a S2 HD LTE and no update yet. :(

  • Forumkevy

    New to SG2.
    How can I get my phone to search for the OTA update?
    As far as I can tell, KIES seems to be an app to allow you to manage stuff on your phone using a computer (browser) – there did not appear to be any option about updating etc.

  • Paigeat

    That better not be a screenshot of the update i will throw this damb thing in the toilet

  • JennaB

    In Ajax ON and still waiting…… tic toc tic toc…

  • JennaB

    Any idea what this means? I just went into Kies to check for the update and it gave me this notice. ‘GT-I9100M’ does not support initializing

  • Junkmaildingdong

    just got the SG2 ICS update from Bell earlier this evening… what a beautiful thing. Got Chrome beta, works beautiful

  • Rwtobiassen

    Got the update via Kies around dinner time Thursday

  • Rhea

    I updated over kies and im loving it….didnt see any over the top features but my phone is much faster and seemingly easier to use…kies crashed the first time i tried to update but it worked the second time….didnt get an OTA… Had to use the old tried and true usb :)

  • Quehouse

    On Nortel Mobility and just updated tonight to ICS.

  • Mike

    Update fails at 33%… Did a factory reset, same thing. :(

    • Mike

      Okay, it worked. Had to put Kaspersky protection OFF. Wow… TY Kaspersky.

      • NoOne

        Whats Kaspersky protection?, mine wont seem to update.

  • James_Alberta

    My battery usage is terrible!!! I have to charge at least 3 times in a day..

  • Jojojethero75

    I’ve been waiting since April for the update, but I still don’t have it. I have the SGH-I777 from AT&T. From what I have read and seen on Drippler. Just about Galaxy S2 owners already tasting the new Ice Cream Sandwich. So my question is when will I get the update, because I can’t wait much longer.

  • Pokerflush29

    Updated my s2 saturday morning with no issues. loving it so far, data tracker is a great feature. keis is a pain for first time users. there are lots of guides on youtube though.

  • Buggx

    Awesome features

  • Gilbertgk

    can someone list the new features.

  • ktaggart

    How do you get the update?

  • Glen
  • Webbsk

    I’m on Virgin (Bell) and I just got it.

  • To

    I don’t see any thing great

  • Jimmy

    June now…….nothing

  • Maurice

    My android is from bell but I don’t have a bell account .I had it unlocked and I use pay as I go from virgin. Can I get the upgrade from another source? It is available in other countries.