Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition gets you cooking for $649

Sony Xperia Z Tablet: Kitchen Edition
by 10 months ago

The 32GB tablet comes with an iGrill kitchen thermometer, as well as a few preloaded cooking apps like Evernote food and Food Planner Pro. Sony has also partnered with Saveur, the popular food magazine, to bring you 260 recipes spanning all kinds of genres and categories — one for each weeknight, for a full year.

Google+ gets Snapseed editing tools for photos

Google+ Photo Enhancements
by 10 months ago

Google+ has undergone another minor update, which could have some major impacts for your photos. When opening a photo from your album on the desktop, you’ll see a few new features under the “edit” tab. The fresh editing tools are pulled directly from Snapseed, a popular mobile photo editing tool.

Hugo Barra discusses his move to Xiaomi, and why he left Google

Nexus 7
by 10 months ago

In a recent interview with Kara Swisher of All Things D, Hugo Barra was candid about his involvement with Xiaomi, and his reasons for leaving Google. Barra discussed all kinds of things from why the Chinese device manufacturer is so impressive, to his transparent exit strategy from Google.

Intel Baytrail vs. NVIDIA Tegra 4: too close to call

Intel processor
by 10 months ago

In Geekbench testing, the Intel Baytrail T chips (byt_t) were nearly identical to the Tegra 4 in single and multi-core scoring. Both ran a variant of Android 4.2 — 4.2.2 for the Intel chip, 4.2.1 for NVIDIA — and similar amounts of memory.

New Kindle tablets shown in leaked pics

Kindle Fire
by 10 months ago

The design appears a bit more subtle than the previous model, with the smooth backing broken up only by the Amazon logo. The speakers also move toward the top, but not forward facing.

Three new Chromebooks, one new Chromebox announced by Intel and Google

Three new Chromebooks
by 10 months ago

At their developer forum in San Francisco, Intel has offered up three new Chromebooks and one new Chromebox, all using their Haswell processor. That architecture is going to “improve battery life by more than 2X over previous generations, while offering increased performance” according to the Google Chrome Blog.

Dryft wants to make typing on a tablet easier

by 10 months ago

If typing on a tablet is something that troubles you, the team at Dryft has a solution. At TechCrunch Disrupt SF, Dryft co-founder Randy Marsden set out to convince the judges their keyboard would make two-handed typing on a tablet more intuitive, and simple.