Belkin Miracast Video Adapter: a more expensive but potentially worthy Chromecast alternative

by: Chris SmithDecember 31, 2013


The Belkin Miracast Video Adapter is a Chromecast-like dongle that may be both better and worse than Google’s own digital content consumption portable gadget.

The Miracast Video Adapter costs $79.99 and is available from Belkin (see Source link below) and should hit Amazon as well – that’s more than double what the Chromecast costs. But the device that looks just like an USB storage stick has additional powers, you may be interested in, at least for the time being.

The device is able to mirror the screen of your phone’s or tablet, thus allowing users to enjoy games, videos, photos and apps in Full HD on a big-screen TV. While the device gives buyers the option of streaming/mirroring local content from their mobile devices, it’s only compatible with devices that have Miracast support – therefore that run at least Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for some handsets, or Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for others.

The Chromecast is cheaper, on the other hand, and supports additional platforms including iOS, Windows and OS X, making it a better proposition to buyers, especially considering that Google official plans to improve its functionality – hopefully that means allowing it to stream local content – and launch it in more markets, and the unofficial plans to bring that local content support that’s important for mobile device owners.

While the Miracast Video Adapter may be the better solution for some users that want to enjoy certain content on their big screen TVs, it remains to be seen whether it’ll be able to compete against the Chromecast on the long run. Anyone interested in buying one?

  • Guest123

    Still going to say that a Android TV box is a much better way to go — you can do anything with those things, play games, movies, etc. . . and you don’t need an additional device to work them. These “chromecast” type of devices are really only good for streaming media, and at $80 I can find a decent Android box for a little more.

  • Josh Flowers

    I loved my NETGEAR PTVN3000 from best buy ($59) that was a miracast device for my Galaxy S4. Soooo much better than my current Chromecast.
    Seriously. Google. Jump on Miracast support.
    I’d much rather have a miracast dongle for $79 (and support full device mirroring) than a $35 dongle that only does a fraction of the apps I have on my phone for media.
    You have my pledge to buy a $80 Chromecast with miracast support. Make it so.

    • Shark Bait

      I can see developer’s being able to add mirroring support to chrome cast once the APIs are public. Just look what they’ve done already!

    • mobilemann

      my main problem is that google is factioned in terms of support. They have two wireless display standards, not to mention Samsung and HTC have their own.

      But after 4.2 was released we now have what, less than 100 miracast compatible devices? It’s a joke. Google needs to throw 100% of it’s weight behind one of these setups.

      They make Airplay look like magic.

  • wicked4u2c

    This beats Chromecast and Miracast if you want ultimate experience.

    • Android Developer

      Looks cool. I’ve seen similar devices before.
      Wish it didn’t need any mouse to be configured (maybe using BT or NFC to connect to an Android device).
      I also wonder how would you transfer movies to it – would you prefer using a diskonkey, or would you send the file via your device (wifi-direct?) ? or maybe you would somehow use DLNA (how do you even make an Android device be the receiver part of DLNA?) ?

      • Arturo Raygoza

        I bet I would just hook up my hard drive straight to it

        • Android Developer

          Most of the hard drives are internal and do not have a USB port, no?

          • Arturo Raygoza

            in my case I have an external hard drive that can connect with usb

          • Android Developer

            it’s a bit of a hassle to disconnect & connect, but it’s a way like all other ways, and i think it works fine for you.

            for me, it doesn’t work well since i usually show hebrew subtitles.

          • Arturo Raygoza

            I don’t really see it as a hassle but to each their own

          • Android Developer

            Think of it this way – it’s like you need to use your remote to switch channels to watch your favorite show.
            You could just go to the TV and do it yourself, but wouldn’t it be much easier to use the remote instead?

            I myself just use my smartphone to be plugged via HDMI to the TV, but I hope some day this will change (and we already see many new technologies that offer this).

          • Arturo Raygoza

            no its more like turning on a DVD player then sitting back and controlling everything from your phone but not being limited to one show or one movie.

          • Android Developer

            well if you had a device that is constantly connected to the TV, and downloaded things there, that would remove the entire need to connect&disconnect things.

            Sadly, for me it’s still not quite an option, since Hebrew subtitles can usually be found only on websites, and it’s not that comfortable to do it via the TV.
            So what I do is put the video files and the subtitles files into the smarthpone and plug it to the TV via its adapter.
            Most TVs still can’t show subtitles (especially Hebrew ones) correctly, so that’s what I do.

          • Arturo Raygoza

            so I guess what works for you is fine since we have different needs and solutions we deal with different “Hassel’s”.

            have a good new year

          • Android Developer

            You too.
            I really hope some day there would be even easier and more comfortable ways for what I do today.

          • Arturo Raygoza

            considering I have dozens of movies and entire seasons of shows on my hard drive why would I have to get up and change to the next episode of a show when I can do it with my phone? I have a laptop connected with HDMI to my TV and an external drive to back everything up I use remote droid app and don’t really have to do anything physical other than press the power button on my PC and starting the app. I see this as less intrusive than connecting my phone via a wire and having it stuck on that function. with .y setup I free my phone up so I can post comments like this for example while viewing a show

          • Android Developer

            oh, you’ve got the entire seasons. i like to watch the latest episode (or more in case i’ve missed them) each time it’s available…

    • Andy Maude

      now comes in Quad core great device but note no Hulu support for Rockchip chip used in these devices

    • mobilemann

      My HTPC laughs at your puny experience!

      Also, your video’s kept me off android for a solid year, FYI, just because you kept saying stuff that i was doing on other OS’s couldn’t be done with anything but android.

      now i have a note 3, but i figured you should know.

      cool starry bra.

      • jose

        shove a dick in your mouth bra.

        • mobilemann

          I don’t have a mouth bra, if i did, i would totally shove a dick in there.

          /kids are amazingly stupid these days.

    • jose

      you my man have convinced me. thank you

  • mustbepbs

    RealPlayer Cloud allows for local media streaming. I don’t know if I’d pay over twice the Chromecast for device mirroring, though. Doubt I’d use it much.

  • MadCowOnAStick

    If Apple made a Chromecast-like device first, none of these would ever happen lol

    now think how nice Google is

  • Arturo Raygoza

    does this work with 4.4.2?

    • Sox05

      “It’s only compatible with devices that have Miracast support – therefore that run at least Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for some handsets, or Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for others.”

  • Rich

    No offense to google chrome cast, but really? Why won’t they do miracast? Bad business desision ever! I don’t have a home network, so Chromecast is not worth a dime to me. Why on earth would I want to use a home network to display my phone content on my TV? That’s just stupid.. Belkin miracast is way worth the money! It doesn’t need a home network to function.. It just links to your phone and that’s it. I have unlimited data so I use my 4g connection, and it works absolutely wonderful. I also (if I wanted to) can use WiFi as well.. Get with the program google Chromecast..