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Paul and I.T. are synonyms. If you need help with I.T.-related stuff, call on Paul. His experience with Android phones goes way back to the ancient single-core-phone days. But, he keeps himself up to date, so now he has a dual-core beast in his pocket, and is looking forward to getting his first quad-core monster, and when it comes, his first eight-core phone. Perhaps he should be called Mr. X-Core, where "X" equals the number of CPU cores.

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Google Music Offers 70-30 Revenue Sharing to Indie Musicians

by: Paul NuñalNovember 17, 2011

Google is turning up the volume for independent musicians with its newly launched music gateway.. Google Music, the latest addition to the ever growing line of services from Google, is set to make history once again by introducing its own music hub, with a pricing scheme that specifically targets independent musicians and their music.

For a low price of US$25, independent artists can create their own personal accounts, start sharing their own music, set their own prices and enjoy a 70-30 revenue share allocated by Google. For every dollar an artist makes selling his or her song, Google lets the artist keep 70 cents of the earnings.

Artists also will have full [...]

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UA Profiles for Upcoming Acer Iconia Tablets Leak Quad-core Specs

by: Paul NuñalNovember 16, 2011

When word got out of Lenovo making plans on using the Tegra 3 chipset, it’s no surprise that other manufacturers are also joining in the bandwagon to develop new devices sporting the latest quad-core offering from NVIDIA.

According to leaked User Agent Profiles (UAProf) discovered by Blog of Mobile!!, Acer has two upcoming Android tablets, the Acer Iconia Tab A510 and A511 tablets. These could be Acer’s response to manufacturing rivals such as Lenovo and ASUS, which are already making plans of releasing quad-core tablets by the end of this year.

The UAProfs also revealed some interesting tidbits of the device such as a 10-inch touchscreen capable of [...]

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Motorola XOOM 2 Up for Rebranding as DROID Xyboard on Verizon

by: Paul NuñalNovember 16, 2011

Verizon has definitely pushed the boundaries of crafting peculiar names for their products. Its most recent additions, the Motorola XOOM 2 tablet and its younger brother, the XOOM 2 Media Edition, are heading for a rebrand as the Motorola DROID Xyboard on Verizon’s network.

According to Pocketnow sources, the Motorola XOOM 2 will be renamed into the Motorola DROID Xyboard 10.1, while the smaller XOOM 2 Media Edition will be renamed into the Motorola DROID Xyboard 8.2.

The carrier’s move on naming the XOOM 2 as the “Xyboard” could definitely be a bold move for keeping the brand name exclusive under Motorola’s Droid family.

Verizon is known for adopting [...]

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How to Back Up Your Android Phone’s Precious Data

by: Paul NuñalNovember 15, 2011

Losing all of one’s precious data and applications in just a flash is something no one ever wants to endure. When something like that happens, the first most likely thought to pop in one’s mind would be “Geez, I wish I had a back up.”

Luckily, there is a powerful app for making backups of your Android phone’s data. The Titanium Backup app, hailed as the mother of all backup apps, comes as a handy little application that can ease the chore of backing up your phone data.

Getting Started

To get you started, first you need a rooted Android phone. Rooting is the process in which you gain “superuser permission” on your device. Titanium [...]

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Best Android Apps to Help You Find a Home

by: Paul NuñalNovember 15, 2011

Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks in life would be finding yourself a place to call home. The task can be frustrating, especially when your seemingly endless search becomes futile in the end.

Gone are the days when you browse house catalogs or finding yourself a real estate agent to do your bidding. Every nook and cranny can now be browsed and searched right in the palm of your hands. With several Android applications, you can make the search for a house easier and more convenient.

Here is a list of some of the popular and interesting real estate apps that will definitely shorten your house hunting.

Zillow Real Estate and Rentals

If you’re looking [...]

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HTC Vivid vs HTC Amaze 4G: Vividly Amazing Smartphones by HTC

by: Paul NuñalNovember 14, 2011

One of HTC’s hard-hitting powerhouse phones, the HTC Vivid and HTC Amaze 4G, are the company’s frontline field marshals in the ongoing smartphone battle.  With two phones likely to dominate the market, at this juncture we’ll take a closer inspection on what distinguishing and advantageous features each one has over the other.

Display and Design

Announced just recently, the HTC Vivid features a much larger display than that of the HTC Amaze 4G. The Vivid sports a 4.5-inch qHD Super LCD screen while the Amaze 4G has the standard 4.3-inch S-LCD.  The screens on both phones are capable of displays at 540×960 pixel resolution.  The Vivid stands out strong having the [...]

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Clamshell RAZR Owners Get Instant DROID RAZR Replacements

by: Paul NuñalNovember 13, 2011

If you own and still use an original Motorola RAZR–that popular, thin clamshell phone from Motorola a few years back–you might want to make sure that it is visible whenever you’re anywhere near a Verizon Wireless representative these days, as you could get lucky, just like the folks in Verizon’s new TV ad who had their original RAZRs replaced with the “reinvented” Motorola DROID RAZR.

Verizon recently ran a sixty-second ad on YouTube showing a Verizon representative showing off the neat new features of the new DROID RAZR to owners of the elder RAZR, and then drops the bomb by  telling them that they get to keep the device for free. [...]

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Galaxy Nexus Battery Stands Strong After Hours of Use

by: Paul NuñalNovember 11, 2011

Here’s good news for would-be Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners. According to an eager tipster who did some unofficial testing on the Galaxy Nexus’ battery life, the device’s battery reportedly lasts longer than any other 4G LTE Android phone on the market.

The unnamed tipster sent the information to Droid Life after putting the Galaxy Nexus under hours of heavy use (“lots of browsing”) with the screen brightness set to maximum.  Five hours after such “heavy” use, the Galaxy Nexus still stood strong with 45% of battery power left.  The tester also mentioned that the use test was done on an LTE connection only.

A smartphone [...]

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HTC Handset Codenames List Leaked, 11 Already Out

by: Paul NuñalNovember 10, 2011

A couple of months back, the folks at managed to stumble upon a list of HTC codenames for upcoming HTC devices.  The site has published the list recently and assures readers that the list came from a reliable source.

Since the time they got hold of the 35-item ist, they kept mum about it and postponed publishing the list, as they entertained the possibility of the list’s inaccuracy or even authenticity.  With the HTC Edge leaked out recently, it seems that the codename list has a certain degree of accuracy and reliability.

With renewed confidence in the list, finally made the list publicly available, and it contains the [...]

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Motorola DROID X2 vs Pantech Breakout: 99-Dollar Mobile Power

by: Paul NuñalNovember 10, 2011

Verizon offers very tempting Android handsets, and many people actually find the offers irresistible.  Who wouldn’t? With the company offering a great new line of smartphones at exceptionally affordable prices, almost anyone will take the bargain and settle for a favorite phone. Two of Verizon’s inexpensive offering includes the Pantech Breakout and Motorola DROID X2.  Both are priced at US$99 on Verizon Wireless, so they are within reasonable price range.  If you are thinking of getting either of the two, this comparison review can probably help you decide.


The gorgeous Breakout’s overall design is covered in matte black plastic finish with dimensions [...]

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