Bamboo Paper by Wacom lands on Android, prepare to doodle

by: Jonathan FeistJuly 23, 2014

Bamboo Paper by Wacom Sketch

Stepping up their mobile offerings, Wacom has just launched their full Bamboo Paper app for Android, Windows and Android powered Kindle devices. Previously an iPad only app, Bamboo Paper offers the same note taking capabilities as their smaller Bamboo Paper memo Android app, with added tools for journaling, drawing, sketching, writing and more. Bamboo Paper is currently free in the Google Play Store.

You may be familiar with Wacom for their PC connected pen tablets, if so, you’ll understand that their goal is to provide as many of the same drawing, doodling, sketching, annotating, writing and more tools and the overall experience to your mobile device. As such, the app is designed to work with many of the Wacom stylus pens out there. If you don’t know what Wacom is all about, check out their website for more info.

As an introductory promotion, for a limited time, Wacom is providing free downloads of many of their premium writing and drawing tools for the app. They don’t say how long the promotion runs for, so don’t hesitate to get in there, if you’re interested.

Bamboo Paper Samples and Tools

For my couple minutes messing with the basic operation, I managed to attack an imported image from my device with various pens and brushes in various colors. Please forgive my lack of artistic ability. The first thing I noticed was that there are limited colors for use. Maybe there is a full RGB color chooser in there somewhere, but I looked and could not find it. Without the ability to customize colors, I fear that this app would not suffice for many professional users.

In their delay to launch on Android, Wacom enters a market filled with many great drawing, sketching and doodling apps. It’s an oldie, but check out this best drawing apps on Android post we did in 2012. Like I said, Wacom is a little late to the game here, it’s a good thing that Bamboo Paper is a solid app with a good amount of functionality for most users.

Having you been looking for your first, or a new drawing, writing, sketching, note taking, doodling, annotating and more app?

  • Dionskie

    Not available yet in Philippines… I’m waiting that for so long…

  • Joanna

    What devices is it compatible with? Says my s4 isn’t compatible :(

  • wat

    Does pressure sensitivity work with it?

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Not compatible with a Nexus 5? Wtf?

  • Steve

    not compitable with note 3 as well.

  • Chuck

    How the hell they make an app that is not compatible with Nexus 5 AND Galaxy Note 3?! Don’t they know that the Note has a PEN?!

  • It has a slight advantage that it includes paper styles. That’s something lacking in Sketchbook Pro which I’ve been using on Android since this was not available (I’ve had Bamboo Paper on an iPad for some time). That said, yes, late to the game and there are better tools out there (Sketchbook Pro, Handynote and Handrite for instance). Lots of folks complaining it’s not available on their phones. This is a tablet only version. While I’d love to see it on my Note 3, I welcome a tablet only app in the world of Android.

  • kingdazy

    Hilarious that it isn’t available for my Note3.

  • pierson

    I can’t believe my Samsung Note 3 isn’t eligible. Guess they didn’t want their app on the best.