AutomateIt: Automating actions according to rules and triggers

by: Carl ParkerOctober 26, 2012

Most of us depend on our smartphones for many of our day-to-day activities. We depend on our smartphones to wake us up or remind us of our tasks. We set them to silent mode when in a meeting or watching a movie. When boarding an airplane, we change them to flight-mode as instructed. Our smartphones are like assistants in all that we do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our smartphones could remind us, send messages, turn on/off, or even change profiles and settings automatically? Won’t it be nice to be able to program your phone to do something at a set time so you can go on with what you’re doing?

AutomateIt!, an app developed by SmarterApps Ltd, can automatically do things for you without your having to remember them again. If you need to send a message to a person at a certain time, no worries — this app will send it for you. Change your phone mode to flight-mode before you board a plane, no problem — this app will change it for you.

Through very easy steps in AutomateIt!, you can program or trigger your device any time. You just need to create a “rule” for your device to make it happen. The easy steps are Trigger, Action, Rule then Save — yes, that easy!

You can make a trigger like Airplane Mode, Battery Level, Call, or even Send SMS for particular times. You don’t have to worry about remembering what you need to do because AutomateIt will do it for you. The app will carry out an action or task when you want it to. You just need to create a rule, and you’re all set. You device will remind you automatically or do it for you at the time you set.

The app supports many triggers, including the following:

  • Any SMS Trigger – Triggers when you receive an SMS
  • SMS with Text Trigger – Triggers when you receive a SMS message with a specific text
  • Battery Level Trigger – Triggers when your battery reaches a certain level
  • Bluetooth State Enabled/Disabled – Setup your Bluetooth state
  • Bluetooth Device Connected – Connect to any device or specific device.
  • Incoming/Hang Call – Triggers when you get a call from anyone or from a specific contact
  • Headset Plugged/Unplugged Trigger – Triggers when you plug or unplug your headset
  • Location Trigger – Triggers when you arrive or exit a defined region
  • External Power Connected/Disconnected
  • Screen On/Off – Triggers when you turn the screen on or off
  • Wi-Fi Enabled/Disabled – Triggers when you enable or disable your Wi-Fi
  • Connected to Wi-Fi network – When connected to any network or a specific network
  • Time Trigger – Triggers at a recurring time
  • Background data settings changed – Triggers when enabling or disabling the background data setting
  • GPS Enabled Changed – Triggers when GPS is Activated/Deactivated and started/stopped looking for current location.
  • SMS from contact – Triggers when receiving an SMS from a certain contact
  • USB Connected/Disconnected Trigger – Triggers when you connect or disconnect your device from your computer
  • Airplane Mode Activated/Deactivated – Triggers when activating Flight Mode
  • Dock State Trigger – Triggers when you place your device on a car or desk dock
  • Application Status Trigger – Triggers when you activate or deactivate an application
  • Outgoing call – Triggers when calling any contact or specific contacts
  • Sound Mode Changed to Silent/Vibrate/Normal – Triggers when you change the sound mode on your device
  • Boot Trigger – Triggers when your device boots up
  • Manual Trigger – Requires user explicit execution of this trigger.
  • Cell ID Trigger – Triggers when you connect or disconnect from a defined cellular cells
  • NFC Trigger – Triggers when using NFC tags

The app can perform many actions, including the following

  • Notification – Shows a notification on the notification bar.
  • Play Sound – Plays selected music track or sound
  • Set Bluetooth State – Enables or disables Bluetooth
  • Set Sound Mode – Changes sound profile to Silent, Vibrate, or Normal
  • Set Speakerphone State – Turns speakers on/off
  • Set Volume – Changes volume level of all streams or a specific stream.
  • Set Wi-Fi Adapter State – Enables/Disables Wi-Fi
  • Start Application – Starts an application
  • Vibrate action – Vibrates your device.
  • Enable/Disable Data Connectivity – Turns packet data connection on or off
  • Kill Application – Force kills an application
  • Launch Home Screen – Launches the homescreen
  • Activate/Deactivate Airplane mode – Activates or deactivates Airplane Mode
  • Enable/Disable GPS – Enables or disables GPS settings
  • Enable/Disable Sync Data – Enables or disables data syncing
  • Set Mobile Data – Enables or disables Mobile Data.
  • Set Screen Brightness – Changes the brightness level
  • Enable/Disable screen automatic rotation – Enables or disables automatic rotation of device
  • Dial Phone Number – Dials a specific number or contact
  • Send SMS to phone number – Sends SMS to a specified number or contact
  • Set screen timeout – Sets screen timeout time
  • Shutdown device – Turns off device
  • Text-to-Speech – Speaks out text
  • Reboot – Reboots device

Essentially this app is an automated assistant. We went through all the features of the app and it seems very fast and easy to use. Basically, you can setup unlimited rules for your device. AutomateIt also has a pro, ad-free version which allows advanced features such as composite triggers, composite actions, additional triggers, and additional actions.

AutomateIt also has a “Rules Market” through which you can acquire preset rules from other app users, or share your own rules to the rest of the community.

Make your Android device do your bidding. With AutomateIt!, set rules for it to follow, and it will surely make your life smoother and easier.

  • zevral

    so its basically tasker with a nicer UI, its easier to use and its free. nice :) ill try it

  • Ido Kahana

    Israeli pride :D
    גאווה ישראלית!

  • Strykyr

    Free?? Why not?

  • Twisted247

    This right here is what apps are all about, this is one of the most useful apps out there that is strictly pure function no BS gimmicks or that junk. Huge props to the creators and for making free even better!! I will definitely be adding this app to my Gn2 when it comes to my doorstep. Very functional and useful. Lets find some more kick ass apps like this Android Authority great find!

  • DAngelo8

    Nice app indeed. Android needs to be updated so that such an app can change ringtones based on a profile, such as the SMS ringtone. However that is not possible currently if a specific ringtone is set within the app.

  • I’ve been using AutomateIt Pro for over a year now. Excellent app and the developer is responsive when you ask questions. I highly recommend it,

  • I’ve been using this for awhile now, I felt like JuiceDefender was slowing my phone down (AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3) so I got this and have it set so that when my screen is off, wifi and data turn off, and vice versa. Works great and doesn’t bog down my phone at all!

  • King Kong

    Hi. I´ve been facing problems on Automate It Airplane mode toggle. It doesn´t work anymore. Even I got rooted, It´s stopped working. Anyone knows some solution or mcgyver?

  • Ciro

    I have the pro version which used to work well until after a version change the NFC trigger stopped working when used in a combined trigger. I reported and they did not pay attention. The app, in general is good but the support sucks.