Free AVG TuneUp Android app available in the Google Play Store

by: Bogdan BeleApril 18, 2013

avg tuneup android

AVG TuneUp for Android is now available in the Google Play Store as a free download.

The company’s users may already be familiar with the AVG TuneUp application, designed to make computers run faster (and also AVG’s antivirus app for Android), and the AVG TuneUp Android app was built with the same purpose in mind.

The app has a number of components, that let users fine tune their Android device, although you shouldn’t expect anything spectacular.

The Battery Saver component allows you to monitor power consumption and set alerts when you’re running out of juice. The most useful component is probably the Data Usage monitor, which can track your data consumption and alert you when you’re close to going over your plan (pretty useful if you’re not on unlimited data).

AVG TuneUp also includes the mandatory task killer, as well as a storage usage component. The latter allows you to monitor internal and external storage and perform tasks such as moving apps to the SD card.

Don’t worry if you’re running an older version of Android – the app is available for Android 2.1 and up.