Popular iOS game ‘Badland’ is on its way to Android

by: Andrew GrushAugust 29, 2013


As proud members of the Android camp, most of us have learned to accept that while we get an open platform and absolutely bleeding-edge hardware, we are often late to the gaming party, at least in comparison to those with iDevices. The good news is that most of the good stuff does eventually come over to Android, and it looks like Badland is no exception.

On Wednesday, the two-man team behind Badland announced they would be bringing their popular side-scroller over to Android in the near future.

For those that haven’t heard of Badland, it is one-touch platformer that puts you in control of black blobs, where you goal is to simply keep them moving across the stage. This might sound easy or even boring, but it isn’t. The game is challenging, highly addictive and has even managed to win a few rewards including an Apple Design Award.

To really understand what the game is about, you’re best off checking out the video below:

While there is currently no exact launch date, we’ll be sure to let you know when hear more. What do you think, excited to get your hands on this game or not?

  • mydroidhaswood

    Am I the only one who watched that video with a straight face? Looks good but doesn’t look very exciting.

    • J_Brook

      This is a cool game, very enjoyable.

  • Amici

    Who cares if Android don’t get those games. We have Drastic (full-speed NDS emulator), and PPSSPP (full-speed PSP emulator).

    • bolloy

      a) iOS has ppsspp too and
      b) most games aren’t full speed with ppsspp

    • picassa

      so true.
      this game reminds me of Soul Bubbles on DS.

    • mobilemann

      there are DS emulators for iOS too, (as well as psp)

    • Piyush

      Because of this there may be no modern combat 5 or nova 4 or any other games , does psp emulator have any of this games and that’s the reason ios gets the high quality games first because of some android users pirating games.

      • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

        we have MC 4 and N3 so why do you think we wont get MC5 and N4? not all developers are lazy.

        • Piyush

          i said we might not get those games if we continue pirating , like emulators and calling developers lazy , why don’t you make like this game for android if you are that talented.

          • Android User but no Apple hate

            Just shows how little this guy actually knows about developing an app or a game, and how much work there’s involved in it.

      • APai

        “reason ios gets the high quality games first because of some android users pirating games.”
        that’s not the only reason. the number one reason for developing only for iphone is because they have few variables to deal with. unlike android where they’d have to deal with mali, powervr, adreno, tegra.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    looks good, but does not really seem to be much fun…

  • SeraZR™

    looks decent (:

  • Max

    It is just pure arrogance to come to Android after ios. I boycott games like this

    • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

      I wouldn’t boycott because then they have another excuse not to come to Android. but I for one cannot understand the thought process of some developers.

      Its no more difficult to program or port to Android than it is for iOS. and why, why on earth would you want to ignore a platform that runs on 80% of the world’s smartphones?

      • cromaniac

        the reason is actually pretty obvious, 90% of all apps on android (PAID) are downloaded illegaly from unknown sources, so there is no profit for them…on ios, piracy is used only by advanced users, not the regular ones…hope i made ur mind clear

        • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

          Where do you get this 90% from? And users who pirate are in the tiny minority like with iOS

          • Android User but no Apple hate
          • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

            so you quote 1 guy claiming that 90% of the users of his app are pirates? you’ve got to me joking. dont even bother with a reply.

          • APai

            it’s pretty funny, but some people cannot hear both sides of the story. there defintely is some truth in what you say. of course most of these stories are one sided stories of losses for developers. but that does not tell that entire story. those developers could simply ignore and stay with IOS. meanwhile, there will be others who will step up and embrace android. its too big now for it to slow down for the next half a decade.

          • APai

            these are single game stats. one of the primary reason why iphone piracy is so low is because much of its customers come from usa and japan – low piracy markets. android has had phenomenal growth in developing countries where piracy is high.

            another mistake that the developers make is following the logic of MPAA/ RIAA whipping out a calculator and predicting their imaginary losses. just because people pirate does not mean they have lost money on it. people pirate hundreds of games * because * its readily available. much of it may never be played . people have only so much time – most games are time consuming.

            thirdly, the reason why paid games are disappearing even in IOS platform is that apps are priced pretty low, and once a user buys it, thats the end of sale. whereas, IAP or money through ads is an ongoing revenue source.

            thats the reason, IAP or ad based model is being rapidly embraced by the developers, since the platforms are finally figuring out how to monetize on ads.

    • kascollet

      Arrogance from developers ????
      Keep on boycotting man. Very mature reasoning.

  • Dusan

    Well obviously, now that Android is larger they are missing out on a huge market. But then again, I care nothing for these games.

  • Telco Biru User

    lets support it by pirating it!android style!

  • smokebomb

    That looks insanely boring. I’m not shocked they got an Apple design award…

  • Md.Hasan Reza

    i like it…

  • thePsyhowhite

    Just for time killing