Blackberry might be on its very last leg when it comes to its smartphone endeavors, but there are folks out there that are still very much interested in services like BBM for Android, as evidenced by the many users that fell for the various fake BBM apps that previously hit Google Play.

Unfortunately, the wait for BBM for Android has not only been very long, it also ran into a pretty big snag when the company announced that its September 22nd launch of the app was canceled, supposedly due to issues caused by an early leak of the app.

Thankfully, that’s all about to be water under the bridge: BBM for Android is rolling out today! According to Blackberry’s official blog the app will hit Google Play “within hours”, but the process for actually getting access to the service is a bit convoluted.

BBM for Android will hit Google Play 'within hours', but the process for actually getting access to the service is a bit convoluted.

Basically it works like this: within a few hours you’ll be able to officially download the app. After that you’ll need to open it up and enter your email address to hold a “spot in line”. All that’s left after that is to wait, as Blackberry will email you whenever your ready spot in the line comes up and you will then have full access to the service.

The only exception to this is if you already signed up for BBM service in advance.

So why this odd ‘staged activation’ system? Basically it’s to prevent server overload, which was apparently the reason the leaked version of the app caused so much drama previously. The good news is that Blackberry claims this process won’t take too long, which could mean hours for some or days for others.

It will be interesting to see exactly how well BBM for Android (and iPhone) really does, once the dust settles. Remember, there were also plenty of folks that downloaded Facebook’s less-than-great Home launcher – but how many people ended up actively using it?

What do you think of Blackberry’s BBM, interested in picking it up for Android or couldn’t care less? For more details about the BBM launch, you’ll want to stay tuned to Blackberry’s official blog.

Andrew Grush
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  • brian

    asshole article

    • MasterMuffin

      asshole comment

  • Luka Mlinar

    BB is like a wounded animal that just won’t die. First it was sad but now it’s just annoying.

    • RanRu

      Are you frequently annoyed by wounded animals that cling to life?

      • Luka Mlinar

        When a horse brakes it’s leg, you just got to shoot it in the head.

        • MadCowOnAStick


        • swannanoa72

          That’s a sad mentality you have my friend. I am sure you wouldn’t be doing that in case any of your family had a broken leg too.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Dad had cancer. I wished for him not to struggle in his final days. Wish came true.
            BTW sorry for my bad English.

          • swannanoa72

            Right. But cancer and a broken leg are two different things. Cancer – maybe curable or may not. Wishing for someone to pass away rather than endure the suffering is all right. But an animal with a broken leg which can be cured certainly doesn’t deserve death. Cause a human with a broken leg is not put down either.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Horse with a broken leg is worse then a man with cancer. I see you don’t know much about horses :D

          • swannanoa72

            I need not know about horses to decide whether they should be killed or not. We are no one to decide the fate of other animals. Only those who look at animals with a view to exploiting them or putting them to some üse” can think in this way. Every animal has an equal right to live on this planet.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Read a book for Christ sake!

          • swannanoa72

            Let me decide if I need to. Thanks.

    • BB BB

      If you were a wounded animal would you just want to die? Why do you complain about a free app. Just don’t download it then.

  • nimble_jack2

    users will flock to bbm. pin t in communication, no archive accessible, does not need carrier or WiFi to use, no downside. Just watch.

    • Kizzyle

      I think It will catch on. Also.
      I’m willing to give it a try, The screen share feature seems interesting also.

    • bill

      does not need carrier or wifi to use? how the fuck does it communicate without some sort of data connection!?

      • Mayoo

        BBM makes your device heat so much it makes smoke signals. That’s how.

    • pepper

      Encrypted ? Are you sure ?

      Last time I checked Blackberry was going away from secure & centralized server-based messaging, as in BB10 you’re no longer need BIS subscription.

  • Groud Frank

    Meh, guess it won’t hurt to give it a try. Still don’t think I’ll abandon Whatsapp though.

    • Terry Bennett

      IF BBM for all devices Does take off Frank, you have to consider the security of the messages and the reliability. Yes, BBM went down once. “ONCE” in how many years, and the security is second to none.

      Whatsapps on the other hand???? Well.

  • gommer strike

    Guys it’s OK.

    Along with many other competing messaging clients, BB allows the user to give out their PIN numbers without the awkwardness of giving out their phone number. There are many scenarios where you’d be fine with giving out a PIN, but not a phone number. So yes this is a good thing.

    • Kizzyle

      Not sure why people are so hostile against BBM. It’s weird.

      • nimble_jack2

        its not Apple or Google, so in dweeb’s eyes it ‘must be substandard’.

  • nishantsirohi123

    Just got it, up and running
    I had casually signed up on BB’s India site for the reminder.

    i guess that came in handy.

    I have got it running and surprise surprise, it comes with the multi window support from the Samsung Devices (i have a note2)
    whats with all the hate, just show it some love, the company is going through a tough time.
    i hope they get it running for the WindowsPhone devices as well, apps on that are easy to build than any other

  • Terry Bennett

    BBM for Android works great, and the “sign up” process was painless. Not sure what you guys are talking about in the article.

    • nanana

      i can sign in but no contact i can try on lol

      • TheBrick™

        Yeah, same here :/

  • Tito

    LMAO!!….As the phrase once said…..If you can beat’em, JOIN’EM!!

  • Balraj

    I just want to ppl to review is as soon possible :-)

    • melhiore

      well, so far it is crap.. Lot of people complaining about problems with logging in to the BBM service…

      • Balraj

        I had the same prob you got..
        After reinstalling, it worked but ya
        I did not like the UI…
        Lots of bbm key features missing…

  • kymuel

    Hi good morning i have a question about bbm
    ..i am blackberry and android user
    In my blackberry we pay another 99 pesos for bbm load here in philippines
    If bbm will launch on android , we will pay also for load or it will using net ??? I hope its net …

    • nishantsirohi123

      No I don’t think so. It will simply run using Internet. This doesn’t require dedicated blackberry plan

  • Balraj

    I installed the app, even if internet was on, it said no connection
    Tried some 10 times then reinstalled n it’s working fine
    But I do see lag in the ui..
    I think it’s still not perfect..

    • Grman Rodriguez

      True it’s a bit laggy and the interface could be better
      They gotta hurry up and improve it!

  • Rajkumar

    All of a sudden experiencing server outage in india

  • anexas


    • melhiore

      same here…. BBM needs a lot of work…

      • nishantsirohi123

        Restart your phones. It will be fixed.
        Do you like call the customer care for a loose plug ?

        • melhiore

          well, if this would work would be just great…however it does not… Restarting the phone/BBM service/clearing app data just does not work… Uninstalling worked… No more server issues…

        • TheBrick™

          No needed of that, just go to setting, apps, bbm, force stop bbm, try again then.

  • kymuel

    Blackberry killing me ,,, bbm not available in my lg l3 , alcatel 918n , galaxy y even n my galaxy tab 2 3g ,, then when i check my china tablet (share tablet)
    Its available ..fvcking bbm …
    But in my china tb.. Bbm is too mich laggy ang no connection loool

  • yash

    how can i download it on my sony experia z as i dont have samsung apps

  • Brendon Brown

    Does anyone know when BBM will be available for South Africa? And it will be available on XPERIA Z rite?

  • Hugo Brown

    I’m STILL Waiting for Email too activate, it’s only been 24hrs, I was a Blackberry user for many years and thought look BB is in dire straights atm, let me give them a try with BBM, the process is ridiculous that it can’t handle the volume of activation’s,

    You would have thought after the intial BBM LAUNCH BALLS UP they would have got infrastructure / personnel in place to handle the volume. I’m afraid people will begin to loose interest , as millions are WAITING,to activate. I mean most would be curious about BBM , But why would you continue to wait when you can just carry on using your current msging apps. Thus many will simply forget about and will continue to erode at Blackberry brand…

    I always think ooh maybe this time Blackberry will get it right but NO we are continually disappointment,left feeling why do we bother supporting this company.