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According to a report quoting multiple sources, Google’s unified messaging service will be dubbed Babble. Combining the functionality of Google’s many communication apps, Babble might debut at Google I/O.

Google’s messaging problem is well documented. From Google Talk, to Google Messenger, to Google Voice, with some detours in between, the Mountain View company has an extensive stable of communication apps, some of which overlap and fail to work with each other. The result is a confusing, often frustrating user experience.

For a company whose stated goal is to organize the world’s information and make it easily accessible, Google has been doing a surprisingly bad job at helping people convey information in an easy and coherent way. But that could change in the coming months.

According to Russell Holly from, Google’s upcoming unified messaging app is called Babble, and is likely to be unveiled at Google I/O in mid-May. Details are scarce, but Holly claims the report comes from multiple sources that he doesn’t specify.

According to the report, the service will behave consistently across multiple platforms (mobile, PC, ChromeOS, web, Google Plus) allowing users to continue their conversations regardless of the medium. Moreover, Babble will let users start a Hangout with any contact directly from the user list and send photos from the chat window like it’s currently possible on Google Plus Messenger.

The unification of Google’s communication services was long overdue if Larry Page’s company wants to offer a service that is comparable to apps available on rival platforms, such as iMessage or BBM. And now we have another reason to look forward to Google I/O.

Are you excited about Babble?

Bogdan Petrovan
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  • Haha, guess you Bogdan do the most work on AA these days, always have something to write and report of, dont you? ;D Keep on the good work!

  • Kwadwo Firempong-Boakye

    well the name sucks

    • DeAno Jackson

      I couldn’t care less what they call this thing; it if does what the rumors suggest that it will, I’m sold.

    • Henry Léon

      Sounds good, just like… Michael Babble’s sound.. LOL # Hope BABBLE can be a real comparable messenger with BBM and iMessage ASAP

  • Sal

    Well i always thought that Google Android should have a unified instant messaging system across other Android devices just as Apple has with iMessage and Blackberys BBM. I like the idea but the name sucks. Hopefully they will change it to something more unique and memorable

    • Dave Weinstein

      I agree that the key is to work like iMessage… at least with respect to finding an alternate guaranteed delivery method before falling back to SMS (and per message charges).

      As to the name: Doesn’t anybody remember history? “Babble” is a perfect name for a messaging app that can “translate” between multiple messaging protocols transparently!

      • Sal

        oooh lol I see the whole picture and why they name it Babble. Ok well the name itself is not bad though.

  • kurt hinds

    It’s a step in the right direction! Android is ever evolving!

  • magnifico17

    that’s good news if only it’s has failed multiple times at every effort to make their useers converge on place.

  • Roberto Tomás

    hopefully babble is just a codename, and the final will be something like Google Connect (or some other mundane, acceptable name).

    • Dave Weinstein

      haha. yes. maybe Google Bland, or Google Dull. I think Babble is a great name! I hope they stick with it.

  • Andrew Mezzi

    Finally. I’ve been waiting for Google to merge Talk and Google+ Messenger. Hopefully it can send SMS like iMessage.

  • Dave Weinstein

    Yes. This is exciting. But, let’s see if what they actually deliver will be a match for our imaginations. ;-)

  • That’s great! I’d love to be able to have my wife (hardcore iOS user) send me an SMS to {} and receive that on my Android phone and tablets. I know that’s mostly a pipe dream, though, with the way SMS works…

  • kroms

    Awesome !! About time. Bring it ON !!

  • Patricio Munoz

    Google needs this. I hope it’s true. From my personal experience, my biggest challenge has ironically been a simple one… what do I call it? What’s it called on Android and in gmail and on G+ etc. Google Talk, Chat, Hangout, messenger? I don’t care what they call it, just as long as they decide on a name, stick with it and refer to it as that across all Google services and devices..

  • We all babble on day in day out.

  • bizkitt

    I prefer Bubble Bobble any day

  • MK

    I think Babble is code name for the product and they will launch it with better name…. :)

  • OleBrom

    Why not come up with at chat service that is compatible with skype…

    • WestIndiesKING

      umm because MS would never allow it?