You can now easily root  your Nexus with SuperBoot as soon as you have installed SU and Superuser app. With this file, you no longer need the ADB program. Also, it will save you... the hassle of modifying  files in your phone.

Just follow the instructions below on how to root your device easily.

NOTE: You should have an unlocked bootloader. Be reminded that once you...


While everyone is still waiting for the latest Android OS version, the “Ice Cream Sandwich” update, some third-party developers have decided to make their own custom ROM and called it “Jellybean” – which is probably the next name for the Android OS version after ICS. So what are the features of this Jellybean?


The HTC Incredible S is a beast, but it’s more like one that’s chained and caged. To really feel its power, you need to root it. Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to do so. Here’s how.

First, before you can root your HTC Incredible S, you need to make your device “S-OFF” (this means SECURITY OFF). This allows you to overwrite system files, which is a requirement for rooting.