Bear Grylls advertises the new Kyocera Torque to the extreme (with video)

by: Joe HindyFebruary 24, 2013
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Bear Grylls Celebrity endorsements are all the rage. Whether it’s endorsing their favorite sneaker or arguing over who gets to endorse their favorite smartphone, celebs endorsing products help convince people to buy it. The Kyocera Torque is getting its own celebrity endorsement from survival expert and general tough guy Bear Grylls.

The well known suvivalist Bear Grylls can be seen in a few new videos released by Kyocera braving the elements with the Kyocera Torque. In each video, he puts the smartphone through things that would reduce us to tears if it happened to our phones. Here we were thinking that water boarding your smartphone was a bad idea.

In the first video, Bear Grylls casually tosses the phone, and himself, from the top of a staircase to show off it’s ruggedness. He then proceeds to talk on it in the rain and then taking it for a crawl through the mud. In the second video, Bear Grylls manages to lose his phone in an icy stream in the wilderness somewhere and spends a minute looking for it. In the last ad, he takes it down some water slides at a water park and even goes swimming with it.

Why is Bear Grylls torturing that poor phone?

The phones biggest selling point is its military grade protection. It can be completely submersed in water for up to a half an hour. It can handle big drops, mud, salt fog, extreme temperature and pretty much anything else you can throw at it. It also comes with a dual core processor, 1GB RAM, 5MP shooter, NFC, and Android 4.0.

One of it’s most touted features is the ability to cancel out sounds like heavy rain or rushing water for more clear phone conversations. It’s called Smart Sonic and can be really useful when trying to talk to your loved ones in the middle of a hurricane. It can’t compete with today’s best smartphones in terms of specs. However, when it’s compared to other rugged phones like the Motorola Defy or the Casio Commander, it’s a mammoth improvement in both specs and ruggedness.

As we said, any product can benefit from some celebrity endorsement. So who better to endorse a phone that can take a pounding than a guy capable of giving the phone a pounding like Bear Grylls? There is a disclaimer that the phone may not be able to take the exact beating it took from Bear Grylls, but that it should come close.

Sprint announced that the phone would be available early next month. If you want to check out the ads, they’re below for your viewing pleasure. Does watching it survive the torture make the phone worth buying?

  • MasterMuffin

    That looks actually pretty good, but I’ll go for Xperia Z if I just want a waterproof phone :))

  • Filip Justin

    Meh.. just a phone that you can take in space.. Designed for cyborgs! (note that it says resistant to solar radiation)

  • Shawn

    Couldn’t y’all just name the article, Bear Grylls tests the shit outta the new Kyocera Torque?

    • JosephHindy

      That was a title that was considered lol!

  • MrChrisDruif

    No it’s just a matter of hoping this device will ship to the Netherlands. A phone like this would be perfect for my brother.

  • monkeypox69

    What’s preventing the screen from smashing?

    • kay yon

      When you see the close-up of the phone in his hand at the end of the videos, there’s a really thick lip that surrounds the screen. I assume that the plastic (or whatever material it’s made of) is keeping the screen in tact.

  • Reginald Spence II

    Bleghggghhh, I’d rather drink my own piss than use that Kyocera.

  • rvichar

    That’s a bad ass phone. I’d like to see the s3 take a beat down like that even with an otter box it would still not be water proof let alone Bear proof.