Motorola Corvair Leaked, Shows 6-inch Android-based TV Remote Control

by 2 years ago

The thing called “universal remote control” has moved up a notch higher when a leaked photo of a Motorola Corvair retailer box was blatantly exposed over the Internet recently. The 6-inch android 2.3 powered box promises nothing but pure interconnectivity within your home. Why bother storing different remotes for the appliances right? This little baby was first leaked by The Verge but other details regarding the product were scant. The only thing that is precise about the Corvair as of the moment is its size and its “dedicated controller.” What is it going to control? That still remains a mystery…

SwiftKey X Alpha Up for VIP Testing

by 2 years ago

After weeks of being beta testing for SwiftKey X, developers recently released an alpha version to better determine what features need further improvement. The developers have added additional features to the alpha version, foremost of which is multi-touch functionality that is said to revolutionize how Android users may use the new keyboard. However, tempting as it is, SwiftKey X Alpha is only available for download to VIP members. Basically VIP members are those who have paid for the SwiftKey application instead of downloading it for free. The company advises regular users not to use the alpha version as their main…