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How to Get Alpha Port Of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich For The Samsung Galaxy S2

by: RandyNovember 23, 2011

Although the Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has already been confirmed, I could not help myself when news on the Alpha port of ICS for the SGS2 appeared on the web. Despite having a “stable” ROM, not everything seemed to be functioning at this point of time – all thanks to its developer xplodwold.

Being the “serial flasher” that I am, I took the first dive into the ICS port to get a taste of this sweet treat. Considering that it was an Alpha port, it’s not a recommended daily ROM that will pique the interest of most users. Although, it’s surprisingly smooth on the SGS2 (maybe even smoother than the Galaxy [...]

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Hardware Acceleration in Ice Cream Sandwich – Will This Change Everything?

by: RandyNovember 21, 2011

When Android Éclair was bumped up to Froyo one year ago, it was a game changer. The JIT (Just In Time) compiler sped up everything from User Interfaces to App loading time. The cold & creamy Frozen-Yogurt treat froze the market share of other Mobile OS and turned old hardware into a shiny new gadget.

Next, stepped in Gingerbread – which in my opinion, wasn’t much of a game changer except for gaming. This helped developers to create better games and since then, we’ve seen loads of spectacular games on Android. Then came Honeycomb, a sweet treat for those who lust for a bigger screen. Honeycomb was [...]

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Galaxy Note vs Galaxy S2 vs Galaxy Nexus – the Best of the Best?

by: RandyNovember 13, 2011

2011 has proven to be a very significant year for Samsung. Not only did they release the Samsung Galaxy S2 – a respectable phone with a reputation that holds its own; there’s also a Galaxy Note, the first 5.3” phone-tablet with an S Pen Stylus. Samsung also holds the privilege of releasing the 3rd Nexus phone – the Galaxy Nexus – running Android 4.0, and the first ever Android phone with hardware acceleration. They also clinched the top smartphone manufacturer in Q3 of 2011, as well as surpassed Symbian to become the No.1 manufacturer in South East Asia.

These are causes for celebration – and at the South East Asia Galaxy Note World Tour in Jakarta, Android [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Note World Tour Comes To South East Asia & Asia Pacific

by: RandyNovember 9, 2011

JAKARTA – 8th November 2011, the Galaxy Note World Tour arrived here today, following its first World Tour in Europe about 2 weeks ago.

The Galaxy Note World Tour will also be journeying to Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and Dubai in the coming weeks, and the Note will be launching in those countries respectively.

As for our South East Asia friends, the drop date for the Note is the 11th of November in Vietnam & Malaysia. By Friday, you will be able to find a few road-shows in your country.

Samsung is partnering with Juniper to provide Business-Ready Secure Mobility Solutions on the SGS2, Galaxy Note and Galaxy 10.1, and the Galaxy Note SDK will be released [...]

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Galaxy Nexus Hands On & First Impressions [Video]

by: RandyNovember 8, 2011

Simply put, the Galaxy Nexus is the most hotly anticipated Android device to ever come out, and for good reason. Featuring the latest and greatest version of Android, dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich, massive improvements have been made to the user experience. As you will see in the video below, this is a device that offers incredible performance, with no lag, stutter or hesitation of any kind.

As it is the first Android device to actually utilize Ice Cream Sandwich, it is also the first to integrate actual hardware acceleration, and boy, does that make a whole world of difference. Check out the video below, and sorry that it isn’t the correct profile – but we’re [...]

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Android 4.0 Easter Egg Captured!

by: RandyNovember 8, 2011

Do you remember the days of Gingerbread and the discovery of the Zombie Art by Jack Larson? It got Android fans excited about the Gingerbread OS!

Today, feast your eyes on the Android 4.0 Easter Egg! Just like the Gingerbread 2.3 Easter Egg, you can access it by: Settings->About Phone-> Android version. It will yield the very cool photo below!

Repeatedly tap on the Android version, and the Easter Egg will emerge.

The Android 4.0 Easter Egg is a little Ice Cream Sandwich Android on a live wallpaper background. (Note – the live wallpaper is in use, and am unsure if a different wallpaper or live wallpaper would change [...]

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S Memo Stylus Review – A Closer Look At The Galaxy Note [Video]

by: RandyNovember 6, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the latest devices from Samsung. It comes with the revolutionary S Pen – which allows users to use the “stylus” as as input devices to create content and media, previously unavailable to swipe and touch interfaces.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the S Pen, the device that comes together with the Note.

With the S Pen, the user will able to create notes and memos, through Samsung’s proprietary app called S Memo. The S Memo is integrated into TouchWiz, and the icon appears in all homescreens as well as within the App drawer.

The are several ways to launch the S Memo app from your [...]

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GIVEAWAY Win Android Collectables – Mini Summer 2011 Special Edition

by: RandyNovember 5, 2011

Haven’t gotten the Summer 2011 Android Mini Series?

Our friends from The TakenShop in Malaysia are feeling very generous and have decided to give away two sets of the “Heroes & Villians” (4 figures in a set) series to two of our lucky readers!

The best part of this giveaway? It’s international! It doesn’t matter if you’re from Neverland or from the Shire, you’ll be sure to receive your prize – if you’re lucky enough to win. If you prefer just buying the Summer Edition straight up, remember stocks are limited. There’s also a new 2011 Halloween Don Pablo Calaveroid figure available.

Check out their official site.

Contest Rules

In order to be [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Note First Impressions

by: RandyNovember 2, 2011
The Samsung Galaxy Note is causing quite a stir, and there's good reason why. With its incredibly fast hardware, thin profile, and its whopping 5.3 inch HD AMOLED display that produces brilliant images and video, it''s pretty much unrivaled - for now. Check out our first impressions on the Galaxy Note!
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ASUS Can Be The Android Tablet Leader – A Critical Look At Asus

by: RandyOctober 27, 2011

I have always liked ASUS. Their involvement in the PC business is the cornerstone of their Android business today. Previously they cooperated with Garmin to manufacture a Garmin-Asus Android phone. The Garmin-Asus phone received moderate success, but the enthusiasm towards the device was quenched as consumers were hoping for Garmin to offer their app on all devices instead of just one.

In the tablet segment, Asus generated massive attention for the Asus Ee Pad Transformer – an impressively made dual core tablet that mounts on a keyboard dock. Suffice to say, the Transformer put the Atrix and Motorola’s laptop dock to shame.

ASUS Padfone – An Ice Cream Sandwich [...]

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