Bell and Rogers Samsung Galaxy Note getting Jelly Bean update

by: Bogdan BeleMay 9, 2013

Rogers Samsung Galaxy note

The Samsung Galaxy Note carried by Canadian telcos Rogers and Bells are getting Jelly Bean upgrades as we speak, with the news now officially confirmed.

After the update was made available to Telus users not long ago, it’s time for Bell and Rogers Samsung Galaxy Note customers to get a good taste of that delicious Jelly Bean. The news has been confirmed by Samsung Canada on its Twitter page, with the company saying that the update is available via Samsung Kies

The news is also confirmed on the Rogers forums OS Upgrades section, while Bell’s software updates page for the device lists it as still being on Android 4.0.4 (presumably, it should be updated at some point).

Over the air updates are not yet mentioned, but should probably roll out in the future. At the moment, Samsung Canada is telling users on its Facebook page that the update should be done using the Kies software.

Are you a Canadian Samsung Galaxy Note user? Have you received the update yet?

  • harrold

    that is a long time since the n7000 got it in feb :O

  • Bradley Taylor

    I have a Bell Note and nothing yet but they are so slow with customer service no surprise Think my next phone will be with Telus their customer support seem better from what friends tell me.

    • Andyid

      U using kies or searching using OTA on the phone? I updated it monday the 6th.

  • I updated using Kies yesterday…for those contemplating it, it will empty all apps except the original ones off your screens and it took about an hour to do a back up then download and install the OS so make sure you have time! Your phone is out of commission until it’s done too. Is it worth it? Not yet.

  • Andyid

    I updated mine on monday the day it came out, the 6th. Kies i a pita to use and the normal joe would have a field day using it. But once it was done, its perfect. Love the new features and a lot smoother.

    • Andyid

      Oh and I’m on Bell Canada with the note.

  • Manuel Garces

    The update is junk. Multi Window missing, lag, languages missing from Samsung keyboard…battery drain I don’t know yet….but I heard it is also plaguing others…..whose fault is it Rogers’ or Samsung’ s?

  • Manuel Garces

    ….no air view either. pop up note when s pen is retrieved….very disappointed. ..I have the note II and raved to my wife how good it was going to be for her original note….

  • James Gravelle

    I installed Saturday the 11th of May.
    Its ok.. eats the battery a little, keyboard layout is ok, but no emotions in it?
    like that you can move your static bar apps around. I will probably go back to “zeam” for my launcher.

    Camera is ok..

    Find that the lock screen is a little slow to unlock.. Take off the animations.. its faster.

  • denis

    Got it last weekend. I like it a lot. But got to be carefull how many apps u keep in main memory. Also lost all my boughy apps through Kies. May be better to wait for ota.

  • Martin Rondeau Lagrois

    Dont know if its because im a noob to android but i got a note i717 with bell and its on 4.0.4. When i try to update on kies the device disconect by itself so the update crashes. When i try from the phone itself it says no new update avail… Any help? :)

  • chirag

    How update my galaxy note mobile into android version 4.2