Babel speculation fueled by Google Voice update

April 17, 2013


    Google Voice received a major update yesterday after more than a year, and it brings interesting tidings.

    The¬†changelog¬†was a sparse affair, only citing an “Improved reliability of SMS delivery.” However, a teardown of the Google Voice APK by the folks over at¬†AndroidPolice¬†have revealed some interesting internal code changes and additions to the app. Without going into the actual code, the biggest find was that Voice now allows other apps to pull all its configuration settings.

    What does this mean? Well, at least preliminarily, some other app (presumably from Google) is going to use¬†all of settings of Voice for its own purposes. This new app may¬†conceivably¬†even be used to replace Voice completely at some point in the future. In fact, considering the deluge of¬†rumours¬†about “Babel” — or whatever Google decides to name their unified messaging platform — there is a good chance that these changes might have been made for that very service.

    Babel has been¬†rumoured¬†to replace and unify almost all of Google’s messaging services. If it can replace Google Talk and the G+ Messaging app, it is quite plausible that they could choose to eliminate Google Voice completely as well, and port its features over to this service. In any case, we do not have too long to wait now; IO is only 1 month away, and¬†rumours¬†have indicated that Babel could come baked into Key Lime Pie. Hopefully, all shall be revealed at I/O 13.


    • Catalin Nichita

      I believe such improvement needs improved hardware for processing. It’s difficult to add these capabilities to a device with a single core processor.

      • vampyren

        Who uses single CPU now days. If you do than its time for an update :)

    • G-MaN

      The settings exposure is probably for the Google Settings app that appeared recently.

      • Grant Steinbronn

        Google Settings has actually been there for a while

    • porter86

      Can’t wait for this :)

    • David Carr

      Pity because no one outside of the US can get an Google number to use Google Voice as it stands at the moment & I live in Australia so how will this go with Babel when it goes live?

    • Gianflavio Gordillo

      im so excited for this lol. (more than i should)

    • tBs_Battousai

      Yet another US only release I’ll bet….