Beautiful Widgets 5 now available, full Jelly Bean support included

by: Kristofer WoukDecember 4, 2012

If you like to get the most out of your home screens, you may be glad to know that LevelUp Studio has just announced the release of Beautiful Widgets 5.

Beautiful Widgets 5 gives many of its widgets a visual facelift and adds a new forecast app, but the update seems largely focused on adding Jelly Bean support. Rich notification support has been added, as well as new lock screen widgets and support for the Daydreams feature.

Earlier this year, we named Beautiful Widgets as one of the best apps for personalizing your phone, and while this may remain the case, this new update seems divisive, if reviews on the Google Play Store are anything to go by. Users of the new update seems to either love it or absolutely hate it, with very few so-so reviews. Right now, Beautiful Widgets is still sitting pretty at number 3 in the top 5 paid apps in the Play Store, so it seems that LevelUp Studio has little to worry about.

If you have yet to try it, Beautiful Widgets 5 is available for $2.49 in the Google Play Store. Hit the the sources section at the bottom of this article for the download link. If you’re on the fence about shelling out $2.49, it’s worth keeping an eye on the reviews, especially for your specific device.

Have you tried Beautiful Widgets 5 yet? Love it or hate it? Let us and other readers know what you think in the comments below.

  • Well the new interface rocks. Only negativ point I can think of is that I had to redownload the themes, but otherwise, awewsome update

  • Adam Schiraldi

    Some aspects of it are very nice with more weather information and easier control of your settings. I do not like having to redownload themes, and the widget is not nearly as smooth looking on the screen, the edges are too sharp on the several themes I tried. I
    have yet to see any good animations so I cannot comment on those yet.

  • DiamondDaveB

    Not compatible with Sprint Galaxy Note II.

    • PopeJamal

      I have the International GNote2 (on ATT) and it works fine for me so far.

  • AndroidBrian

    Re-download the themes? All the themes I had downloaded were still on my phone (@ Ian & Adam). Its about time this app had a significant update. This is the first app I have that actually utilizes 4.2 lock screen function. Hopefully a lot of other apps follow suit soon.