So here’s the scenario: You have your own home network. It’s never been compromised as far as you know and it’s basically for sharing connections with tablets and smart-phones. Your WiFi hub is dutifully spitting out and receiving packets. One day, you get a notice from the MPAA saying you have a DMCA violation. They note they found it through your open WiFi network. Illegal? Not according to one federal judge in Illinois.

Samsung profits, Apple

The graphic shown may be a year old, but it clearly documents Samsung’s rise to market dominance. A year later, the South Korean company has done everything except create an Android kitchen sink and its profits reflect that productivity: Q4 aims to be in the neighborhood of $6.2B.


Right now, at the Court of the Hague, Apple and Samsung meet again to fight each other as they have been on almost every continent. The only difference is this time they’re not fighting, they’re congratulating each other to win the court case.


We’re not sure what the deal is with Moto, but they have a reputation for not updating their phones to the latest Android. I mean, seriously Motorola, why not just correct the problem instead of bribing people which adds to your bottom line?

Verizon AT&T 4G LTE

The 4G LTE wars are in full gear now in the States, and Ma Bell certainly is not going to be left in the dust with their announcement that they are rolling the speedy improvement to 7 cities today. By end of Q4, it says another 40 cities will also acquire the capability for 4G LTE speeds.


While HTC continues to flail and fumble its way into a competitive market position with the One series and an alleged tablet, the facts are clear: the company is seriously hurting. Today the company formally announced a lost revenue between July and August 2012. Those numbers? $804M in August, down from $835M in July.

Photo credit: Engadget

At today’s HTC Frequencies II media summit, this two part shelled beauty was handed out. Unfortunately, it’s for celebs only but admiring this from afar is a bit like watching the recent Mars expedition rover, Curiosity land on the red planet.