BlackBerry Messenger for Android coming first to Samsung Galaxy devices in Africa

by: David GonzalesAugust 6, 2013

Blackberry Messenger
Whether or not you agree that BlackBerry Messenger for Android is something to be excited about, it is now on its way. And the first batch of Android-powered devices that will offer it will come in the form of Samsung’s Galaxy-branded tablets and smartphones across Africa. This is according to a recent online press release which was brought to our attention by

According to Smasung Electronics Africa VP and COO George Ferreira, the decision to start offering BBM for Galaxy device users in Africa came about because of Samsung’s commitment to “collaboration, innovation and driving consumer experience.” So soon, BBM will become part of the Samsung Messenger Hub, giving users yet another option for connecting with others and facilitating primarily text-based messaging.

If you want to know exactly how Samsung plans to let users in on that sweet old BBM goodness, you need only to watch out for the official release of BBM for Android-powered Samsung Galaxy devices through both the official Google Play Store and Samsung’s very own app store. It will be available as a free download for all, and will surely be released for users in other regions (though at a still unconfirmed date) at a later time.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, do you think this software release is worth looking forward to? More details can be gleamed from the official press release below.

Show Press Release

Samsung to offer BBM in Samsung App store for all GALAXY Smartphone devices

5th August, 2013 – Today, Samsung has announced that the upcoming BBM™ app will be available in the Google Play and the Samsung App store soon and available to all Samsung GALAXY smartphone consumers across Africa.

Says George Ferreira, VP and COO of Samsung Electronics Africa: “At Samsung we are all about collaboration, innovation and driving consumer experience based on choice, value and customisation to suit every lifestyle. As such, bringing a top tier messaging service such as BBM is another way that we are expanding the catalogue of our messaging services and offering customers an amazing way to stay instantly connected with colleagues, friends and family.”

BBM will form part of Samsung Messaging Hub as a complementary addition to the current slate of propriety and third party messaging services that Samsung customers enjoy – all aimed at empowering consumers to connect with each other in better ways using text messaging. Offering BBM on GALAXY smartphones in Africa will give Samsung customers access to the BBM social network, including BBM chats, multi-person chats and and BBM Groups, which allows BBM customers to create groups of up to 30 people, as well as the ability to share photos and voice notes.

“It is important to strike a balance between developing high-tech smartphones that carry brands in to the future and creating a sustainable ecosystem that primarily supports the needs of consumers that use these devices. Value added services are considered a prerequisite in the fast-paced, challenging environment that exists today and as a result, we will continue to drive innovation through our smart hub functionalities to ensure our consumers have the choice which they desire,” concludes Ferreira.

“BBM provides one of the best and most robust mobile messaging experiences today. BBM has always set the standard for mobile instant messaging and we are thrilled to bring this experience to Samsung customers across Africa,” said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President BBM at BlackBerry. “BBM is loved by people who rely on fast, trusted messaging, along with the immediacy that our delivered and read statuses bring. Samsung customers will soon join the BBM nation in its love of the “D” and “R” notifications.”

The companies have also agreed to joint marketing efforts to showcase BBM for Android to customers and to mobile users across Africa.

At launch, the app will be available for download from the Samsung and Google Play Stores, at no cost.

  • Mochammad Santaka

    Here in Indonesia a lot of people still use BBM. So, people with Android device might get some bonus on getting those BB centric people on a messenger. But, it is actually more exciting for people who uses Blackberry devices that wants to move to Android. Now they can move to Android but still keep their contacts.

    • Right, you bring up a very good point that often gets overlooked by most people who use Android (i.e. Android fans). It’s true that many of those that are still stuck with BlackBerry have made the choice to stay simply because of the robust BBM system. If it fully branches out to Android and other platforms now, however late it might be, it could well and truly help facilitating the “switch” for many of these hardcore BlackBerry users.

    • Luke Johnstone

      Here in South Africa, we still have a few million sad souls still using crapberry. Hopefully this will convince them that there is now nothing more BBRY can offer you on their platform. Time to upgrade, step into the future.

    • semicurrent

      Right, you bring up a very good point that often gets overlooked by most
      people who use Android (i.e. Android fans). It’s true that many of
      those that are still stuck with BlackBerry have made the choice to stay
      simply because of the robust BBM system. If it fully branches out to
      Android and other platforms now, however late it might be, it could well
      and truly help facilitating the “switch” for many of these hardcore
      BlackBerry users.

  • Tolulope Aina

    yaaaaaaay africa for the 1st time… -_- some how i feel like we r d lab rats .. but mehn imma do it for freeeeee

  • nishantsirohi123

    BBM is a great messenger
    it helps you to share your contact with a code instead of your number or silly usernames

    that is the best thing about it

    and no matter how much people may bash BBM or blackberry

    the truth is that when a fake BBm app appeared on Android Play store, it got more than a million downloads within days

    • Saraxxin

      Nobody is hating on BBM here, only the physical crapberry. BBM is great, but personally not a good enough reason to stay on their devices. Now that it’s coming to droid it’s going to be awesome! Great chat app on best devices.

      • carlosfrancoz

        Sure, It is not enough reason to stay on BB! But It will be the best chat app for Android for sure!

        • Brandon

          Don’t forget how good WhatsApp is, and that is available on more devices, and is very well made.
          So BBM has some stiff competition

  • rizky gunawan

    Is it only for samsung??

    • Brandon

      Samsung Android phones and iPhones’ get BBM first.
      Other Android phones get it on this Friday.

  • Luka Mlinar

    BlackBerry still isn’t dead? O.o

  • George Av

    here in the UK 99% of my friends have blackberry’s, and they all use bbm, blackberry isn’t dead as long as it lives on in bbm for android & ios

  • carlosfrancoz

    Once upon a time I was a BB user, now I’m proud of be an Android user!!! no comparison! But I have to admit it, even Whatsapp is an awesome msg tool, BBM is complete, faster, and more useful. BBM is the ONLY thing I miss from BB… In fact, I was BB user long time just for the BBM. I live in South America and BBM is still very popular, although Whatsapp has gained a lot of space!

  • JoseFrαnklιnAlvαrez

    Samsung Africa first*?? What about Samsung Latin America??? Why someone has to be the first* and not everyone at once?? Whats all this non sense about?? And im a Samsung user but.. why Samsung users??? If its supossed to be Android* I tought they “BBRY” would work together with GOOGLE to launch the app via the Play Store for every android user in the planet at the same time.. no brand discrimination..

  • JoseFrαnklιnAlvαrez

    I want all of my friends to be able to jump in at the same time so we can make BBM the number 1 messaging platform again here in Latin America…. but not everybody has a Samsung phone… the main selling brands here are: “in order of importance” Samsung, LG, Sony and Alcatel… so all these people that are on those brands won’t get it at the same time than me.. that is why I think this Samsung first * thing is stupid!

    • JoseFrαnklιnAlvαrez

      As* me

  • spade

    How much you paid them Sammy?…kidding ;)

    Waiting for global droids release…perhaps? :/

  • Jascigan Jeyakumar

    Does that included the Galaxy Nexus?

    • For anything that has the Samsung Messenger Hub it’s a yes

      • Tiago Soares

        So that’s a “no” for the question.

    • Brandon

      Wait till this Friday, BBM with be available on all Android devices

  • Killer_11

    I have never actually liked my blackberry. Only reason i kept it was for bbm. And now that bbm is coming to android i can finally switch to android :-D # GalaxyS4

  • Arsa Boyken

    It Is Great to Wait… Help Someone to Bring One Phone for BBM. @jambe9

  • TechT2

    We are really waiting for the launch of BBM andrid application…

  • ntomby

    always told my friends samsung is da future …thank u samsung*happy happy*

  • gerry

    hllo semua

  • gerry

    gerry & linda

  • gerry

    gerry 19986

    • gerry

      hay ledizt mnta pin bb’a donk..