Now that BBM is on Android, Blackberry’s next stop might be your desktop

by: Andrew GrushMarch 28, 2014

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Despite the fact that Blackberry is struggling as both a company and device maker, it’s actually found a fair amount of success with BBM Messenger after bringing it to other mobile platforms including Android. In fact, the platform has managed to attract 20 million new users between iOS and Android.

Now according to an interview from Reuters, Blackberry’s CEO John Chen says that the team is currently taking a “very serious look” at bringing its messaging platform over to the PC. While this might not directly have anything to do with Android, it does mean that you could potentially begin a conversation right from your desktop machine while at work or at home. Once you leave the comfort of your desk, you take the conversation with you on your Android-powered mobile device.

Obviously this isn’t a novel concept, and cross-platform chatting already exists in a large number of messaging apps, but it’s something that users currently can’t do with BBM Messenger. Of course saying that they will bring support and actually doing it are two different things. At least at the moment, Blackberry gives us no timeframe for when they plan to introduce BBM support to the desktop.

What do you think of BBM Messenger, do you actively use it? If so, would you like have the ability to swap between the PC and your Android devices when having BBM conversations? Do you think that Blackberry can find renewed success by becoming a software company or is BBM’s success merely granting the company a stay of execution?

  • HTC_M8_KIng

    I currently use bbm a lot, but it is not my primary messaging app. I have a
    select group of friends and we chat throughout the day in bbm. until they let
    you share files, folders, glympse…etc. in the group, I can’t ever use it exclusively!

  • Flazio

    Sounds good, but how about its always-running and always-online requirement ?
    If I turned off my PC, will I miss any message ? Will BBM start synchronize next time I boot up my PC ?
    Because that’s not the case with BBM android.
    With Hangout, I can turn it on or off periodically to save battery, without fear of missing a message.

  • MC Wong

    Enthusiasm has turned to disappointment. They reacted so slow to users’ expectations. After all the updates BBM still buggy on the nexus 4. in the beginning the persistent disappears over a few weekends and messages not delivered, some posts on Channels FC the app. Flaws included IPhone tone not customizable, RAM usage goes up to 200mb and freeze devices with 512mb. Deliver status not updated, avatars not seen by friends for days/weeks.Blank white screen when 1st launched and needs to be relaunched. All this noted on the nexus 4 and iPhone 5. My initial 13 contacts is left only 3 still using bbm (from Indonesia) who are also using whatsapp and Line/Kakaotalk/Wechat. Actually 4 but 1 passed away. Without any attempt to push, my telegram contacts has grown to 15 since 3 weeks ago. Noticed at least 1 or 2 new contact(s) a week! And growing.