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BBM for Android and iOS is finally rolling out (for real this time) and it looks that BlackBerry’s still got it.

The troubled Canadian phone maker proudly announced that five million users downloaded the Android and iOS versions of BlackBerry Messenger in the first eight hours of availability.

The figure only includes users who downloaded the app and activated their BBM account, so the actual number may be higher. That’s a fairly impressive number for a service that has been until now exclusive to a dwindling platform.

Last week, the company reported that six million users enlisted to download BBM. It appears that BlackBerry’s move to set up a waiting list for users to gain access to BBM worked out, as we haven’t heard of service disruptions so far.

For those of you who are new to BBM for Android, BlackBerry prepared some helpful hands-on video to get you up and running. Check them out:

In case you want to try it out, BBM for Android is available on the Play Store here. You will have to sign up with your email to enter the waiting list, so patience is advised.

Is there room for another cross-platform messaging service in your life?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Rajkumar

    My app is crashing all of a sudden. Don’t know whats the problem…..

    • Brad Clarke

      The problem is, ITS BLACKBERRY.

      • Rajkumar

        Its working now and the reason for the quick fix is because Blackberry is in problem and this app is a greatest strength and biggest asset they have

  • Paul Taylor

    Take a look at the reviews on Google Play Store. Endless reviews from Indian people saying wow it’s so smooth thank you BlackBerry thank you so much I love how smooth it is. Over and over. And over. Looks mighty suspicious to me.

    • APai

      why is it suspicious if it works well for a set of people ? they must have signed up early and then it might have been working well for them!

      • Paul Taylor

        It’s suspicious because they’re all saying the same thing. Some are even copied/pasted. Compared to other Android applications there’s nothing particularly “smooth” about it, and the fact that they all say this and all gush mightily their extreme thanks to BlackBerry makes me think it’s part of a campaign. Normally when an app works well for people, every reviewer has their own way of saying so.

        • Balraj

          I’m an Indian but I say it’s not that smooth n it kinda looks ugly on my phone :-P
          There is room for improvisation

          • Paul Taylor

            Yep yep, I didn’t mean to cast any aspersions about Indian people, simply that it looked like someone got all his mates to post comments of praise!

        • glitch256

          It’s unmistakenably some campaign. But you can’t really blame them. If the fallen company has the resources to pull off this kind of thing then they should make use of it.

          That being said, BlackBerry is still very popular in India.

        • APai

          maybe, i havent really gone through many of those reviews. you never know what companies resort to these days!

  • Jaun Lombard

    I can’t activate it…need wifi!! Pfft….I dont have wifi around me all the time!

  • Brendon Brown

    Does anyone know when BBM will be ready for South Africa? Im not sure if my location is the problem or my phone which is an Xperia Z. Thanks :)

    • Michael

      I live in South Africa, a friend of mine got BBM on a Galaxy S3, but I can’t get it on my Motorola Razr, so it might be the phone

    • Sugih Cah

      I thought the release is worldwide? I’m from Indonesia on XZ too. Ben using bbm for 14 hours now. No hiccup.

      • Brendon Brown

        Then I guess it will eventually come, did you get it from the playstore?

        • Sugih Cah

          Sure did. I still have the leaked apk if you’re interested. Hehehe

          • Brendon Brown

            Damn rite ;)

    • Michael

      Sorry, I have no idea how he got it, but it says that its not available in our country

      • Brendon Brown

        That’s a bummer, hope the play store app thats not available is available soon because BBM is rather popular in SA

    • diarm

      on this, i was pretty annoyed to see the “exclusive to samsung for 3 days message”.

      i went to the blackberry site on my htc one’s browser ( not it asked me which country’s site i wanted. (i chose ireland) then used the menu on the right to go to the bbm section and from there followed the link to google play. so long as you download the app directly through the browser and don’t let it direct you to the play store app you should be fine.

      • Brendon Brown

        Thanks man :) but a 3 day exclusive…. Whats the real point in that :|

  • Jinav Satra

    I have installed BBM and the app is working fine. There is only one problem, I cannot see the display pictures of any of my contacts. Any Solutions people?

  • gommer strike

    Registered, installed the app, and I’m facing with just that swirling hourglass. Doesn’t seem like it’s working.

    I’ll give it a week before I revisit it, but so far hmm

    • Izwan_Rosli

      my phone just fine,,,,

      • gommer strike

        Stuck on the swirling screen “Setting up BBM” and it just sits there…

  • hassan nero

    i could not find out why we should use this ? if i already used to use whatsapp and viber ..? there is nothing new here..

    • prashu

      Bbm also thinks the same…
      He dont need u among the million users….

  • Sunny Aggarwal

    Why is this any better than hangouts???

  • lust in translation

    I find that they missed the boat when Microsoft announced Messenger shutdown. They could have used the void left by messenger to push bbm and perhaps develop something compatible to use on PC’s and MAC’s.

  • mattyup

    WHY DO ALL OF THE PLAY STORE REVIEWS SAY THE SAME THING?! “Thanks BlackBerry team. I was waiting this app. It’s very fast user friendly and smooth.”

  • maahi

    we are holding your spot in line what is that i cant start my BBM help me guyzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz

  • Bernd

    “Not available in my country” (Namibia) is just ridiculous. Plus it seems by the Android comments they have scripted/noted downloads running.

  • Pankaj soni

    bad thing is that i have no contact yet so worry ..i have no idea how this smooth bb…

  • Mayank Suchde

    hi ,
    i was using bbm on my android phone ,samsung galaxy note 2 and for some reason i had to delete bbm app
    after i installed it again i signed in with my bbid which was given when open it for first time
    but after screen shows up saying setting up bbm but thats it….
    it doesn’t work and it is stuck there….can u please hep me with what to do??

  • myrtie29

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