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Twitter App gets update – “My Profile” now has background image ability, and ‘Photo Stream’

by: SamSeptember 18, 2012
Earlier today Twitter released an update for their app across Android and iOS for both phones and tablets. Although everything looks pretty much the same there are a few slight changes. Most notably that the "My Profile" Page has been altered to include background images and 'photo streams'.
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Chameleon Launcher Beta Updated to 0.9.5 – First Release Candidate Build

by: SamSeptember 18, 2012
Fans of Chameleon Launcher - you shall not be waiting much longer now. With a regular release and update cycle the Chameleon Launcher team have reached their first release candidate build.
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HTC One X: Jelly Bean probably coming soon, unstable ROM with Sense 4.5 leaked

by: SamSeptember 5, 2012
Over on XDA Developers, a user named "Football" has posted a test only build of Jelly Bean for the HTC One X, identified as 3.00.999.7 with a large 641MB download size. As this is still an unstable build, non-developers might want to steer clear and wait for the official version instead. But if you're the adventurous type, we have the download link.
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Having trouble getting Adobe Flash on new devices and Jelly Bean? – Don’t worry, here’s how you can still get it

by: SamAugust 24, 2012
So Adobe have chosen not to release the Flash player to Jelly Bean devices and are discontinuing it as a whole. Poor move, frankly. This encompasses everything from the Nexus 7 to the custom Jelly Bean builds released by AOKP and CyanogenMod. However as usual XDA members are here to save the day. If you want to get Flash back on your device so you can watch Flash animations, videos and other content in your browsers, here is all you need to do.
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Love Android? Add these Ice Cube trays to your collection!

by: SamAugust 23, 2012
If you think you fancy some Droid's in your drink, or you want to make Jelly Droids for your kids, I've got something to share with you, Android Ice Cube trays!
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Great Big War Game – The sequel to Great Little War Game is even bigger and better than hoped for

by: SamAugust 21, 2012
If you've ever played Great Little War Game then you'll be delighted to hear that the developers, Rubicon, have released a sequel which is bigger and better than the addictive first game.The original Great Little War Game was so popular amongst mobile gamers that Rubicon decided they would release a bigger and better edition, packed with even more features than the first.
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Google’s Voice Search now supports another 13 languages

by: SamAugust 17, 2012
Google's famous voice search functionality already operates in over 25 languages and is built into nearly every Android phone. Now another 13 have been added to that list, bringing the grand total to 42.
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Taking the Samsung Galaxy S3 on holiday? Here are some tips!

by: SamAugust 15, 2012
Right now, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is THE must-have smartphone. This month is also currently one of the most popular times of the year for people to go off on their holidays. I did that myself very recently, and I learned that if you are taking your phone with you, it can be handy to know a few things before you leave.
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Nexus 7 integrated into a Dodge Ram

by: SamAugust 10, 2012

A car modifier and Android enthusiast has taken his new Nexus 7 and created a great in-dash holder for his 2008 Dodge Ram, and also linked up the charger and audio output.

As said in the video, many iPad installs have been done on vehicles, but the Nexus 7 is a cheaper (and we think better) alternative for in-car navigation and media.

So why bother doing this? Well, for starters, the Nexus 7 is great for media. The music application with its sleek cover flow would give an unprecedented experience if you like to enjoy your music while driving. You also get to use Google Maps, which has a navigation feature built in. You would need to acquire mapping for your area [...]

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Sight – Amazing video showing a potential future of augmented reality

by: SamJuly 27, 2012

A wonderful video has been created to exhibit a potential future of visually augmented reality. Perhaps an eventual evolution of existing projects such as Google Glass.

This exceptional short film lets you see through the eyes of a ‘Sight’ user. ‘Sight’ is a fictional electronic contact lens system that utilizes Heads-Up-Displays and alters your perception of an environment. Not only is an incredible feat of special effects, but it brings to life so many ideas for augmented reality you have surely thought of these past few months.

Here is the original video on Vimeo, in full HD for your enjoyment. Let us know your thoughts, as [...]

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