Bell Canada: HTC Incredible S won’t be getting Android 4.0

by: AdrianAugust 29, 2012
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We don’t know exactly what’s going on with HTC lately, but the way they’re communicating with users is absolutely disappointing and unprofessional. We can’t quite single out the OEM for delaying ICS updates on its devices, as there has been trouble all-around, but nobody has done a worse job in keeping its customers “posted” about Android 4.0 upgrade plans than HTC.

Most of you are probably already familiar with the Desire HD’s update shenanigan, a phone that was on ICS update lists a while back only to be left out of the mix in July, without any explanation from HTC (at least not initially). To make matters worse, an unofficial fully working ICS ROM for the 4.3-incher was soon after released, proving once again that many times manufacturers simply don’t want to get updates out.

Now HTC seems to have messed things up even worse with the Incredible S, a phone that has received Ice Cream Sandwich in many parts of the world in July, but that for some reason won’t get the same treatment over in Canada.

At least that’s what Bell is saying on Twitter, because on HTC Canada’s official website there’s still an update information announcement saying that “we’ll be making ICS available for download on […] HTC Desire S”.

Alternatively, you can stop depending on OEMs and carriers so much and upgrade your Incredible S yourselves with one of the unofficial ICS-based custom ROMs available. It’s not the same thing, but it might be better for your mental health than try to keep up with HTC’s contradictory announcements, delays and cancelations.

  • Cristian Gherman

    Bell has no respect for their clients anymore. As a consequences next time my contract will go to other carrier. Too many problems with customer service. Poor service but very costly. This is the second contract with them and I had enough.