BBM for Android will support Gingerbread from February

January 28, 2014
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    blackberry bbm for Android

    BlackBerry Messenger, a popular messaging service in some markets, will soon be updated to support older Android devices.

    The BBM team announced that a release that also supports Gingerbread phones is now in beta, with a target launch for February. More specifically, the updated BBM for Android app will support devices running Android 2.3.3 and higher. Launched in October after repeated delays and false starts, BBM currently only supports Android 4.0 and higher, leaving millions of potential users of older devices high and dry.

    BlackBerry says BBM has accrued tens of millions of new users on Android and iOS. Besides the extended compatibility, new features such as voice calling and channels are coming soon to the app.

    Check out our review of BBM for Android:

    While it may seem that BlackBerry is wasting time and resources developing for Gingerbread, the move makes more sense when you consider that BlackBerry products and services are still very popular in developing markets like Indonesia, where lower-end Android devices are more common.

    At the last count, Gingerbread was holding on to over 20 percent of the total number of active Android devices, translating in millions of potential new users.

    Check out BBM for Android in the Play Store.


    • Chris Martinelli

      Blackberry is programming for the 24% and falling fast 3 year old Android OS? This tells me they still have no clue and need to layoff even more people.

      • Jayfeather787

        Android is not falling fast be quiet.

        • Chris Martinelli

          Gingerbread, the 3 years old Android version is 24% and falling fast among Android is what I meant… For a failing company like RIMM losing 100′s of millions every month, spend time developing for an obsolete platform is questionable. Obliviously Android 4 and higher makes sense, but to spend time and money on gingerbread is laughable.

          • Jayfeather787

            Ohh. I thought you were talking about Android in general. Yeah, I agree that that was a stupid move. Most phones that shipped with ginger bread have 4.0 or higher ROMs anyways, so making it compatible with gingerbread was a waste of time.

          • AA :P

            I think it’s a calculated move. there are a lot of people who cling on to phones for a long time, and they welcome any new app that’s supported. BB is desperate for any increase in usage, they are right to be hungry for any increase in numbers. they goofed up its launch, they want to get it right now perhaps. can’t blame them !

            on a side note, BB is actually a good concept in these days of privacy nightmare apps that automatically upload your contacts to its servers

    • Jayfeather787

      I personally prefer hangouts over this.

      • Kacyt Sadrak

        Yep,, hangouts is better.. but unfortunately not supports low-end devices.. T_T

        • Ben Jowett

          I hate G+ but love Hangouts………

          • Kacyt Sadrak

            Yup, G+ consumed memory like hell in my chinese tablet.. T_T uninstalled it just a month after using it due to low memory device..

    • Ben Jowett

      I have never seen an Indonesian person (and I’m in Indonesia ATM) with an android besides one little girl playing subway surfers on a tablet running ICS.
      They all gave BlackBerry or Nokia/Symbian phones

      • Kacyt Sadrak

        whoooaaa… really? I’m Indonesian. currently using Gingerbread as my primary smartphone. I had a BB a years ago, but stopped using it and sold it out ‘coz BB is sucks in my opinion.. But actually i kinda miss its BBM, and i’m one of those people who desperately wants BBM for Gingerbread. What i wanna say is there are still a bunch of people like me in Indonesia, who just incapable buying new device to meet BBM’s ICS requirement. You know, most of people in Indonesia is dwelling in low-level economy–you may say ‘poor’. teehee.. :-) so, i think BBM for Gingerbread will makes us cheer a little bit.. :-)

        • Ben Jowett

          Yes, I agree BBM for Android 2.3.3 will bring cross OS, but here in Bali, I have seen very little Android… :-)

          • Kacyt Sadrak

            Oh..i see.. :-) you’re ryt, people in Bali prefer BB or Nokia as most of them think those brand still trending.. :-) my relatives in Bali do have Android phones, but they prefer using their BB when living their social life.. +_+ hehe.. Have a nice Bali trip, Ben.. :-)

            • Ben Jowett

              Thanks. :). That’s would explain it for me. :)

    • Luka Mlinar

      I can’t wait for this company to go defunct. Their business plan makes Myspace look like the next big thing.