10 Free Awesome Android Games [June 2011]

by 3 years ago

With so many awesome games getting released for Android lately, where would you be without great sites like Android Authority to sort out the good from the bad? Today I’d like to share with some games that you can download for free, and most importantly games that don’t suck. When I can find the time, these are games I’ve personally enjoyed on my Android device. Reckless Racing Lite Reckless Racing reminds me of one of those old off road racing games I loved as a kid for the original NES. Yes, the first Nintendo launched in the 80s for all you kids…

Just How Tough Are Today’s Top Tablets? Lets Find Out! [Video]

by 3 years ago

Stop! What are you guys doing? I’ll take one of those! Occasionly one of these videos pop up, and we can only watch in horror as these guys destroy perfectly good gadgets. With this particular video from ElectronicsBreak, we get front row seats to see just how tough these tablets are, and apparently not so tough. The contenders are the Samsung Galaxy Tab, an iPad 2, and a Motorola XOOM. One by one, from waist level, all tablets are dropped, face planting into what appears to be marble or concrete. While all devices are pretty much finished after hitting the…

AT&T’s Pantech Crossover launching June 5th

by 3 years ago

For anyone who has been considering upgrading to an Android phone, but can’t justify spending $200 on the latest and greatest, be sure to check out AT&T’s next Android handset. This morning, AT&T announced Pantech’s first smart phone, the Pantech Crossover, which they call “perfect for first-time smart phone users”. With the Crossover running Android 2.2 and powered by a 600HMz processor, I’m not sure if this is the “perfect” device for someone who wants to enjoy all the features a smart phone has to offer. I feel it definitely has it’s place for budget-minded parents looking to get their…