Voice Actions for Android vs Apple’s Siri – Will the Better Software Please Speak Up?

by 2 years ago

Voice-activated software has been around for quite some time now. So, to be genuinely excited about any of these, someone must have done something right. However, the problem with these types of programs is that you have to talk in an almost robotic tone to make them actually do something. This could be frustrating even for an English instructor and even harder for us who don’t possess flawless communication skills. How Does Voice Activation Work? Voice recognition software aims to make our life easier by letting us “speak” our commands rather than typing them into a device or using our…

Google Android Market VS Apple iTunes App Store

by 2 years ago

What makes a smart phone truly “smart”? Cellphone manufacturers can dazzle us with shiny new toys packed with the latest gadgetry, but without solid apps to back them up, these are merely empty shells that are only good for making calls. Nokia and some of the previously popular phone makers of the past have simply gone the way of the dinosaurs. Unable to adapt to market changes, these have been relegated to playing catch up with two of the most widely used mobile phone platforms today – Android, and Apple’s devices, respectively. The Numbers Game With more mobile phones sporting…

iPhone 4S vs HTC Rezound (Vigor): Which Will Survive When They Clash?

by 2 years ago

  It seems that the guys at Apple are at their old game again. If there’s one thing that Apple has been exceptionally good at, it’s keeping us guessing while managing to “leak” information to keep our mouths watering. With all the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, one device that manages to spark similar interest among mobile phone enthusiasts is the HTC Vigor, also rumored to be called the HTC DROID Incredible HD, the HTC Thunderbolt 2, or the HTC Rezound.  Information about HTC’s latest offering is much more forthright. This is probably the reason why so many techies are…

Best Android Weather Apps & Widgets

by 2 years ago

The weather can certainly put a damper on even the best planned vacation. And, if you’re planning to spend a quick drive to the beach this weekend, getting a hold of the latest weather report is the best way to ensure the sunshine keeps streaming down your face. These Android Weather Apps are designed to bring you the latest weather report and never leave you guessing. So the next time you’re heading out of town for a business meeting or a picnic to your favorite spot in the park, then a quick update with these Android Weather Apps will stop…