I have always been a fan of Sony products. Back in high school, Sony used to be the preferred Walkman music player. They revolutionised the world with the minidisc, which unfortunately... didn’t catch on in the rest of the world. Sony jumped on the Android bandwagon and has produced a few of the most recognized Android phones, namely the Xperia Arc and Xperia Play.

Sony Is Still Trying T...

There have been many articles floating around in cyberspace about Apple fearing Samsung, and yet, there are none like the one you are about to read. Most of them will talk about patents; I prefer to... talk about facts. Here’s my two cents on this issue.

Samsung Is Bigger Than You Think

Ask any Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane – “what does Samsung make?” – and the general response will be &...


If anyone were to ask me – which company took Android to the next level – it would be Motorola.

Why? It’s simple, really. Without Motorola creating the original Motorola Droid,... Android would not be where it is today.

Verizon played a strong part in providing the intial marketing boost, but it was Motorola that made the “OG” Droid. All manufacturers owe it to Motorola...


LG is no longer a foreign name among Android lovers. They have set their footprints in the heart of consumers — or have they?

The First Dual-Core Phones, Half The Excitement

The... LG Optimus 2X was one of the first dual-core phone to hit the market, back in early 2011. I remember it well, as I switched from the Samsung Captivate to it. It was nice to handle and browsed impressively fa...


In 2010, Samsung made headlines with their flagship device – the Samsung Galaxy S, which sold over 10 million units. They also had the privilege to introduce the Nexus S – the Google reference... device – in the same year, and that helped concrete their dominance in the Android category. Without a doubt, the 1GHz Hummingbird processor really helped them soar high!

Industry experts, ABI...

Case in point - Super LCD on left VS AMOLED on the right - which one looks better?

It was in August last year that I contemplated purchasing my first Android phone. At that time, I loved the HTC unibody Aluminium concept and I was totally sold to the HTC Sense coloured bokeh look.... I became a proud owner of a HTC Legend.

At that time, the HTC Desire was also a phenomenon on its own. The HTC Desire was the cream of the crop. It defeated the iPhone 4 to become T3’...