What makes a smart phone truly “smart”? Cellphone manufacturers can dazzle us with shiny new toys packed with the latest gadgetry, but without solid apps to back them up, these are merely empty shells that are only good for making calls. Nokia and some of the previously popular phone makers…


  It seems that the guys at Apple are at their old game again. If there’s one thing that Apple has been exceptionally good at, it’s keeping us guessing while managing to “leak” information to keep our mouths watering. With all the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, one device that…

Best Android Weather Apps & Widgets

by on October 3, 2011 4:30 am

The weather can certainly put a damper on even the best planned vacation. And, if you’re planning to spend a quick drive to the beach this weekend, getting a hold of the latest weather report is the best way to ensure the sunshine keeps streaming down your face. These Android…