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Google changes Nexus One pricing structure – upgrade price now $279, $100 credit issued to early upgraders

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 15, 2010

Thy complaints have been heard and the great Google has responded. Effective Thursday, Google has revised the pricing structure for the Nexus One, lowering the upgrade price from $379 down to $279 and issuing a $100 credit to current T-Mobile customers who purchased the Nexus One at the higher price. The change only effects the upgrade price which is offered to current T-Mobile customers. The full retail price of the Nexus One remains $529 and the Nexus One with a new two year T-Mobile contract stays at $179. Now that Google has rectified one issue plaguing the Nexus One, perhaps it can address the much more controversial double ETF or 3G connectivity problems.

[via Engadget [...]

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Clear to launch a 4G smartphone powered by Android?

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 14, 2010

Clear’s CEO Bill Morrow re-affirmed his company’s goal of launching a dual mode WiMAX handset in the second half of 2010. Morrow declined to say which platform and manufacturers would be involved in the handset but alluded to Android when he noted that “there is “a natural affinity” between Google’s Android operating system and Clearwire’s all IP-based network”. Possibly but not necessarily related, a leaked 2010 inventory list from Sprint revealed the existence of a WiMAX candybar from HTC. Details on the 4G-capable HTC A9292 are sparse but the inclusion of  “A”  in the name of the handset suggests that phone will be [...]

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Dell’s Mini 5 Android tablet unveiled in a leaked hands-on video

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 14, 2010

Dell officially unveiled its Android-powered Mini 5 tablet at CES last week and introduced the slate as a 5 inch concept device. Dell released a few renderings for eye candy but was silent on the specs for this sweet looking device. Thanks to a video posted on YouTube, we can get a closer look at this slate in action. The leaked video reveals an integrated GSM radio connected to Viettel, a multi-touch browser, a custom onscreen keyboard, and Dell’s custom Android interface. No word on pricing or availability for this slate but we are hoping this one comes fast and cheap. Hit the jump for the full three minute hands-on video.

[via Engadget and YouTube]

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ZTE announces plans to launch Android handsets in Q1 2010

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 14, 2010

Not wanting to be left out of the Android craze, Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE confirmed today that it plans to expand its lineup to include Android. Traditionally, ZTE has manufactured low cost Windows Mobile smartphones for a variety of operators worldwide and is making the move to Android due to pressure from wireless carriers who are clamoring for Android handsets. No word on what the new ZTE handsets will look like or to what country they will be delivered but expect to see these ZTE offerings come to the market very soon.

[via PC World]

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LG to convert half of its smartphone portfolio to Android in 2010

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 14, 2010

It was nary a year ago when LG announced that it was adopting Windows Mobile as it primary OS of choice for it smartphones. The Korean handset manufacturer projected that it would launch a whopping 50 Windows Mobile handsets in three years. That figure may have to revised as LG confirmed today that half of the smartphones that it has on tap for 2010 will be powered by Android. Of the twenty smartphones planned for 2010, ten will run some flavor of Android and the rest will be a combination of Windows Mobile and Linux handsets. LG’s first Android handset, the Eve, has been well-received as a mid- to entry-level offering and the GT540 was just made official at CES. Off to a good [...]

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Google sells a mere 20K Nexus One handsets in the first week of sales?

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 13, 2010

According to mobile analytics firm Flurry, the Google Nexus One has not taken the world by storm. The latest Android offering has just passed the one week mark and estimates based upon web traffic data suggest that Google has sold a paltry 20,000 Nexus One handsets. When compared to other major handset launches, the Nexus One lags behind the myTouch, the DROID, and the iPhone which sold 60,000, 250,000, and 1.6 million handsets, respectively, in each phone’s first week of sales. Some of the lag in Nexus One sales may be attributed to the timing of the device’s release which fell at the beginning of CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, and the lack of [...]

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Google rolls out the Android 2.1 SDK

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 12, 2010

One week after the launch of the Nexus One, Google has released the Android 2.1 SDK to developers. The SDK is considered a minor update to Android and will roll out to existing handsets starting in January. Unlike previous SDKs which were released before a phone was launched, the Android 2.1 SDK was released after the Nexus One so there are no big surprises. All the new bells and whistles that are seen in the Nexus One are included in the SDK which provides new APIs for animated wallpapers, adds geolocation support to the webkit browser, creates a new SignalStrength class for obtaining the current network signal strength and more. Developers can download the 2.1 SDK using the Android [...]

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Motorola DROID unlock screen and Google account security flaw uncovered

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 11, 2010

Uh oh, a security flaw that allows unauthorized access to a locked Motorola DROID has been discovered rather haphazardly by desperate folks who were locked out of their phone. After 20 incorrect tries at entering the proper unlock sequence, an Android handset will lock itself, requiring the user to enter their Google account information. Sounds nice and easy, except there is a bug in older Android phones – even when you enter the proper credentials, the phone remains locked. This desperate situation led people to try all sorts of procedures to access the phone and turn off or change the unlock sequence. Astonishingly, someone realized that you could hit the back button during a [...]

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Motorola to bring the XT701 to Korea as the XT720

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 11, 2010

The Motorola XT701 will be making its way to Korea as the XT720. Slated for launch with SK Telecom, the XT720 will be a carbon copy of its Chinese brother with a 3.7 inch WVGA touchscreen display, Tri-band GSM/WCDMA, 8MP camera with autofocus and flash, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, T-DMB mobile TV, microSD expansion, HDMI port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. No word on when the XT720 will launch but it will be the first of thirteen Android handsets SK Telecom expects to launch in 2010. Hit the jump for a few spy photos

[via Unwired View and TelecomsKorea]

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Android Application Review : Ringo Pro

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 8, 2010

Are you looking to kick it up an notch and move beyond the drab ringtones that ship with your Android handset? If you answered with an enthusiastic “yes”, then you may want to take a look at Ringo Pro from Electric Pocket. Ringo Pro allows you to set custom ringtones and vibrate patterns for your incoming SMS and mobile phone calls. The application has fine granularity letting you customize the ringtone, the vibrate pattern and even the LED blinking color for each and every contact in your address book. Ringo Pro expands your choices beyond the stock Android ring and alert tones by allowing you to use your own music library as well as Ringo Pro’s repository which is [...]

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