Beats Powerbeats2 Review

by: Kristofer WoukAugust 5, 2014
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While they’re pretty much a household name at this point, Beats products don’t command the same respect in audiophile circles that they do elsewhere. Whether or not this is deserved is debatable. Do people attack the brand because the products are truly lacking, or just because Beats is the current top dog?

Either way, taking the brand’s popularity into account, it seems kind of strange that the Powerbeats2 are actually the first wireless pair of earbuds that Beats has released. Though the number after the name might imply otherwise, the original Powerbeats were actually a wired set. Keeping that in mind, do the new ’buds on the block deliver?

For the full review, check out the video above or head over to Sound Guys for the written review.

What do you think of the Powerbeats2? Are you planning to pick them up, or going with a different brand?

  • takpro

    Nah, if I want to hear distorted music, I’ll just ride around town with the windows down!

    • Maybe actually watch or read the full review. You might be surprised.

      • Hotbod Handsomeface

        I was, at the price. 200 bones for headphones? Can I fvkk them? Because for 200 bones I better be able to fvkk them.

      • xoj_21

        my audiotechnica cks99 sound better and half the price.. there is a wireless version with amp at 140

      • takpro

        Ok, did as you suggested. Same comment. It’s the same comment because that’s the type of product Beats produces. Beats has a ” Sound Philosophy” that exaggerates the bass in music. Not how I prefer to listen to music. It’s like riding around town with the windows down and “that guy” rolls up beside you with his stereo blasting, but all you can hear is thump, thump, thump…LOUD and Distorted. That is the person these are designed for. The rest is just fashion. Just like the company that bought them. If that’s the way people like to listen to their music, no problem. But, let’s not confuse music with fashionable noise.

  • Kyle Kennedy

    I was sold until the price. $200? Get bent.

    • Woe of [S]unjΔy

      Like he said, most people who buy Beats just care about that shiny red “b”, packaging and looking cool.

      • Lisandro O Oocks

        the white ones should be half off. Trolololol

        • Woe of [S]unjΔy

          Lol, that made me laugh.

  • adamhs

    “…Beats products don’t command the same respect in audiophile circles that they do elsewhere.”

    Because people who care about quality headphones generally disregard and ignore what’s “in style” and “popular.” That’s all that Beats is…it’s all driven by hype. Not to discount them, they sound pretty good – just not $200+ good, you can easily find comparable to better quality headphones for like 1/4 – 1/2 of the price of a pair of Beats headphones.

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    i got my Jaybirds on sale a while back. worth the $32 bucks spent.

  • rubbaluvva

    haha bought a copy of these in Turkey for £8.00 and they sound fantastic , only a sucker would pay this